What are Nigerian navy ranks?

What is the history of Nigerian Navy Forces? What ranks exist in Nigerian Navy? Who is the leader of the Nigerian Navy Forces? Find out more in the article!


The Nigerian Navy forces were originally formed from the Nigerian Marine. The Southern Group of Nigerian Marines was formed in 1893 and the Northern group in 1900. These two forces were merged into one in 1914. Their responsibilities were maintaining the ports and harbors and ensure the safety of the regions. There were also two other organizations that share the same functions like the Inland Waterways Department and Nigerian Naval Force. With a light hand of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth these organizations were merged into one under the name Royal Nigerian Navy. The name was changed into Nigerian Navy after the proclamation of the republic. For now, Navy Forces is a full-scale organization which has the honor to protect Nigeria. As a military organization, it has the navy ranks of Nigeria is presented in the next order from the highest to the lowest.

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Chief of the Naval Staff


The highest military rank of Nigerian Navy forces. The current Chief of the Naval forces is Ibok Ekwe Ibas.  The Chief of the Naval Staff commands all Navy Forces and report directly to the Chief of Defense Staff, Defense Minister, and President.


The next is presented Nigerian naval ranks according to from highest to lowest

  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Mid-Shipman


Also, there are presented Nigerian Navy Ranks for officers who are not commissioned

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Trainee


The Nigerian Navy Forces represent one of the strongest military group in Africa Region. It also provides the system of Nigeria Navy Air forces who provides the security in the skies of Africa and the country. The serving in the Nigerian Navy is valuable and prestigious servitude provided to protect Nigerian borders.

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