What African country drinks the most alcohol?

Do you know how much alcohol Africans drink per year? This article will tell you about the most alcoholic country in Africa!

Consume of alcohol

Consume of alcohol in every country on the continent is different. Therefore, it is very interesting to define the most alcoholic country in Africa.

People have different opinions about it and the ongoing debate won’t stop.

But it is still quite obvious that Africa can’t be compared with the European countries where a lot of alcoholic beverages are considered the national drinks and are a part of their daily routine.

It is good news that Africans aren’t really drinkers because it is very bad for your health.

What is the biggest country by alcohol consumption?

Burundi – 9.4 litres per year

Burundi is the country that goes right after South Africa. The residents of Burundi tend to drink almost anything without particular preferences.

Beer is a drink loved by almost twenty percents of the drinking population. They don’t really have a passion for wines and champagnes. However, there is a sort of wine that every person in Burundi has ever tried.

Its name is urwarwa and it’s a kind of wine made of bananas. People only drink it during some public events or holiday seasons. To sum up, alcohol drinks are a part of the culture of Burundi.

Consume of alcohol

Namibia – 9.5 litres per year

Namibian people also don’t tend to have a special favourite alcohol drink. However, it might be surprising for you that more than a half of the country’s population is obsessed with beer.

Champagne and wine are quite popular in Namibia too. As for their national drink, it’s beer again. Its name is Windhoek Lager and it’s known among all the residents.

Some people compare it to famous German beers. It is highly appreciated in this country.

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Rwanda – 9.6 litres per year

The residents of Rwanda don’t really appreciate beer. However, they like Amstel and Turbo King. Rwanda is the country which is famous for its homemade drinks.

For instance, you should definitely try urgwagwa and ubuki. Ubuki is made of honey and its taste is truly unique! If you ever visit Rwanda don’t miss a chance to try their Ikigage too.

Kenya – 9.7 litres per year

Beer is quite popular in this African country. About a half of the population drinks it daily. If you wonder what famous beer there is in Kenya, there are a few brands.

For example, Tusker Lager and Tusker Premium Lager. However, the government is really concerned that people who live in Kenya consume too much alcohol.

They are trying to increase the prices and prevent people from getting sick from it. What is also surprising, men are not the only drinkers in Kenya. The girls drink a lot too.

There are not many people who drink wine and spirits there – it is only affordable for the higher class.

Consume of alcohol

Uganda – 11.9 litres per year

Uganda is also the country alcohol consumption of which is very high.

The average Ugandan consumes about 12 litres of alcohol every year! Beer isn’t popular in Uganda at all and even less people consume spirits and wine. The residents tend to choose the stronger drinks.

This African country can be also proud of its homemade beverages. For example, you will definitely like pombe and lubisi. The only beer that Ugandans drink is their own banana beer.

There is another popular traditional drink there called tonto – it is also made of banana but it’ more like wine. People in Uganda really drink a lot and it might seem that it’s the only thing that they do during the day!

If you take a walk you will see that the bars and restaurants are always filled with people no matter how early in the day it is.

The population of Uganda is quite big and most of the people have at least one alcohol drink a day. Their habits lead them to having health problems. However, it doesn’t really motivate them to drink less.

The drinking problem in this country is a problem for the whole African continent.

Consume of alcohol

Nigeria – 12.2 litres per year

Nigeria is ranked the most drinking country in Africa! Most of its population drinks alcohol daily. It can be almost any drink but one of the most appreciated is beer.

About 20 percent of the people drinks beer at least once a week. Other than beer Nigerians drink a lot of homemade drinks. The reason for that is that the prices of the alcohol are too high in the country.

The religious representatives try to stop the alcohol problem in Nigeria but even though it’s harder to buy drinks it is still possible to make it at home. Ogogoro is almost as strong as vodka.

It can contain up to 50 percent alcohol. Different people use different recipes. That’s why there are more than one sorts of ogogoro.

All in all, consume of alcohol in some African countries is definitely too high.

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