What are Dubai's tallest buildings?

Do you want to know about the biggest buildings in the United Arab Emirates? Check out this article about Dubai and its architecture!

dubai buildings

Dubai is the heart of the Arab world which attracts millions of tourists every year. Dubai’s tallest building is one of the main reasons for it.

It is a well-known fact that Burj Khalifa is not only Dubai highest building but also the highest in the whole world. However, not everyone is aware that it is not the only reason why it is so incredibly famous.

The height of this fantastic building is almost 1 km! 828 meters to be precise. It is bigger than all the other famous buildings in the world like Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Sears Tower in Chicago.

The sight of Burj Khalifa is impressive for everyone who sees it for the first time.

Speaking of being the hugest building in the Arab World and in the world as a whole there are some other records that Burj Khalifa can be proud of.

Its World Records include the world’s biggest freestanding thing, the biggest amount of floors, the most occupied store, the world’s highest observation deck and a lot others.

All those facts prove that this Dubai’s skyscraper is truly unique.

You could compare the weight of the building with hundreds of whales. All the material that was used to build Burj Khalifa is extremely expensive and heavy.

To get water to this skyscraper is also not the easiest job. And it is even harder to maintain it.

Its elevator is also the biggest in the world and it can also go for the longest distance ever. You can get to any floor you want within seconds which also makes the elevator one of the fastest ones.

And it will take you about 60 seconds to go all the way to the top.

During the building process there was a huge amount of workers occupied in order to get the work done as early as possible. There were more than 10 thousand people working on it every day.

The work that was done is hard to put into words. It is almost unbelievable that actual people built this kind of amazing building.

It took them six years to finish everything. The people of Dubai and the tourists were waiting for the opening for a really long time.

Dubai highest towers - Princess Tower

dubai buildings

This highest tower of Dubai is really incredible – and the view that you get from its observation deck will always remain in your memory. Not only it is the largest tower in Dubai but it’s also a residential building!

It is obviously made for the upper class people. Moreover, there is no such a big residential building anywhere in the world.

Princess Tower is a building totally worth seeing. The hundreds of apartments are offered there for those whose financial state of affairs is good enough to afford it.

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You can choose between different ones with absolutely different amount of rooms, interior and style. That’s why it is a perfect place for the reach people to occupy to make the best out of their living.

What makes it so special?

Except for the regular apartments there are also attractions for you and your family. You can enjoy yourself in the different kinds of swimming pools, do sport in the gym and take your children to play in the special kid area.

You can have almost anything you want to spend your spare time the way you want.

Dubai tallest hotel Burj Al Arab

dubai buildings

Even though the highest rate that a hotel can get is 5 stars, Burj Al Arab went further than that. Now they claim themselves as a 7 star hotel which means that it is very luxurious and meant for the upper class too.

There are different opinions about this Dubai’s tallest hotel in terms of the service but the sight of it is breath-taking. The tourists are very excited to see it every year.

As you are passing by you can see a huge amount of very expensive cars parked there. You can also see the fountains next to the entrance.

They have a special tradition for the welcoming of the VIP – the fireworks. Unfortunately it’s not possible to get in there without booking a room or a table in one of the expensive restaurants there.

Largest mall in Dubai

Its largest mall is called the Dubai Mall and it’s the biggest shopping centre in the city and in the world too. It is a significant place for the Arab world and for Dubai itself in particular.

There are at least thousand different shops where you are able to find anything you want – from clothes to food.

And moreover, millions of tourists and natives visit this mall every year because it is so huge and it offers quite a lot of interesting activities other than just shopping.

dubai buildings

The architecture is basically the main reason for such a developed tourism there. The amount of people in the Dubai Mall can’t be found in any other shopping centre.

If you are done with shopping and feel like doing something more exciting, this place is definitely for you. The Dubai Aquarium, for example, is definitely worth visiting.

It is so impressive how 10 million litres of water fill in the aquarium!

There are so many fish species you can see there that you will never forget it. Moreover, it is also the largest aquarium in the world which makes it the place you shouldn’t cross out of your bucket list.

Enjoy the beautiful fountains that will impress you with a light show!

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