What are shocking anorexia stories and pictures?

What are the most terrifying anorexia stories? What weight did these girls have? Read the article to learn all shocking details.

anorexia before and after

Anorexia is a horrible disease, from which many girls around the world suffer. Especially for you we publish anorexia before and after stories and photos.

Anorexia definition

Anorexia meaning – this is a disease and psychological frustration, in which is shown persuasive aspiration to weight loss and fear of obesity. Patients with anorexia resort to loss of weight by means of diets, starvation, wearisome physical exercises and washing of a stomach. In recent years, anorexia has gained big distribution around the world. Both celebrities and ordinary people have this disease. The term means lack of appetite. This mental disease is connected with food violation. Patients are literally obsessed with desire to lose weight. At the same time, they terribly are afraid of obesity. Patients perceive their body and weight in a wrong way. They consider themselves too thick, very strongly worry about it, and in any ways seek to lose weight.

Anorexia definition

Short-term anorexia is almost harmless for health of the person. But long disease is already necessary to be proved with anorexia test and be treated. It promotes considerable decrease in immunity. Chronic anorexia often leads to real exhaustion, which is dangerous for life. Anorexia can lead also to lethal outcome. It should be noted that among psychological diseases it has the highest mortality percentage. For this reason, if you have noticed anorexia symptoms at yourself or your family, it is necessary to see a doctor. Most often people’s sick with anorexia grow thin in two ways. Firstly, for this purpose they use a method of rigid restriction in food. At the same time, they still exhaust themselves with sports trainings. The second way consists in cleaning. It means procedure washing of stomach, including by means of enema. They also artificially cause vomiting after any food admittance. Anorexia recovery takes a very long and hard time and in severe cases leads to death.

Anorexia meaning

Anorexic models

Ana Carolina Reston was a successful model of Brazil and muse for such designers as Armani and Dior. This model was only twenty-one year when her life has broken as a result of her long fight against bulimia and anorexia on November 2006. In other words, she has exhausted herself with hunger to death, having got renal failure. Anna Carolina Reston adhered to diet, which consisted only of apples and tomatoes. Having height of 178 cm, she weighed only 40 kg at the time of her death. Her body weight index was up to standard 13.5. But for her growth IMT about 18.5 is considered normal.

anorexia symptoms

Maiara Galvao Vieira was only fourteen years when she has died from anorexia after cardiac arrest on January 2007. Her weight made only 38 kg with a height of 170 cm. According to statements of Rio de Janeiro’s Globe, her disease wasn't diagnosed for several months, despite of numerous protests of her parents. The model was too weak even to walk upstairs.

Anorexia recovery

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Hila Emalich was one of the brightest Israel models. Her career and life have broken in 34 years when nervous anorexia has led to heart failure and death. The disease debuted in 21 years and lasted more than ten years. By the time of death from anorexia, Hila Emalich weighed 21 kg with growth 172. An index of body weight was dreadfully low – 9.7. The young woman has died in day of birth on November 2007. Death of model has exerted huge impact on her family and colleagues. Her photographer became the initiator of an advertising campaign against unreasonable leanness of models in memory of the beautiful woman and the professional.

Anorexic models

The most known example of danger of anorexia is Isabel Caro. This girl actively participated in fight against anorexia, explaining to the whole world and especially to teenagers that painful leanness is not good. Isabel has acted in advertising campaign against anorexia, written the autobiographical novel 'The Little Girl Who Did Not Want to Get Fat'. She desperately tried to get rid of dreadful disease, which has begun when Isabel was 13 years old. The naked body of model has created the real furor. Isabel has rejected her constraint and has shown on her own example in her anorexia pictures that 28 kg is not beautiful at all. The girl has died of anorexia in 28 years. Her death could be provoked by acute respiratory disease.

anorexia pictures

Anorexia stories

These are real anorexia stories from real women:

‘I wanted to become model very much. At the age of 14 years with height of 170 cm, I weighed about 70 kg. I have tried a heap of diets, sport and pool. And have solved – why not to be limited in food? Somewhere in half a year, I have begun to melt down. Weight has reached 28 — 29 kg. Further were hospitals and clinics. I can't express in words what was in my head. People, who overcame it, know. I haven't begun eat normally. Now I weigh 60 kg and continue to be weighed every morning, and every time, having seen + on scales, I am upset’.

anorexia test

'Every day had a great difficulty for me. Attempts to address to experts weren't crowned with success as I began to treat a stomach, then nerves, and then died away. Every day seemed to me that there is no hope for rescue any more. It seemed that nobody understands me. I constantly heard: 'You are so thin! What is with you? Why you have lost so much weight? You have anorexia!' And I gave inner answer on this question: 'I have anorexia? Never!'

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