What are effects of Nigeria population growth?

Nigeria is the country with rapidly growing amount of population. Learn what effects it can produce for the nation and for you personally.

Is population growth in Nigeria a good or a bad thing? What consequences does it have? What are main effects of fast population growth for people of the country? Let’s find out all the answers right now.
effects of Nigeria population ?

What is Nigeria population growth rate?

This problem is one of major for many countries and Nigeria is not an exception. Thus, population growth in Nigeria is very fast and influences different spheres of people’s lives. To understand the effects of overpopulation, it is also essential to know its reasons. Let’s observe the most common ones:

  •  Nigeria population growth?Increased birth rate. Too many children are being born in this country. Sometimes it is caused by poor medical assistance, lack of education, or unawareness of contraception. Fact is that the poorer family is, the more kids they might have.
  • Immigration. Lots of people come to Nigeria. Besides, there are vulnerable areas, which are devastated or dangerous. People have to leave them and move to other places. That’s why some better developed and safe cities have become overpopulated.
  • What are Nigeria population ?Increase in birth rate. Along with underdeveloped areas, some other Nigerian cities are well-developed. The medicine moves forward and special infertility treatment is applied. That’s why more and more women are able to get pregnant.
  • Cultural influence. Nowadays it is possible to have several wives in Nigeria. Each woman may give birth to at least one child, while all of them have just one father. It also adds to the population growth. Early marriage is another factor.
  •  Nigeria population growth?Decreased death rate. It is due to medical advances as well. Plenty of former incurable diseases might be successfully treated today. Besides, lots of preventive measures have been worked out.
  • Lack of education. In many areas, people do not have access to proper sexual education. Thus, they know little about contraception methods and give birth to many kids.

Nowadays there are about 190 million people in Nigeria. Their number keeps growing every year. It is 2.48% of the world population, and it is ranked the 7th in the UN list. Nigeria population growth rate 2015 is more than 2.7%.

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What are effects of Nigeria population?

What is more, Nigeria population growth forecast is not positive. Experts claim that by 2050, it may become the third most populous country in the world, as it has one of the highest growth and fertility rates. According to the UN estimations, by 2100, Nigerian population will be between 505 million and 1.03 billion people. Moreover, as the Minister of Agriculture says, present rate of farming is not able to satisfy the needs of such number of people. So it can lead to starvation.

What are Nigeria population?

Consequences of population growth in Nigeria

Overpopulation leads to many social problems. The main effects of population growth in Nigeria are:

  • What are effects of population growth?Energy consumption. It has doubled in the recent years. It concerns petroleum, gas, and some other resources. It has bad influence on environment.
  • Starvation. It is sometimes impossible to produce enough food for such great amount of people. That’s why some of them suffer from hunger.
  • Unhygienic living conditions. Because of the high density of population, lots of diseases might spread very fast. Hygiene is poor in many areas.
  •  effects of population growth?Elevated crime rate. There are people, who try to survive and start stealing.
  • Conflicts. People start fighting for resources. It sometimes leads to serious clashes.
  • Political instability. High levels of poverty as well as urbanization provoke some risks for the government.
  • Scarce resources. Because of the large number of people and poor development of agricultural sector, certain resources become rare. It also leads to conflicts in society, sometimes very high and may even lead to war, including civilian.
    effects of Nigeria population growth?

The forecasts are not very positive. Nigerian population keeps growing every year. If the situation does not change for the better, the results might be terrible. That’s why the government must do everything to avoid such consequences. They should take all the causes of overpopulation into account and work out special programmes and preventive measures.


For many years, continuing lively debate among economists and other scientists engaged in development issues, the consequences of rapid population growth. They were especially acute at the first Conference on population held in 1974 in Bucharest. On the one hand, we must recognize that population growth is not the only or even the main reason for the low standard of living, lack of self-esteem and restrictions of freedom of people living in the Third world.

On the other hand, it would be naive to believe that rapid population growth in many countries and regions is not a major factor adding to these three interrelated components especially first and third. Below we summarize the main arguments for and against the idea that the consequences of rapid population growth are causing serious problems in development. This will allow you to decide whether it is possible to reach agreement on the question of the development of specific policy in this area, the wording of its goals and methods of achieving them.

The real problem is not population growth

We can distinguish three main lines of argumentation of the supporters point of view, according to which population growth gives grounds for concern:

Not population growth, and other processes are the true problems of modernity.

Population growth is an artificial problem that deliberately created agencies and institutions of rich countries for the preservation of underdevelopment and dependency of Third world countries.

For many developing countries and regions, the population growth is the need.

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To my mind - there is nothing bad at the growth of population. Because - children are our future and we have to do everything possible and impossible for them, for their happy childhood, and for their happy and sucessful future. And, ofcourse, to give them the best we have and everything we can. This is a problem of the government? which should support the families with many children and give them some social help to provide the best future to them. So, I think that in anyway children can not be a big problem!

Answered 2 years ago.
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