What are the best present ideas for men?

Just have met a man and need to buy him a special present? Learn the most useful tips and choose the best one right now!

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Men like presents. If you think they like them less than women do, you are wrong. Men are the same humans with the same feeling, then why should they hate getting a present? Choosing a present for a man must be specific.

You've already telephoned all the girlfriends with this issue, re-read all the messages from the different forums, thought over a lot of ideas, but have not figured out what to buy for your special man? Well, you need help.

Everything depends on hobbies, job and a personality of a man. Let’s observe some common situations.

Present ideas for men

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For example, your man is a driver. So what can become the best present for him? Of course, something related to his beloved car! It can be: accessories, massage seat covers, gps, cassette player or just a useful coffee cup for a car. A man will love everything that is connected with his passion. In this case it’s cars.

So whether you choose an appropriate present for a guy, you should know something about him. He can be a farmer, so some special gadgets, bowls or even accessories for gardening will become a cool present for him. You can gently ask a person what he likes, what he does, what farm gadgets he has or he wants to have. Such a present will be very personal and useful.

But what to do if a man is a successful businessman? What should you present him? Businesspeople always need some notebooks, pens and cases. They always write something down in order not to forget. They need different cases to transfer their papers and documents. And, of course, such people always need a good watch not to be late for the meeting. Of course, if you can afford it, you can buy some accessories for his smartphone or even the smartphone itself. But it is very expensive thing. And it possible only as a present for husband, brother, father or very close friend.

If a man loves playing computer games, you can present him a cap or a T-Shirt with the logo of his favorite game. He will be obsessed with it! If he likes studying the computer technologies, you can present him a book related to this topic.

Present ideas for dad

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A present for dad must be personalized and very special.  But what to choose if you have already presented him literally everything? Here you are 40 ideas:

1. Certificate for piloting aircraft

2. A helicopter flight

3. Exclusive alcohol

4. A set of tools

5. Organizer

6. The new phone

7. Subscribe to the Fishing Club

8. A good dictionary 

9. Portable Player

10. Player for his car

11. Car Navigator

12. A set of floor mats in cars

13. Computer accessories

14. Weekend in some relaxing place

15. Knife Set

16. Cigars

17. Car insurance

18. A flashlight with a good battery

19. Marching set of dishes

20. Multipurpose battery for portable equipment

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21. Flash drive with an integrated knife or a flashlight

22. Electric Guitar

23. Monitor with support for HD-video

24. Tent

25. Cup with engraving

26. A ticket for the game of his favorite team

27. A ticket to a concert of his favorite band

28. A gift certificate to the car race

29. Subscribe to the bath or sauna

30. Portable Refrigerator

31. Sports equipment

32. Books in his favorite genre

33. Laptop tray with cooling

34. Uninterruptible Power Supply

35. Telescope

36. Subscribe to the pool or gym

37. A visit to a massage room

38. Master class of extreme driving

39. Chair

40. Wallet

Present ideas for boyfriend

As we previously said, everything depends on what he does and what he likes. But if you have no idea at all and you need some fresh thoughts, here you are the list of things you boyfriend may like. The statistics say that the present preference looks like this:

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Boyfriends prefer to get…

appliances (household, phones, laptops, cameras etc) - 27%;

hobby items - 18%;

original surprises - 15%;

money (cash) - 12%;

gift certificates - 9%;

clothing & accessories - 9%;

jewelry - 7%.

So you see that men like gadgets, here are some ideas: MP3-player, E-book, smart watch (it is now very popular among young people), radio helicopter, flying drone with a camera, DVR for the car, if your man is a car enthusiast, navigator.

If to talk about surprises, you can create a romantic evening outside home, somewhere by the lake. Men love romantic surprises too! You can get the tickets to his favorite band and go to the concert together. Also some of the ‘father’s presents’ we’ve written above may be useful for your boyfriend too.

Present wrapping

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If to be honest, men do not pay much attention to the wrapping, it’s much more important what’s inside of it. So do not waste too much time on it! Better spend time choosing a perfect present for this special guy.

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