What ancient African cities were ruined by the Europeans?

Do you know which of African cities once great cities were invaded and destroyed by Europeans? Read this article to find the answers!

african cities

Many travelers who come to Africa always wonder why there is a small quantity of historical statues or buildings. The main reason is Europeans who have ruined most of them and left only the skeletons and notes of explorers.
Through its long history African continent has seen the rise of great empires with their great emperors. The beauty and the greatness of their cities had no equals.

Let us show what great cities of Africa had been destroyed by European tyrants and conquerors

Benin City

african cities

This city is also known as Edo. With its mathematical design and fortresses longer than the Great Wall of China, Benin City was one of the best planned cities in the world when London was a place of thievery and murder.
Benin used to be the capital of a pre-colonial African empire located in current southern Nigeria. This also was one of the first cities in the world to have a street lightning.
In 1691, Lourenco Pinto, a captain of the Portuguese ship wrote: “Great Benin, where the king resides, is larger than Lisbon; all the streets run straight and as far as the eye can see. The houses are large, especially that of the king, which is richly decorated and has fine columns. The city is wealthy and industrious. It is so well governed that theft is unknown and the people live in such security that they have no doors to their houses.”
The city was destroyed in 1987 by British forces. It was burnt down and the bronze was stolen by British.


african cities

Kumasi in Ghana used to be the capital of the Asante Kingdom from the tenth century to twentieth. Currently it is a city in the Ashanti Region, Southern Ghana.
The city is often called “The Garden City” because of a big variety of exotic plants and trees.
Kumasi’s location was at the intersection of trade routes linking the northern, southern and western regions; the economic growth of the capital became as fast as the Asante kingdom itself.
The major part of the city was destroyed by British forces during the Third Anglo-Ashanti War in 1874.

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Kilwa Kisiwani

african cities

Kilwa Kisiwani was one of a Swahili trading cities and its prosperity was based on control of Indian Ocean trade with Arabia, India and China, particularly between the 13th and 16th centuries, when gold and ivory from the hinterland was traded for silver, carnelians, perfumes, Persian faience and Chinese porcelain.
Kilwa Kisiwani had its own currency in the 11th to 14th centuries.
In 1505, Portuguese forces burned down both Swahili cities, Kilwa Kisiwani and Mombasa.


african cities

The Mutapa (western adaptation) or  the Munhumutapa was one of Western Mozambique and present day Zimbabwe’s greatest kingdoms. Some believe that The Mutapa state was an Iron Age state which spanned across three centuries till its decline in the 19th century.
Its economy was based on agriculture and trade. The area spanned from Kami, Naletale, Zumbo across the Zambezi River into Tete, Sena, Sofala, Mapungumbwe into the Indian Ocean. The Mutapa traded in gold and discovered most of the gold mines.
In 1571, Portuguese conquerors invaded the city and ruined it.

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