What are the best jobs allowing to work from home?

How to make money sitting at home with no boss behind your back?You’ll find out all tips and instructions you need to be fooled by dishonest companies!

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Work from home becomes more and more popular day-by-day! But why do some people leave the comfortable office, decide to go freelance and begin to look for options of working from home?

The reasons can be:

  • pension;
  • decree;
  • students who do not have enough scholarships and who cannot find formal employment;
  • dismissal;
  • just extra income;
  • tiredness of working for someone else, and others.

However, choosing this type of income, you need to be extremely cautious, as some offers are outright fraud. All such types of work at home are divided into several categories:

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  • Putting together the various items (flashlights, pens, toys, sanitary ware, accessories and small parts for cars). When you see such ads, offering real earnings to real terms, you immediately want to get this way to make money at home, because the option is very attractive. But after you are calling to a man at a specified phone number, there will be a surprise: the registration materials and other small items must be paid, as there is a special deposit with a certain sum. You can agree and send the money (however more people are guided by common sense and understand that this is – scam) and after the money is sent, the company disappears. A similar principle of deception works in manufacturing envelopes and marking application.
  • Work on the phone: calling customers with the offering goods or services, often of dubious quality. Once the goods are sold, the firm disappears.
  • Another questionable way to make money is the collection of materials on a particular subject; all that you will be required with is to purchase a CD with instructions for USD 20. After purchasing the disc employer disappears from sight.
  • Next idea of ​​working from home: you are invited to make a certain number of black-and-white images in an image editor as the test task, but after the work is sent, ‘employer’ says you have no talent and you will not be paid for the work, no one will pay you. Then these images on the disk can be sent to the other applicants (for a fee) to be painted. Naturally, this work will not satisfy the employer too.

You liked ads with a proposal to work at home? Do not rush to make contributions and to believe empty promises on the phone. Check out the information from other sources.

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List of works at home, which are presented above, we have considered doubtful. But there is a number of works that are completely honest and which can help you to earn good money:

1. Writing essays and dissertations. This type of work is suitable for students, teachers and just for those who are well versed in the subject. When there is a clientele, it may become quite decent and stable earnings.

2. Interpreter. This work at home exists for graduates’ faculty of foreign languages, and who have a desire to try their hand at working with publishers, who need people for text translation.

3. Tutor. You can meet students at your home, but you can independently come to them. For successful working it is necessary to know the subject well.

4. Nanny. For some parents it is more convenient to leave the baby at the nurse’s home. But most of them require working on their territory.

5. Writer. You can write your own ideas and then offer the publisher or you can work on order (for example, to write the script).

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6. Copyright, rewriting - a popular trend in recent years. Copyright means to write articles based on their experience and knowledge, and rewrite means to rewrite the text provided by the customer in his own words.

7. Website design and development. It's quite a lucrative business for programmers and those who are versed in this.

8. Another example of the operation at home is to create your online store. The main thing that the goods which will be sold, must be in demand.

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9. Clicks for money. This work at home for those who have nothing to do. You need ‘to surf’ the links with advertisements on various websites.

10. Needlework. It can be absolutely any type of creativity: knitting, embroidery, painting, sewing, toys. You can sell your finished works or your work can be done on request.

Let’s talk about some ‘work from home’ jobs in details:

Manager or Director of Business Development

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In times of crisis business more than ever needs a new look on areas of growth. The specialist, who deals with it, does not need to sit in an office. Working remotely, a person simply looks at the work from the side trying to discover weaknesses, monitors how its proposals are implemented, and building relationships with other companies. The range of salaries for managers and directors of business, who work with development, is large, but highly dependents on the experience, but proven specialist can claim a high salary earnings and convenient schedule.

Sales Manager

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More and more companies are not averse to keep sales managers remotely. The main idea is that people find customers and communicate with them; it can be done from the house. Earnings depend entirely on the quantity and quality of signed contracts: manager receives from them interest. The most talented can expect a salary commensurate with the salary of colleagues who come to the office every day.


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The demand for programmers is to be online and good programming skills. Therefore, many employers are willing to let the employees stay home if he can keep in touch and responsibly perform tasks. The range of programming languages ​​and development environments are not so numerous, if you know something like JavaScript, it is almost certain, that you will be able to find the right job with a high salary.


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Of course, not every translator can rely on high wages. It should fit in several factors: extensive experience, positive recommendations, not too standard foreign language skills and a generous employer, which needs this language for any cost. At the same time, the translation is the perfect job from home, which allows you to make the schedule fit your needs. You can easily work from home online.

System Administrator

homw work

Experts, who monitor the stability of the servers, do not need to sit next to them - almost all of the problems can be solved remotely. Another thing is that it is a stressful job that requires being alert 24 hours a day, and it is clearly not suitable for everyone.


Design rules the world, and designers dictate their conditions. Those, who do not want to work at boring office, do not lose much, though to find a suitable job will be more difficult. There is a chance for graphic designers, web designers, as well as for UI- and UX-designers. However, to obtain a treasured work from home, you may need even more impressive portfolio than your colleagues sitting in the company office.


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As is the case with other professions from the list of remote marketing, this one requires a lot of experience with concrete examples of successful campaigns, and encyclopedic knowledge in marketing and advertising. Probably, those, who dream of a remote work, will have to go to the office for several years before they can qualify for the remote work.

Choose something that you can do well and what can make you happy. Find a popular company with a lot of feedbacks on forums or related websites and try your luck! Everything becomes possible if to work for it!


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Answered 1 year ago.
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