What are shocking facts about leftie people that we didn't know?

Do you know what’s so special about left-handed people? If no, you should read this article to see what they are really good at.

left handed people

By some of the people lefties or left handed people are considered phenomenal. Some of people just see it as a habit of living. Let us observe some exclusive qualities that left-handed are likely to have.

High IQ

leftie people high iq

Lefties are known to be very good at math and architecture. Researches show that there are more left-handed people with IQ level over 140 than right-handed.
What’s notable, many famous genius people were left-handed. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin used their left hands!

Seeing Underwater

left handed underwater

It may seem bizarre and ridiculous, but lefties are able to see things more clearly under the water than the right-handed. Scientists claim that it is referred to some features of how their brains operate.

Hearing better

lefties hear better

As the right part of the brain has its dominance, the lefties are more likely to capture sounds in changing surroundings. It is the proven fact against their right-handed counterparts.

Affected by diseases

left handed psychosis

The researches show that 40 percent of people who had psychosis were left-handed! Considering that only 10% of world’s population is lefties, this fact might seem shocking. Besides, left-handed people are more likely to become alcoholics, have migraines and insomnia.

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osama bin laden

Not many people know that Jack the Ripper, Osama Bin Laden and the Boston Strangler were all left handed. This fact may not sound impressive, but it least it is a notable one.

Premature babies

premature baby

Babies that are born before the term are likely to be lefties. Some studies show that it’s the part of incomplete development.

Being creative

left handed creative

Most of the left-handed people are very creative at everything they do. Many musicians, artists, actors are left-handed. They are known to have excellent visual skills, and being good at fine arts.

Easy to get scared

left handed scared

Using the right part of the brain, the lefties are more involved in fear responses. So they can easily get scared by a horror movie or by unexpected loud noises.

Anger management

left handed in anger

Lefties are very fiery and impulsive, often driven by the emotions. It is known that their logic and emotions are mixed together more often than normally.
Also, their bodies are more balanced, so their coordination is higher than the coordination of right-handed people. Many athletes are left-handed.

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