Top ten richest women in Africa

Think only men can be rich? Think again and get the list of the top 10 richest women in Africa with some facts on them and their net worth.

The list has many remarkable personalities in it. Some of these ladies have got their capital from their families. However, there are few who have made all the way up from some very humble positions in life. Their lives inspire millions of ladies in Africa and around the world.

Top ten richest women in Africa

Top ten richest women in Africa

10. Elisabeth Bradley Net worth - 31 million dollars
richest womenCountry – South Africa
Age – 77
Source of wealth – Toyota cars, Wesco Investment Limited (inherited from her parents).
The family of this female African millionaire was the first one to introduce Toyotas to this continent. It occurred in 1961 and since that time this auto brand has become hugely popular both in South African and on the continent in general.That was the source of the fortune of this family. Elisabeth managed to grow the company and the riches. For many years shed used to be an active management member of the Wesco Investments Limited. Presently she has resigned the executive position due to her age.

9. Sharon Wapnick
Top ten richest womenNet worth - 42 million dollars
Country – South Africa
Age – 53
Source of wealth – heritage of her father Alec Wapnick
This is another one of the top ten richest women in South Africa that have succeeded to get on the top ten richest women in Africa. She is an attorney and a companion in one of the prominent law firms in Johannesburg.However, most of the money came from her father, who has founded and successfully managed two companies: Premium Properties and Octodec Investments. Presently she is a non-executive panel member and director in both of them.

8. Bridget Radebe
Top ten women in AfricaNet worth – 99 million dollars
Country – South Africa
Age – 55
Source of wealth – self-earned, mining industry
No wonder that one more of the African richest women comes from South Africa. For years this country’s economy was the leading one the continent. Unlike our first candidates this woman has made herself a fortune. Back in the 80ss she has started as one of the mining industry managing workers. Later on she has founded Mmaku Mining.Besides being one of the few black lady millionaires in Africa, she has become the first black woman, who made her fortune in mining. She was up for gold, chrome and platinum. In 2008 she has won the award of being the best International Business Person of the Year.

7.  Irene Charnley
Top ten richest women in AfricaNet worth – 151 million dollars
Country – South Africa
Age – 55
Source of wealth – self-earned, telecommunications
Again we have a lady from South Africa on our list of the top ten richest women in Africa. She is one of the smartest and most successful female tycoons of the globe. In fact, she has been tilted as one of the top 50 lady businesspersons outside of USA. In 2000 she has been entitled the Businesswoman of the year in her country.Besides her remarkable entrepreneur career, she has been on the Mining board for many years and helped to negotiate some of the best decisions of this union.

6.  Wendy Ackerman
Top ten richest women 2Net worth – 190 million dollars
Country – South Africa
Source of wealth – retail, heritage of her father Raymond Ackerman
In 2012 she has been acknowledged to be the richest woman in Africa. She is the creator and executive of Pick N Pay Holdings Limited. This store chain sells consumer goods, fashion products, etc. Besides her entrepreneurial activities she is also well known and respected for her environmental work in Africa.  Plus she is one of the deputies of the Cape Town Opera House.

5. Wendy Appelbaum
 richest women in Africa 2Net worth – 260 million dollars
Country – South Africa
Source of wealth – investments, stock exchange, inheritance
She is the organizer and owner of De Morgenzen Wine Estate. She was one of the 11 women, who founded and managed an investment company. They turned 60 thousand dollar investment into over 120 million one. Besides she knows how to give back part of what she has obtained in life. She is one of the best givers of Africa (giving away 23+ million dollars). Her father Donald Gordon has been one of her first trainers in business. His job was not an easy one, as his daughter proved to be  a very talented and challenging pupil to manage.

 4. Ngina Kenyatta
Top richest women in AfricaNet worth – 1 billion dollars
Country – Kenya
Age – 82
Source of wealth – real estate, hospitality and banking
Besdies being one of the top ten richest women in Africa, Ngina is also called “the mother of the nation”. She is the first lady and the mother of Kenyan president Uhuru Krnyatta. She is one of few females of Africa, who have succeeded to become billionaires (in US dollars).It is no wonder, because in Kenya most rich people come from political background. Presently she is number one among the richest people in this country.

3.  Hajia Bola Shagaya
 ten richest women in AfricaNet worth - 1.9 billion dollars
Country – Nigeria
Age – 56
Source of wealth – imports and exports, banking
She can surely be named among the top ten richest women in Western Africa and in Africa in general. Plus, she is one of the few billionaire black women in the world. Her career started photography. She was the first one to bring Konica into Nigeria.Presently she manages imports and exports in Nigeria (including oil and other goods). She simply loves fashion and makes investments into its development in Nigeria and in Africa.

 2. Folorunsho Alakija
Top richest women in Africa 2Net worth - 2.1 billion dollars
Country – Nigeria
Age – 64
Source of wealth – self-earned, oil
Different sources argue as to her fortune. Some believe she has surpassed Isabel dos Santos and has managed to become the richest woman in Africa (with 3.3 billion dollar fortune).In the 70ss she has taken a humble secretary position in one of the banks. Later on she quitted the job and went to England in hunt of her dream – turning into a fashion designer.  That is what has brought about her first financial success.However, the real money has come from the oil industry. In 90ss she came back to Nigeria and obtained the license to explore the land for oil. She has held on to her land and license, when others have given up the notion. In 2000 she succeeded and the wealth begun submerging out of her enterprise. Her company earns 10 million dollar a day. So, she has made her dream come true and has become one of the top influential self-made females in Africa.

1. Isabel dos Santos
richest women in Africa 3We all want to know - who is the richest woman in Africa? The 1st place among our top ten richest women in Africa takes Isabel dos Santos. Even though she is not one of the top ten richest women in the world, but she is the only African woman on the list of 50 wealthiest ladies of the world.
Net worth - 3 billion dollars
Country – Angola
Age – 41
Source of wealth – her father José Eduardo dos Santos, president of AngolaNo wonder this lady had one of the most expensive weddings in the history. Hers cost 4 million dollars. She was also the first one to start a night club in her country. It was her first business ever; the thing was called Miami Beach Club.Presently her main investments are in Portugal and Angola. She works in telecom, energy, retail, finance and other industries. Here are some interesting facts on her life:

  • Born in Baku, Azerbaijan (that is where her mother comes from)
  • 2013 – pronounced by Forbes the richest female of Africa
  • Has become the first billionaire woman in Africa
  • One of the most beautiful descendants of African presidents
  • Has 3 children

This list of the top ten richest women in Africa is an indication of a rapid change taking place in Africa. Formerly women had no right to possess land or other assets, including companies. They had little or no chance to get higher education and do business. Over the last decades the things have changed and women have proved their extraordinary abilities to success.

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Since women today are smart and talented in terms of business. Quite a few women in the first place with a career. Therefore, good reach means. It is believed that if people have the fortune of parents and children is not difficult to become millionaires. But, as we see from the text that not all rich Nigerian woman small handsome parents. One of them is Elizabeth Bradley that her corns managed to grow his company, which now brings her such income that we see. These women are great and strong. I admire them, let their business thriving, and they will be healthy and happy.

Answered 2 years ago.

Grateful you for detalied list of affecting women in Nigeria. They really inspire and motivate me change in life! Especially, delightful women, who have achieved and earned huge fortune yourself. They serve as good example for those, who wish receive wealth in life, become much better and happier.

I think every woman would also like dispose of life and having get what they want. Its recuired learn from their opportunities be steadfast and strong, and be so successful in your favorite business.

Answered 2 years ago.

I really admire all of them they are clearly very smart and sophisticated women. Mainly nowadays only men are rich and powerful and women usually are plain and they are working hard to pay the rent. It is an unfair world, but still it is true. these women are an example that one can achieve simply anything if he will put his mind to it. There are plenty of women scholars and scientist i feel like i want to be one of them. I think every women deserve to be rich and powerful! And that is the truth !

Answered 2 years ago.

The list is really worthy of praise! This top is inspired to be as strong as the strong-willed women who know their goals and dreams, and go to them, not paying for anything and anyone, to be masters of personal lives and destinies. Strong and hard work - always brings results even more. Such people are rewarded for their hard work destiny and love their work. It's really important to love what you do, be happy and smile to come to work, which runs almost the whole of life. It is also important to love people and nature, to do good, then living will be more interesting, and everything will be obtained!

Answered 2 years ago.

Great list, well done! All of them deserved their statuses. I'm curious to see some of their speeches or interviews. It's fascinating, how fast things change in Africa! How do you think, what is their key to success? I guess, it is hardworking and understanding of what do you want from life. These women illustrate how strong people can be, all of us should take an example from them! They incouraged me at least, and I thank you for the great review, keep up the good work.

Answered 2 years ago.
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