What are alternative uses of vodka?

What are the most interesting ideas for using of popular alcoholic drink for medical purposes? How can it help to clean boots or glasses? Read the article to learn all possible ways and life hacks.

uses for vodka you never know

Vodka is called the queen of alcoholic drinks. It is one of the purest alcohols. It can be drunk pure or to be mixed with any juice so vodka is the cornerstone of many alcoholic cocktails. But it can be used at least in ten more ways – for health and beauty. Here are uses for vodka you never know.

  • To remove a plaster from a wound without pain, try vodka on it. It will dissolve glue.
  • To clean bathroom fill a bottle with sprayer of vodka, spill on the surface, wait for five minutes and wash away. Alcohol in vodka kills fungi, mold, and other microorganisms.
  • Use vodka to clean lenses of glasses. Wipe them with the rag, which is slightly moisturized. Alcohol in vodka will clean glass and remove bacteria.
  • Prolong term of using of shaving edges, having lowered them in glass with vodka after shaving. Vodka disinfects edges and doesn't allow them to rust.
  • Using a piece of cotton wool, put vodka on the face as astringent. It is good for skin and will narrow pores.
  • Add vodka glass to shampoo bottle. Alcohol cleans skin, deletes toxins from hair and stimulates growth of hair.

Use vodka to clean

  • It is surprising, but the drink can be used for cooking of cool airy dough with a crisp. You will need a small amount of strong drink. And it is worth it. Just add 1 tablespoon of vodka to dough — it will replace a baking powder and will evaporate in the course of pastries, having made your pie magnificent and appetizing. The same is applicable also to cookies. Surely try this life hack. The result will please you!
  • Other uses for vodka – mix it with lemon juice and sprite to prolong plants life. Vodka slows down maturing process so plants will grow more slowly and will live longer.
  • The next way of uses of vodka is an excellent seasoning. It is often added to food when cooking, even to dough. Don't worry: having eaten a roll with vodka, you won't get drunk – it just adds smack. Try, for example, penne alla paste with vodka sauce, it is very tasty.
  • Fill a half-liter bottle with vodka and splash on flies, wasps and bees, for their killing.
  • Pour a half-glass of vodka and a half-glass of water in cellophane packet and put it in a deep freeze. Such bubble with formed ice liquid can be used for removal of pain.
  • Fill a can with fresh flowers of lavender and vodka, twirl a cover and put in the sun for three days. Filter through a gauze and use tincture a mixture in case of bone and muscles pains.

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uses for vodka

  • Make your own liquid for rinsing of mouth, having stirred nine tablespoons of ground cinnamon in glass of vodka. Filter it and stir with warm water. Rinse a mouth and don't swallow.
  • Dip cotton wool in vodka and touch herpes on lips several times to wither it.
  • If the blister bursts, pour vodka on it as local anesthetic for disinfection.
  • To get rid of dandruff, stir two teaspoons of ground rosemary in a glass of vodka. Let this infuse two days, filter, and let it dry.
  • Everyone has own secrets of pickling of meat for barbeque. And there is great variety of marinades. How to make meat is tastier? Add a glass of vodka to marinade. It will help to make pork or beef softer and tastier.
  • To get rid of earache, drip several drops of vodka in it. Wait several minutes, and get wet. Vodka will kill bacteria, which cause an inflammation and ear pain.
  • To reduce heat, rub a back and a breast with vodka.

uses of vodka

  • To get rid of a bad smell of legs, wash them in vodka.
  • Cool fish soup needs to be well cooked. We know a secret, which will help you to improve taste of popular fish soup considerably. At a final stage of preparation of fish soup, add a half-glass of vodka and let's it boil within 1–2 minutes.
  • Vodka will help to disinfect a burn of jellyfish and will kill pain.
  • There can be stains on furniture and metal surfaces, which spoil an overall picture and don't please at all. How to get rid of them? Sprinkle a little amount of this alcoholic drink on the surfaces demanding immediate clarification and wipe it dry with a dry rag.
  • In case of a toothache, rinse a mouth with vodka. Gums will absorb a quantity that will dull pain for a while.
  • It is easy to polish jewelry with vodka. The alcohol mixed with lemon juice will remove all impurities, oxidation or just dirt. After such cleaning, jewelry shines as if you have bought them only yesterday.

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