What animals are the most dangerous on Earth?

They are not lions. Okay, they are not only lions. What do you know about ruthless wild killers? Read to learn everything about the world's most dangerous animals.

dangerous animals

A man declares himself to be a king of creation forgetting that we can hardly stay alive without amenities, hospitals, vitamins, all possible devices, etc. Wild nature still has other potentates who won't give their thrones that easily. What are the most dangerous animals on Earth? 

Venomous snakes (50 000+killed per year): The snakes stay the most deadly animals killing more than fifty thousand persons each year! In today's world 410 kinds of snakes are known by their poisonously. There are five main sorts of them: atractaspidids, colubrids, elapids, and viperids. The less poisonously are sea snakes – only 49 kinds of them may be deadly for a human. There are 58 different dangerous vipers and 122 pit vipers (among which is rattlesnake) and almost two hundred asps. 

dangerous animals snakes

Not only snakebites pose the threat to life. There are two snakes which kill a victim without direct contact. Two kinds of African cobras can deliver their poison with a spittle! A distance they need to reach their enemy is only two-three meters. For one time they can produce about thirty spittles with four milligrams of poison in each. It makes Cobras the world's most dangerous animals. 

Crocodiles (4000+ per year): The crocodile attack is one of the scariest sights. These predators are impudent in their blood lust. Usually, an alligator hunts in the water, following for its victim for hours, then suddenly attacks taking its prey to the river floor. They rarely hunt on the ground, but carefree gaper is a perfect dinner for the reptile. 

dangerous animals crocodiles

The crocodiles are very persistent about their food, so it's almost impossible to get out of their jaws once you get there. The official statistics tell about more than four thousand dead in crocodile attacks each year, but not official information says about much bigger numbers. Like a lot of dreadful cases happen in remote regions of Africa where locals have no possibility to make a statement about the accident. 

African elephant (500+ killed per year): This cute animal isn't that harmless. About half of the thousand humans die each year under his feet. The weight of an adult elephant is more than seven tons, so staying alive after its step is a real challenge. On the other hand, they are quite peaceful animals until they are kind. 

dangerous animals elephant

Often even an elephant in rage is not going to kill anyone. These animals have a habit to check their opponents, imitating an attack to see if the person (or another animal) is aggressive. In a case, if they see someone attacking back, they start a real fight trying to trample down an enemy. Usually, the elephants are aggressive only once a year when they have their mating season. 

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Hippopotamus (300+ killed per year): The hippos are the herbivorous and not very peaceful animals. They kill not for food but try to protect their families. In Africa, a hippopotamus is estimated even more dangerous as crocodiles or lions which by the way are its natural enemies. But even they can't cope with an adult hippo, hunting only for its babies. The healthy weight of hippo is about four thousand kilograms! 

dangerous animals hippo

Moreover, they are the good runners who can reach the speed up to 32 kilometers per hour. They kill their victims ramming them with a head. A mouth of hippo opens on 120 centimeters thanks to what they can swallow one wholly. Few witnesses survived a hippopotamus attack but still, have amputated limbs as its bite force is about 500 kilograms. 

African lion (200+ killed per year): The king of the jungle isn't at the top of the most dangerous animals of the world. Maybe, it's related with the ruthless extermination of lions. But they still can do harm. A lion is a common predictor, so mostly its hunt is the only way to get food. In Tanzania thousands, people were killed by lions in the last years what makes locals not only attack back but even nomadize to do not get killed. The angriest period these big cats have in the first ten days after full moon. 

dangerous animals lion

Despite having thirty large teeth a lion doesn't chew its food. He prefers to swallow the big parts of meat. And a lion and a lamb actually can live in peace. If a lion is full, it doesn't attack anyone. 

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