What are crazy facts about space?

Our space is a crazy place to live in, don’t you think? If you do not agree, just read these crazy facts and see that it truly is so.

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Small boys often dream of becoming astronauts in their early years. The dream of going to space, landing on a moon or discovering a new star seems to be romantic and extremely cool. That is why boys often want to go for a space exploration.

This idea truly is amazing, as if you take a closer look you will be astonished by everything the space is hiding in itself. In order to prove this point, check out a list of crazy facts about space.

  1. If you think that the planets you learnt at school are the only ones in the space, you could not be more wrong. Scientists stated that there are numerous other planets outside our Solar system. Most of them are hot gas planets; even so the scientists are still waiting for confirmation that there is no life on them.
  2. The second crazy fact about space: there is noise in space whatsoever. Physicians state that in order for the sound to emerge the sound wave needs a medium. On Earth atmosphere is the medium and that is how we hear sounds. However, there is no atmosphere in space, so no sounds can be heard.
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  3. Crazy enough is that astronauts do not walk in space but rather float. As specialists explain since they are not using their feet, the skin on their soles start to gently peel off. So on the occasion of taking the socks off one’s feet in space, an astronaut has to be very careful not to let those peels float around him!
  4. Remember the footprints of the man on the moon? Well, if you do not remember them, no worries: they are still going to stay there for at least a few million years. So in case you want to go there and see them, there is no need to hurry!
  5. Furthermore, another crazy fact about space is the one about Venus. It is crazy, but one day on Venus is longer than a whole year on our planet. Since a day is an approximate amount of time needed by the planet to rotate around the Sun, a day in terms of Venus is different than the one we know. Crazy fact about Venus is that its day is 225 days on Earth.
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  6. Another crazy fact about space is quite sad for our planet. We do not value what we have, meaning that the Sun produces enough energy to cover the demands of the Earth. Unfortunately, people only use a small percentage of it from the sun. Nevertheless, we hope that this percentage of using the sun energy will increase in the years to come.
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  7. You would be also interested to learn that space was so little known by people before the first men flew into the open space, that when the first crew from Apollo 11 came back from their expedition on the moon, the authorities were afraid to let the astronauts out. The scientists were afraid that the Moon was full of all kinds of diseases that could be deadly to men, so they let the astronauts stay in quarantine for some time.
  8. Crazy space exploration fact: people though that Sun was this pretty little star in the sky. However, as it turned out after the space exploration was launched, the Sun is this huge hot star which takes up to 99% of the whole Solar system.
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  9. You might enjoy this crazy space fact, especially if you think you are not tall enough: in the space people get taller. You wonder why? Well, there is no gravity that is pulling you to the earth. Therefore, you can be a few centimeters taller in the space.
  10. If you ever spent your holidays in London or in the Northern Ireland, you probably heard people complaining that their weather is incredibly unpredictable. Nxt time you hear this, tell them that on Mercury and Mars the weather can change within the same day from the extreme lows to the extreme highs. This crazy space fact should calm them down.
  11. Interesting enough is that the space begins close to our planet. If you could drive up into the sky in your vehicle, it would only take you less than an hour to get into the official open space area. So it is closer than you think.
  12. The word astronaut originated from Greek ones meaning a “star sailor”.
  13. It is hard to believe but your tears in space do not fall. They create bubbles and stay there around your eye. This crazy space fact was discovered by an astronaut in the open space. He could drown in the space; luckily, he made it to the space station safely.
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  14. Crazy and nasty is that astronauts used their dirty underpants to help their home plants grow. When covered with warm underwear, socks or any other piece of cloth, plants start growing faster. This becomes nasty when you realize that astronauts used dirty underwear to help tomatoes they would later eat grow.
  15. Prepare yourself for a major change in the avigation scheme. You know that sailors use Polaris or the North Star as their navigator as it is the star that does not change its location. Unfortunately, people that will live (if ever) in the year of 13727 would have to write new guides and manuals for sailors and astronauts, as the Polaris will no longer be where it is now. Moreover, this place will be taken by the Vega star.
    This is explained by the fact that since our Earth keeps rotating, its poles do not stay the same. They change their shape all the time. Therefore, stars sometimes change their location.

These are the craziest facts about the space. There are a lot of secrets and mysteries about it. However, what we know now seems crazy already!

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