Was Vladimir Putin arrested in USA for fighting in a grocery store?

Why Vladimir Putin is arrested in USA? He did the grocery shopping the wrong way!

funny putin

Funny things happen. This one is just hilarious. Russian president Vladimir Putin has done many stupid things, but is this the dumbest?

Is Putin arrested in USA?

This happened in Florida, USA. A man entered a store to buy some groceries. However, instead of shopping, he started to attract attention of people and behaved meanly. Eventually the manager had to call in the police.

black vladimir putin

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They asked the man to leave, but this Afro-American had no desire to do so. Finally they arrested him and had to tame him by power. Police officers demanded his name and he refused to give. However, eventually they found it out and LOL… the man’s name was Vladimir Putin!

He is 48 years in age and has no relation to the Russian president. Still this story went viral and it’s so funny!

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