What are popular veiled birth myths?

What does it mean to be born with a veil? What is a “veiled births” and what things about it are not actually true? Let’s see what myths have already been created around babies born in such a way!

veiled birth

Veiled birth is a rare occasion. Only few people from all around the world were born with a veil; therefore, they were either believed to be super special or condemned for not being like other people.

To find what a veiled birth is and how different people view it, let’s go into medical details about it. A veiled birth is a scientific fact when a child is born having child membrane on either his whole head or his face. However, sometimes “en caul birth” takes place meaning that a baby is fully encircled by this membrane. Such a thing only happens to 1 child out of eighty thousand! No wonder, such children are believed to be special: they seem to be marked by “destiny”.

Veiled birth baby is usually born before the due date. Thus, veiled births are considered to be a consequence of a premature birth. At least this is a point by the medical professionals.

newborn veiled birth

Sometimes mothers get scared when they see their baby for the first time and notice a membrane or a “veil” as it is often referred to on their face or head. Not knowing what a veil birth definition is, they start panicking instead of enjoying the moment. They do not know yet that veiled birth is not harmful to your baby and this membrane can be removed easily by a specialist. However, we will talk about it later.

The most astonishing pictures of veiled births include those by Jessica Peterson from One Tree Photography, Jessica Peterson with her award for the picture of the baby entering the world and Lacey Barratt who stated that mothers sometimes get scared seeing their baby having a “veil”.

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The list of amazing pictures of veiled births was also added by Ashley Renee, Desiree Chapman and Lynsey Stone. Check out their pictures of veiled births and babies that have just come into the world. That view truly is astonishing!

veiled births myths

Myths and superstitions about a veiled birth include those that such children are more gifted than any other. And you can see where these superstitions come from: children born with a “veil” are very rare and no better explanation could be found about that than saying that this is how the destiny marked its special people.

Moreover, another myth about veiled births was popular among Romans: when a baby was born with a “veil”, it would be saved and later sold to lawyers, as they were strongly persuaded  that possessing a veil can help them win all the cases in court. Later this superstition also spread over Europe.

However, Belgian doctors told their patients who had a veiled birth that they should go and burn or bury caul in the field in order to protect their child. Otherwise, they claimed that the baby could die or live an unsuccessful life.

veiled births superstitions

In the 19th century an interesting thing happened to a caul of a new-born baby. When the caul was removed, mother and doctors focused on the baby leaving the caul somewhere on the table. However, later, when they took that caul to see it, they found words imprinted on it saying “British and Foreign Bible Society”. This was considered to be a divine miracle. Therefore, a baby was treated with special care. Only later the priest that was there on the birth day realized that his Bible was on the same table the caul was put on. Thus, the words left a print on the caul not just some divine miracle. However, the rumors were hard to stop.

Another myth about a veiled birth states that children born in a caul cannot drown. However, as some accident showed one child really did drown even though he was born in a “veil”. As his mother explained later, she thought they did not need the caul anymore, so she threw it away. That was the reason she explained the death of her son with.

No matter what other people believe and what supernatural things they say about veiled births, do not be afraid of them and remember that they are a normal occasion and they happen. Here is a list of basic facts you should know about veiled births in order to be ready to it and see it as a normal thing.

First of all, having a veiled birth often comes with a bonus of a possibility to predict an exact day of giving birth. Therefore, a mother-to-be will be able to get ready and pack in advance.

veiled birth pictures

Moreover, as you already learned veiled birth is very rare. This occurrence can pass from mothers to children.

The procedure of removing the veil requires much patience and profound knowledge of the matter. However, it is operable. It starts with making two holes for a baby to breathe and then doctors start peeling the caul off a child. If done professionally, no damage will be caused.

People add special meaning to a fact that some children are born with a veil. However, there is no scientific proof behind these superstitions.

veiled birth children

Finally, there are celebrities that were known to be born with a veil. Among them are Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte and Jessica Alba.

Furthermore, veiled birth was even mentioned in literature. For instance, Charles Dickens’s book David Copperfield and Betty Smith’s novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn both describe people born with “veils”.

Despite the believed magic behind this phenomenon if your child was born with a veil, take a deep breath and do not panic: it is not harmful!

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