What are popular IQ tests?

What do you know about IQ tests? Are the tests in the internet reliable? Read more to find out!

                                                                                                            What is IQ test and how different IQ tests can be? People may have different cognitive weaknesses and strengths, like in math, languages, visual, music. Nevertheless, consistent correlation between these components may show us a real meaning for the intelligence. This common underlying component might be called as general intelligence or just “G.” This kind of “G” can be measured by a great variety of psychometric assessments. These assessments are usually called IQ tests. IQ test is the most reliable and truly valid of psychometric tests used by psychologists all around the world. These tests can be a great asset to the common value of the general intelligence or just “G.”

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IQ tests are wildly used for many types of measurements and in many contexts, like leisure, education or profession. Universities can use IQ tests to distinguish most valuable candidates to enter the university. The IQ tests are quite liable for applicants desired to use them into the professions or before application to the job. Some organizations also use IQ tests just to keep the employees in sharp position. Some people may use IQ tests just for leisure time from searching the information via the internet. Nevertheless, you should know that test available on the internet are not standardized. They are made for fun and leisure mostly, not for scientific research.

Bell Curve

The standardized IQ tests are designed to have a bell curve; it`s distribution in the general population on the average of 100. This kind of curve has the peak in the middles, where only a few people score to the very peak of it. According to statistic rules, it can be called as a normal distribution. Many kinds of distribution have similarities, like weight and height. The area under the curve is to correspond to the percentage. The score of the standard IQ bell curve can be color-coded as a standard deviation unit. A standard deviation is a measure for spreading the distribution. Fifteen points can be named a standard deviation point for the most IQ tests. Most people in the IQ test score somewhere between 85 and 115 points. It can be named a standard deviation. About fifteen percent of the population can score between seventy and eighty-five together with one hundred fifteen and one hundred thirty. Only one person out of one hundred may score the results less than fifty-five and more than one hundred forty-five.

The critical idea of the IQ tests is to stand for the fixed understanding, that IQ tests do not measure genetically inherited attributes, only the things gathered by an individual for the school, university, work and life learning. The individual score for the IQ test is not statistical and static. The IQ test results can be changed over the years with getting more experience and knowledge. Therefore, you may try to live it through and not take attention for some time. Students of school and universities have the most actual ideas of changes the IQ level throughout the year and more. Still, it may not be true if the student did not study at all for all the year.

The average IQ

The average IQ test is designed for measuring a vast majority of the population. The IQ score general population can be named 100. The average IQ score or Normal IQ score is the number between 85 and 115. According to world statistic, less than 0,1% of men have IQ level more than one hundred forty-five and less than fifty-five. Therefore if you take into consideration one hundred people than sixty-eight of them will have the IQ level between 85 and 115. Fourteen people will have IQ score between 70 and 85; fourteen more people will have IQ score between 115 and 130. Only two people will have results between 55 and 70, and two more between 130 and 145. There is ten percent chance that the last two percent in the group will have IQ score less than fifty-five and more than one hundred and forty-five.

IQ high score

IQ high score is considered to be high if it goes more than 115 points. According to statistics, somewhere around 14-15% of the population have this score. There is no magic in numbers, just simple mathematics. If you have IQ more than 110, you have a possibility to attend college level of education if you choose it. If you have IQ, score more than 115, than you are able to perform cognitive demands in many spheres of education. Moreover, you can be a trained professional or collage graduate. Therefore, it means that you are capable of many professional missions. If you desire to become a member of International High-Level Society, then you would need to get IQ level more than 124.   It`s the first entry point for the measuring of high IQ level. In this point, it means that you have more than professional skills to work through your brains. You might have got additional training in some kind of science studying or another point of specialization. Nevertheless, it might mean that you do not sit around and work over your brains. According to statistics, only two percent of earth population can be given with IQ score greater than 130. This type of IQ is called gifted intelligence. You may find the idea of gifted intelligence in many famous scientists. Therefore, you may try to use one of the IQ tests to learn if you have capabilities of genius.

IQ level score

IQ level score was presented by many psychologists to present the IQ level of population and make some standards. Therefore, highly gifted persons have IQ more than one hundred and forty and very rare for people with the probability of 0.4% percent to meet such results. Gifted intellectual individuals have the score more than one hundred and thirty points, with probability to meet this kind of person for 2%. High IQ Society Membership may be granted to you with IQ level of one hundred twenty-four, around five percent of the population may show these results. High IQ level can be shown at the 115-129 points with the probability of 15% to meet this individual. The high average IQ points are gathered around 110-115 points with the idea of meeting this kind of person of 25%. The average level of IQ can be met from every second person in the world with IQ score of 90-109. The low average score probability level can be met with 23% of chances, for this level, the IQ score is 85-89. The borderline for the IQ test can be IQ score with 70-79 points. There is a probability of 8% to meet this kind of person.

Yu should also understand that IQ score is meaningless if you did not obtain valid and standardized IQ test from the psychotherapist. Most of the IQ tests are administered and require a few to take it. Therefore, some IQ tests on the internet are not valid.

Types of IQ tests

The IQ test should be administered by higher authority, like the school principal, private school psychologist, human resource department, scientists or medical stuff. According to the science, there are two broad types of intelligence tests, like:

  • Culture-fair tests or they also can be named as the fluid intelligence test, shortly GF. Their main idea is to distinguish whether a person can solve logic problems independently according to practice, training, and familiarity.
  • The full scaled IQ tests are made of fluid intelligence tests together with typical vocabulary accompanied. It includes a test for short-term memory, visuospatial ability, processing speed and general knowledge. There are also some including from mathematics, physics, quantities, logic. Nevertheless, you may understand the very understanding of the IQ test measures your general knowledge about everything in the world. You should understand the importance of knowledge for yourself especially.

Very popular standard IQ tests for measuring the knowledge of the recipient is:

  • Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test – It includes the full scale of knowledge.
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – also provides information about the whole base of knowledge for the recipient.
  • Cattell Culture Fair Intelligence Test – mostly takes attention to the fluid intelligence.
  • Raven`s Progressive Matrices Test – provides information about fluid intelligence.
  • Raven`s Advance Progressive Matrices Test – Includes previous type of test, but with more options and variants to follow.

There are more than two hundred different standardized tests for using. Raven`s tests are the most popular for career or job attitude tests. In shortly it calls as APM from Advanced Progressive Matrices.

The APM score test can be easily used for searching for candidates connected with high technical level, executive options, accurate thinking, monitoring tentative solutions, accurate and clear thinking, problem identification. The APM test can also be used for people who desire to monitor their overall progress score. It is also quite effective for education and professional purposes. One of the main advantages of the test is the non-verbal approach which can illuminate all possibilities of verbal, language, culture influence. Therefore, it`s quite a multicultural text in the whole world.

How can you find a test?

As it was mentioned previously, most of the internet tests are not standardized. Therefore, you can just make those text for killing your leisure time. Still, it should be admitted, that some of the tests have an intellectual basis, but the results for tests are quite questionable. Therefore, one of the best options for you would be to take a private psychologist tests, qualified administrator tests or Official Mensa IQ tests. The professional approach to the completing of the tests is quite needed for every person. Therefore, you would gladly receive any kind of real IQ test scores. The choice is yours to take whether free but questionable IQ test from the internet or professional test.

Professional IQ test

Professional admitted IQ test might give you a quite accurate understanding of your level of intelligence. These tests are WAIS-IV and Cattelllll B. They can give you more accurate measurements for IQ level. You can have them from a professional psychologist, clinical doctor or educationalist. Nevertheless, the cost for this type of test is not cheap and starting from three hundred dollars. The test kits may be cost you up to eleven hundred dollars for the test battery. Therefore, as you see from the number, IQ test is more like a medical test for measuring all your intellectual capabilities and other mental factors. Still, no internet test would give you such an accurate understanding of your intellectual potential.

Mensa Supervised Test

It`s one of the not very cost IQ tests that can measure your intellectual potential. You can buy it yourself from the professional psychologist or on the internet. The cost for one kit might be around forty dollars. Therefore, the fee for this kind of the test may include:

  • A place reserved especially for you to take the test
  • You may have the opportunity to take more than one IQ test for one time
  • The ability to be specially monitored by the professional psychologist
  • Your IQ would be confidentially delivered to your home address

Mensa Supervised test can be taken to any part of your residence country. There are also options to take this kind of test online. It`s one of the most popular tests provided in the UK and the USA. Many professional specialists recommended Mensa IQ test for their patients. Therefore, you can thankfully take it from the very beginning.

Online IQ tests

If you prefer to not spend much money on the taking IQ test from professionals, then you can easily take the course for the online tests. Nevertheless, as it was mentioned, they are not specifically valid, certificate, standardized or medically approve. Nevertheless, it`s a nice possibility to train before a real test. They have some potential regarding logic, general knowledge or maybe even specific knowledge for anything. Therefore, you may use it for preparing to the real test to be taken in the medical institution, but do not expect much from that. In the case of true measurement of your intellectual abilities, these tests are worthless. There are not so many persons who can give you a real IQ test.

GIQ test

It`s the lowest option on the market to take the IQ test seriously. This IQ test is presented online. It includes general IQ test with a combination of non-verbal and verbal problems. It also provides a measurable and valid information about IQ level for an individual. The cost for the taking of one GIQ test is ten dollars. The test makers for GIQ claim that GIQ test is the closest analog for medically prescribed tests. There are numerous independent examinations of the test by professionals which can approve this statement. One of the major advantages for the GIQ is the combination of sections which clearly copy the real clinical tests.

You would need about twenty-five to forty-five minutes to end this test. Still, there is no limited time for answering all questions. It measures the full-scale intelligence for a person. It includes quantitating tests, verbal and non-verbal, spatial tests for intelligence. It also provides general information about your culture level together with general intelligence. You wouldn`t need to repeat this test for several times in a row. The only measurement for your test is your intelligence.


Therefore, you know can understand that IQ tests presented on the internet can`t clearly provide you the information about your real IQ level. There should also be understanding that the major population of people may have the level of the IQ in the limits of 85-125. People who extend these limits can be named super geniuses. Therefore, you might understand the very basis of all IQ tests. The only possibility to take the best IQ test for you is to ask local professional psychotherapist. You may also try to get tests online or specific professional IQ test, like GIQ or Mensa. They can show you, the potential level of your IQ.


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