What are ambivert signs?

How to understand what type of character you belong to? What are the most widespread signs of ambiverts? Read the article and you will probably learn some surprising facts about your personality.

Ambivert meaning

We often tell about ourselves as introverts or extroverts. But actually very few people completely fit into definition of one of these types. There is also a name for those who has appeared in the middle of scale. Psychologists call such people ambiverts. Ambivert meaning is that the person shows behavior of introvert and extrovert depending on situation. They have features of both types of character. It looks as you own both left and right hands. Ambivert is a rather new term. You can be ambiverted if you feel that the concepts 'introvert' or 'extrovert' don't describe you completely.

Of course, some people can be ranked as introverts or extroverts without reservations. But about 38 percent of people are between these two extremes. So what are the signs that you have an ambivert personality? This ambivert quiz will help you to learn more about your character.

  • You feel comfortable communicating with new people but also you like to stay at home alone. Sometimes when some 'recharge' is required for you, day alone will become good change of your rate of life, and in other day it will be nice to spend time with friends. If you have plans for the weekend, it is fine. But if they are cancelled, it is good too, because you have some business to do anyway.
  • You know when it is necessary to communicate actively and when to be reserved. It is natural for you to adapt to situation. When you are with someone who shows qualities of extrovert or introvert in extreme degree, you can easily balance a situation, becoming opposite type of the personality. It became a subconscious habit. You don't try to become too active with group of sociable people. And when quiet and modest persons surround you, you have a need to relieve the tension.

ambivert personality

  • When you read about signs of introverts or extroverts, you can notice qualities of both these types in yourself. Even if you are inclined to any certain type of personality a little, in some days you define yourself as extrovert, but in other days you show qualities of introvert. You are inclined to draw attention to yourself at closer communication at formal dinner parties, but on big events, such as concerts, you don't want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Sometimes you behave yourself actively, but in other time, you just watch surrounding situation and people around you. It is easy to be alone and it isn't a stress for you. But you feel good with the company when you just listen or laugh together. It is comfortable for you to be in reflections, especially when you understand that it is possible to tell nothing, and communication will continue.
  • The small talk doesn't frighten you, but from time to time it seems a little hypocritical. You see sense in beginning of small talk as it conducts to opportunity to construct full conversation. You nevertheless need to begin with something.
  • You can do something alone or with company, it is comfortable for you anyway. Introverts really like to have a business alone, and extroverts like to spend time in company. For ambiverts, it will be comfortable in both cases. In some days, you would prefer one option to another, but generally you have no obvious preference.

ambivert quiz

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  • Some people would describe you as quiet person, and others will say that you are very sociable. Your colleagues or schoolmates seeing you only in professional and educational situation know you as reserved person because you behave in these situations so. But they don't know that when certain time comes, you can feel absolutely comfortable in other role.
  • Having spent much time in the company, you can feel exhausted, but long loneliness also can bring you to dejectedness. When some time you work independently, you like to take a break and to talk to people. Possibly, it would be the worst option for you when it would be necessary to work alone for a long time. However, it is fine to stay alone for a while after some time spent with people. Perhaps, you didn't even understand that it was necessary.

  So ambiverts probably are demanded where flexibility and ability to find right way to people are necessary. Their key characteristic is aspiration to find balance between stimulation from outside world and their own mind. The main thing for them is not quantity, but quality of social communications. And it is their strength side. The main thing for ambiverts (as well as for introverts) is to realize a limit of their opportunities and not to try to ignore a need for recharge. If you do an ambivert test and realize that you have such type of character, it is a big gift.

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