What are the best paradox examples in our lives?

What do you know about paradoxes? How can they influence our life? Read the article to find out!

What are paradoxes? How can they come to our life? Is it possible to get rid of some of them? The answer for paradox matter is still under the question. Therefore, all genius from Ancient Greece to China tried to solve the very essence of the paradoxes. The first examples of paradox came to us from ancient Greece, where philosophers tried to get some kind of resemblance of ancient myths and legends. People are curious creatures and we need to learn more about the essence of objects surrounding us for daily life. Therefore, you may not be a king in the reality, but with these paradox examples, you would feel the real essence of life presented to you.

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The best things in life are for free

You may have heard this kind of phrase for many times. Nevertheless, think once more, can you really give a price to the love of parents, children or your spouse? People have got used to value things that are not obtainable, like nice cars, mobile phones or computers. Still, the mere human communication is more valuable than any kind of devices. If you have love in your life, then it`s the precious one in the universe, you should save it for yourself. Try to value things that you already have. Do you have war over your head, no? Try to stick to this idea. You may have mother and her love, while there are millions of people who would never experience this kind of love. Therefore, the best things in life are for free.

The More choices we get, the more paralyzed we are

You now have everything at your hand. You can read newspapers, watch videos and play games with using just one device or several devices. Nevertheless, when we face with too much choices in our life we can`t decide which one is the best. We always try to seek the best variant, but instead of action, we stuck with choosing something. Therefore, if you do not desire to stuck in the choosing things, try to relax and make a decision. If you made it, then do not think about other option that could have happened. It`s the principle of healthy and free stress life. You shouldn`t be worried about small things happened to you.

Happiness will find you

This idea for paradox example came to us from the hedonism. Literally, we always find happiness when we are not looking for it. Happiness is not a place to find. You may consider it as a state of mind and things. Try not to seek happiness, but be just happy and grateful for everything you have for today.  Try to remember when you were happy last time. It might have been a date with your beloved. It might have been a birth of your child. It might have been a simple meeting with a stranger. Therefore, happiness comes to your life unexpected and without invitation. Just try not to concentrate on the seeking happiness and you may get everything you desire from your life.

The best ideas come when you are not thinking about them

The inventor of television came to the idea of the first TV when he worked in the potato field. Archimedes invented his law for water when he was taking a bath. The famous Russian chemist Mendeleev invented his periodic table of elements in his sleep.  Therefore, you shouldn`t kill yourself if the majestic ideas do not come into your head. You may just need some time to invest more into the reality of ideas. The ideas come in your sleep and regular monotonic actions. Some scientists prefer to use monotonic actions to work on the researches. It helps them to meditate somehow. Therefore, you shouldn`t concentrate on the things, like: “What should I do with my life?”. The ideas will come naturally into your head, just relax for somehow.

People do not appreciate everything they have until it`s gone

You may not recognize the value of something until it`s not collapsed in one day in front of your eyes. The best example for it might be ruined relationships with your spouse or relatives. Just try to think about what you have done to them. You may also think about periods of life when you felt happiness, but then it was suddenly gone because of you. Therefore, try to appreciate what you have right now, without thinking of anything else. You may have not the best times in your family with constant quarrels but think about this from the other point of view. In one day of your life, the people surround you right now will not be with you. They may die or leave you in one day, so should you spend all your time for quarrels?

More multitask, fewer results

We are not robots with super brains. We are still human beings. Therefore, we can only concentrate on one thing at the time. If you prefer to use multitask options, then you may understand that you always have something done perfectly and other things done poorly. Therefore, do not be some kind of a robot. Try to concentrate on one thing at the time, get it was done and then stick to another type of work. You may also seek help based on the questions of time management options or other things. Try to read more books about how to balance your time and make everything right. It`s not that easy task for the very beginning, but with time, you can hopefully manage any kind of work and tasks.

You get what you give

If you are a kind and generous person, then you may have balance in your life. Sometimes, people cruel to each other, but they should understand that negative emotions can only be partied with negative emotions. Therefore, people who are generous with each other and partners around, usually get generosity in return. It may not have started from the very beginning, but with time, you may understand that the universe answers to your actions. Nevertheless, just try to stick to your regular day of living and you will see how the universe will answer to you. Just try to give to others good things and you will not be worried about receiving other upon the request.

More control of the situation, less controls you have in general

Just try to relax in your daily life. Most of the things in our life come to us without a plan for everything. If you try to control every step of your daily life, then you may also forget about the control at all. The things in nature happen without any kind of plan, but still, everything there feels in a deep balance for life. Therefore, you just a human, a very little piece in this universe. Why should you plan for every action? If you stick to the planning and control, you wouldn`t have a life to live and appreciate. Try to find some kind of balance in controlling and planning everything. You have only one life to live, every step for life shouldn`t be controlled.

Paradox of Fiction

In other words, things that usually move us and ask for actions – do not exist in real life. People like to read and watch movies or even play video games. They desire to have something influential and come from another planet for life. Therefore, people tend to create stories for their beloved ones and create more for the future generations. This story may influence a life of a certain person, make an example of the protagonists in the games and movies. Therefore, you can easily try live or follow the life of a certain person. Nevertheless, the hero from the movie can influence your lifestyle even if you refuse to acknowledge it.

Rational Insanity

People from the asylums maybe more rational in some terms than just people. According to researches made in California, schizophrenics always have better results in logic quizzes. You may be surprised, but there was actual research where few hundred normal people and asylum patients took part in the logic quiz. According to results, in ninety percent of cases, patients from asylum got better test results, then normal people. The result for this paradox is next: you shouldn`t judge people only because they are different from you. There are thousands of facts that may help you to recognize a true logic in the insanity.

The longer you sleep, the more tired you are

Every human being should sleep at least eight hours per day. Nevertheless, some of us do not desire to stick to the plane routine of sleeping. Therefore, they can easily be refreshed with only five hours of sleep and tired from more than ten hours of sleep. This situation is common for city dwellers. They tend to work in workdays and sleep not so much time. They also think that can return the time from sleeping on the weekend. Nevertheless, it does not work, and they only get tired on the weekend. Therefore, if you desire to get fine sleep, you would need to get a routine habit of sleeping time. It also helps your overall health.

We can be changed only when we accept who we are

It`s a strange habit to hate yourself or ask for more than you are today. If you really desire to make some changes in life, then try to stick to the ideas of who you are in life. With constant crying about the life and hating your life in general, you may only damage yourself. Try to accept the things that who you are not. You are not a billionaire, but you gained something in your life. Therefore, concentrate on the positive aspects of your personality. After that, try to imagine something that you desire to be. After that, you may try to think about things that you lack for becoming this kind of person. Then think about steps of becoming this kind of person. Therefore, you are about to change your life and become your future self.   

The faster you run from the problem, the quicker they run you down

If have the option to run from problems to another side of the world, then try to solve it. You may try to gather your backpack and travel to the another side of the world with leaving all the problems. Nevertheless, the problems still exist in your head, and they will be staying there until you solve them. Moreover, the problems may become only worth if you try to ignore them. You can`t outrun your issues left at home. The only way to illuminate the problem is to solve it. You can try to approach the problem slowly and with fewer efforts from your side. Think about everything you have in your head. The problems are not that difficult to solve. You would just need patience and some kind of luck.

Institutions teach us on how to teach them

If you tried to be a student and get a higher education, then sooner or later you start asking questions about the principles of the teaching of the institution. Moreover, we start question society which teaches us to live. People become conscious of the role they have in the life and start to change the institution form. The education provides us enlightenment of not a necessity of education or of questioning the education principles. Therefore, for this kind of question you should learn only one rule. You should learn from others about every aspect of life you have for today, but you should think for yourself about the aspects of life you have in front of you.

You can eat more and lose weight

It does not work for every person, but still, the question rises with metabolism formula. You can get fat not only for eating too much food but also not moving enough in your life. Therefore, you can eat everything you desire if you get enough sport into your daily routine. Just try to follow the ideas of healthy lifestyle and you can eat everything. Nevertheless, people who tend to follow this kind of lifestyle – do not desire to return to something else. Moreover, there are people in the world who eat many food types and no matter how much they eat; they still tend to be slim and healthy somehow.

Braess Paradox

It becomes from the idea of the famous mathematician, that if you block the main traffic road of the city, the traffic will not become worse. It will become only better as people tend to find more shortcuts and use different types of routes. Therefore, if you have a main road in your life, it does not mean that it will always follow you. Be ready to make some shortcuts if the main road is blocked. You should be patient and be ready to adopt the situations in your daily life. It might not be easy from the very first moment of changes, but it`s still possible if you desire it. You should also remember that shortcuts may also lead you to the main goal in a short period.

Stop looking for love

It`s the same idea as with happiness. You may desire to find love in your live, but it`s the feeling that hard to understand or find. Try to remember last times when you felt love. Was it intentionally, did you have some kind of program base that you should have made love only with this particular person in your life? No, it does not work like that. You may just need to stop searching and concentrate on the life itself. It does not mean that you should stick to the work. Try to use some time to travel abroad or within the country. You may also try to use a new hobby in your life.  Do not sit and wait, be creative find more friends and one day a true love will come to your daily life.

The more you wait, the longer it takes

Sometimes, to do something quicker, you just need to stick to the idea of making some actions toward quick time solution. It works very simply. If you wait in the line for something and have no mobile phone to play games, then the time will go for you very slow. You might even lose the idea of time itself. Therefore, when you are waiting for something, try to use this time with help to yourself. The actions would help you to kill some time if you truly desire to make it happen. Do not waste your time in waiting in the lines. You should just try to use it for making some changes in waiting for something. The easiest option is to play some games.

People who talk the most say the least

It means not regarding quantity, but regarding a quality of speech. Some people just can`t stop talking, but it does not mean, that you should listen to everything they say. It might also be obvious that they hardly remember everything they just have told you. Therefore, try to get some essence out from the speech of the narrator. Sometimes it`s very hard to grasp for the first time, but you should be patient about everything and get some things done for this particular person. If you suffer from the problem of too much talking, then try to follow your speech. If it`s a real problem. You can always change it for good.

Cats and toasts

It`s not the news that buttered toast will always fall on the butter side. You may not also be shocked to know that a cat always falls on the feet. Therefore, what would happen if you mix these two creatures in one experiment? Some people would say that it would be just a cat landing on the feet. Nevertheless, there are geniuses who tried to present a new type of super motor based on the scheme of buttered toast and cat. This would get enough energy for electricity of the whole multimillion city.

Schrödinger cat

 This famous scientist showed to the people how you could play with death. He placed a cat and radiation isotope into one box. Therefore, people can’t say if the cat is alive or dead. According to this paradox, Schrödinger created the situation when you can`t tell if something is in some state without changing it. The only way to inform you assertively about the situation with a cat is to open the box, or in other words, to change the state of things. Therefore, you can`t sometimes name the state of thing in which you are now without changing the whole situation around you.

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