What are nude yoga benefits?

Yoga has a lot of advantages for our body. It is not only physical activity. It is a philosophy of life. Nude yoga seems to be deeper and more interesting.

nude yoga
Yoga is often perceived only as a way to improve your flexibility, get stronger, manage stress and maintain a healthy appearance with age. It's all true, but there are more significant benefits of yoga. Specialist for teaching yoga, notes that it can affect life at the most unexpected levels. Here are some of the most unexpected and significant yoga benefits.

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Yoga mental benefits

Most people dispose of the body mindlessly, without understanding everything that it does for us, and not being able to see their feeling at the moment. We live in the time of acceleration. And we are not accustomed to listening what the body says. Instead, we are forcing ourselves, forcing the body to do something that might not be too healthy for the body.

Regular practice of yoga will help you to focus on the body. You will live more consciously, with gratitude for all that the body does for you. Some people are only mad at themselves when their health fails, and nobody thinks about all that the body performs daily. Slowing down the pace of your life, you learn to understand your body and act accordingly to the obtained knowledge.

nude yoga

The ability to hear

The benefits of yoga lie in the fact that you quickly grasp the idea. The lesson is not the only capacity to take a variety of poses. You learn to enjoy the present while doing each exercise, learn to listen. You understand that it is important not just to hear the responses of the body, but of everything that surrounds you. So we can say that yoga teaches us to listen.

The ability to love yourself

This ability is based on how to love your body and thank it for everything it can do. Once you begin yoga, the philosophy of exercise starts to transform your life. Self-love and self-acceptance determine all areas of your life. That is why yoga is so important. It does not set you any goals. The only purpose is self-love. When you begin to understand how important it is to love yourself, you can share that love with others. So yoga transforms the lives of those who practice it. This effect can be called one of the amazing benefits of yoga. Love for yourself will improve your quality of life in all its spheres.

Traditionally it is considered that yoga was given to humanity by God Siva. He showed people about 80 thousand postures, which over time left a few hundred of the best. In one form or another, they come in various schools of doctrine.

The yoga pose or asana is a specific body position in conjunction with the inner concentration on a particular organ, body part or energy center. You cannot call the ancient Indian system just exotic gymnastics. Rather, it is a philosophical system in which, through the perfection of the body reaches the top of the spirit and unity of the Universe.

nude yoga

Nude yoga

Therefore, for the best feeling in the space, the ease of execution of asanas, studying various provisions, a practitioner can completely strip. This is the nude yoga, which has no room for clothing, even to cover private body parts.

Americans practice yoga

The first followers of directions appeared in California in the late sixties of the last century. In the heyday of the hippies, LSD, and the sexual revolution was born a lot of unusual types of doctrines, philosophical systems, and practices. Nude yoga has become one of those fashion trends, as evidenced by the shot in those days movies.

Nude yoga is sometimes called Naga-Sadhu - a way of understanding ourselves and the world through yoga to total nudity.

During 30 years of nude yoga practices, there were only a few followers. And only in 1998 opened the first official Yoga Studio "midnight yoga for men." It became a kind of impetus to the development and dissemination first in America and then in the world.

nude yoga

Nude yoga benefits

If you are naked, your body is available to nature. You can observe it in the wall mirror. To monitor the proper execution of the asanas, position in space, to concentrate in practice and not be distracted. Gradually you begin to love your body, pay more attention to detail, to achieve perfection.

You will not interfere with clothing, you can see all the errors of practice, every detail, previously unnoticed, is now necessary.

You can practice in the quiet of your home, away from prying eyes and possible misunderstanding of others. Or go to a yoga class for a group activity. And in the latter case, the initial tightness will gradually change to emancipation and self-confidence.

Do not be mistaken about sexual or erotic moment in practice. This is not so important and even dangerous for your areas of physical and spiritual development. Perhaps at the beginning of the unwanted thoughts will haunt you, but then open beauty and plastic, flexibility and grace, confidence and peace of mind.

Yoga guru warned that it is better to abstain from sex or to maintain moderation in it if there is a firm intention to get the most useful from the lessons.

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