What african plants cannot be found on any other continent?

African plants which impressed the whole world! Which of them cannot be found on any other continent? African plants-predators! How is it possible? Check out here!

african flora

Africa is one of the major continents of the planet, which is second in size after Eurasia. It is equally shared with the equator line, stretching from the tropics in the north to tropics in the south. Just on the outskirts of mainland you can find subtropics. No wonder, there are unusual and special African plants.

Africa is probably the last continent on the planet, where is still preserved intact human wildlife. Because of the hard, harsh conditions of survival, there live only strong, dangerous animals. Here you can also find a large number of unusual plants that you cannot meet at any other place in the world.

Today we will talk about plants growing in Africa, interesting and unusual plants of Africa. We’ll learn about plants that benefit people, as well as those that are dangerous not less than predatory animals.

Plants with unusual properties

Bottle tree:

bottle tree

The name of this tree speaks for itself. It resembles a pot-bellied bottle Very much. A large amount of rainwater accumulates between the bark and the wood of the barrel bottom. The middle part of the reservoir plays a role of a useful container with nutritious sweet juice. It is thick and very similar to jelly.

Water of the bottle tree is actively used by local residents, and the sweet juice is one of their favorite delicacies. The leaves of this tree are an excellent fodder. Using the crust  people make fiber and woven fabric.


sinsepalum plant

Homeland of the plant is West Africa. Berries of Sinsepaluma have a wonderful property. The use of it before meals makes the taste of sweet food bitter and bitter or sour food makes sweet. Therefore, before drinking the palm wine, which has a strong sour taste, the natives eat a few berries of Sinsepaluma to improve the taste.

Carnivorous plants


nepenthes flower

This unusual vine grows in Madagascar. Its long flexible branches reach a length of 10-15 meters, covered with leaves. The appearance of these leaves resembles jugs, which are alive trap for small animals. Inside jugs there is sticky fluid, which holds the mouse, lizard or frog inside.


genlisea plant

It is a low, modest-looking grass, which bloom large, unusually shaped, yellow flowers. The view becomes not so nice, when you find out the fact that long flowers are nothing but a trap for insects. Additionally genliseya has also leaves in the groundwater. Using them it digests insects, and small animals living in the soil.


pemphigus plant

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This plant loves water. Therefore, it grows on wet soils or in the fresh water. This plant is a predator. It is interesting because it has a bubble trap. In most species of this plant there are very small traps that catch only small, simple creatures. However, some species have traps of larger diameter (0.2 to 1.2 cm). They already can catch even the water fleas and tadpoles falling there with water.

‘Peaceful’ plants, which are useful for people


calabash plant

Speaking of plants growing in Africa, about interesting and unusual, we cannot but mention the calabash. When it matures, the pulp dries so much, that a vegetable rind becomes hard as stone. Locals use such ripe pumpkin as hollow vessels for water or bulk products. At the same time people have learned to change their form, using special clips, which put the developing ovary. As a result, you can get a deep bowl, jugs, as well as flat plates and trays. From the hard rind people make spoons, toys, pipes, snuff boxes and various souvenirs.

Pumpkin luffa:

pumpkin luffa

From the fruit of the luffa people managed to make wonderful sponges. They weave fiber and then made hats, shoes for swimming, as well as other necessary items for people.

Madagascar liana:

madagascar liana

Liana is a plant, which plays an important role in the economy of some African tribes, who use them on the farm. The branches of the plants are very flexible, resilient and strong. Therefore, they are used as ropes, weaved baskets and mats. Madagascar vine produces compounds, which is repellent for ants and insects that damage everything that has been created of wood. Therefore, the branches of this plant are used in the construction of dwellings. And the large pods of vines, if it cut in halves, protect the building from rain better than any tiles.

Africa is a wonderful continent, where you can meet many interesting and unusual plants. All of them are useful and play an important role in the lives of people and of nature. We could tell about South African plants, African rainforest plants, African grassland plants or African medicinal plants. But it’s not possible to tell everything at once, because African flora is very diverse and exciting.

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