What are Nigerian states and capitals?

How many states are located in Nigeria and what are their capitals? How many sightseeing points are located in these capitals? Read the information below to learn more geographical facts about the country.

Nigerian states

Do you know something about Nigerian states and their slogans, trade, and sightseeing? What do you know about Nigerian states and their governors? In total, there are 36 Nigerian States. See the list of their capitals. For the beginning, look at the Nigerian states map: http://www.inecnigeria.org/wp-content/themes/inec/images/inec_nigeria.png

Nigerian states and capitals

  • Asaba is the city in Nigeria, the capital of the Delta state. It is generally inhabited by nationality of Igbo. Asaba was the capital of the Southern protectorate of Nigeria. The Royal Niger Company, which was founded by the British authorities for the encouragement of trade and export of goods to England, was its owner. The city was founded by prince Nnebisi, the son of the prince of Igala nationality and mother from Igbo.
  • Gusau is the city and the area of local management in the northwest of Nigeria. Zamfara is the state in Nigeria located in the northwest of the country. The area of the state is 39 762 square kilometers. In Zamfara, there are a number of the sights drawing the attention of tourists.
  • Jos is the city, which is the 19th in size in the republic Nigeria. Jos is located in so-called Central Nigeria practically in the heart of the country in a sublime part of the plateau. It is also the administrative center of the Nigerian state of the plateau. At the time of the British colonial board, Jos became the important center of extraction of metals. The increasing demand for metals in China and other developing countries has led to the revival of the mining industry in the region in the last two decades that has caused the inflow of migrants from many other regions of the country.
  • Dutse is the area of local management in Jigawa State in the north of Nigeria. The state takes the 18th place in the area and the 8th place on the population.

Nigerian states and capitals

  • Ibadan is the city in the southwest of Nigeria. The administrative center of the state is Oyo. It is the third city in the country on the population, after Lagos and Kano. The population makes more than 2.5 million inhabitants and 1.3 million in the central part of the city. Most of the population is people of Yoruba.
  • Ikeja is the area of local management in the state of Lagos. This is the capital of the state and at the same time a part of the urban area. Before coming of the military regime in the early eighties, it was well planned, the clean and quiet town with inhabited and trade constructions, such as shopping centers, drugstores, etc. There is also an International airport. Places of live music are also located in Ikeja. Ikeja City Mall is the biggest shopping center in the continental part of Lagos.
  • Ilorin is the city in the west of Nigeria on the right inflow of Niger. It is one of the largest cities in Nigeria, the capital of Kwara state. Ilorin has been founded by representatives of people of Yoruba (one of three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria) in 1450.
  • Yenagoa is the area of local management in Bayelsa State. Yenagoa city is an administrative center of this area and the capital of the state.
  • Yola is the city on the east of Nigeria and the capital of Adamawa State. It is located at the river Benue in about 800 km above its crossing with the river Niger. Until 1955, the city consisted of two areas. The great influence on emergence and development of the new area was made by Europeans who in 1980 have constructed the bridge, new roads, cottages, etc. The most part of trade in Yola has moved to Jimeta city now. In the second half of a rainy season — from July to October, the river Benue is available for ships. Near Yola, people gather peanut, cotton, skins of animals, which go for sale to the delta of Niger River. The trade of nuts, sweet potatoes, rice, a peanut, onions, pepper, fish, cattle, goats, bird, sheep, and cotton is developed.
  • Kaduna is the city in Nigeria, the center of the state of the same name. It is located in a northern part of the central Nigeria. The city is located on the river Kaduna. It is the shopping center and the transit point for the neighboring agricultural areas thanks to highways and railways in the city. Kaduna was founded by British in 1913 and in 1917; it became the center of the former Northern region. It was in this status until 1967.

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Nigerian states and their governors

  • The city of Calabar is located in the southeast of Nigeria, near its border with Cameroon. It lies on the Calabar riverbank, flowing into the Gulf of Guinea. Calabar is the administrative center of Cross-river state and the ocean port. The size of the city is 604 km². After the prohibition of a slave trade, the city of Calabar still remained important ocean and river port. The city has played a considerable role in the cultural and economic development of Nigeria. For example, the first hospital and post office were opened in here.
  • Katsina is the area of local management in the state of Katsina. Katsina city is the administrative center of this area and the capital of state of Katsina. Earlier it was the city-state.
  • Lafia is the city in the central part of Nigeria and the administrative center of Nasarawa state.
  • Uyo is the city in the southeast of Nigeria and the administrative center of Akwa-Ibom state. In the city, there are oil storages and granaries. This is the center of local trade, in which yam, cassavas, and an olive palm tree are widespread. In the city, there is Uyo University founded in 1983.
  • Enugu is the city in Nigeria and the administrative center of the state of the same name. It has several railways and highways. The city is in the center of the coal industry. Here the steel-rolling, gas, and cement plants are located. On May 1967, Enugu was announced as the capital of the self-proclaimed Biafra state.


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