What are the best ways of getting rid of bed bugs?

Suffer from bedbugs? Why do they come to your home? How to get rid of them? Brief guide of home and chemical remedies to get rid of bedbugs are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

bed bugs

Bed bugs are some of the nastiest and complex parasites living in our homes. They suck our blood, prevent us from sleeping, violate the harmony and comfort of our home. What if they suddenly appear in your apartment like uninvited guests? How to get rid of bed bugs? This is what we discuss in this article.

How to get rid of bed bugs fast

get rid of bed bugs

Let's start with the fact that the fight against bugs is still necessary. Although in recent years evidence of this fact is not detected, it is known that blood-sucking bugs and other insects carry a lot of various infectious diseases. In addition, the bugs in the house - it is not hygienic and just disgusting, sometimes scary, so it's time to start to destroy them, but before getting rid of bed bugs, first you should understand why they have decided to start living with you.

The reasons of the arrival of bed bugs:

arrival of bed bugs

- Bedbugs can be brought by you and your guests on their clothes, they can be borrowed after spending the night with friends or relatives.

- The bugs move to you from the next apartment or the house next door, using a ventilation outlet, facades of houses and other means of transportation.

- You bought a new sofa or a bed, chair or mattress with bedbugs (just a nightmare!!!).

- You or your household returned from sanatoriums, children's camps or other places of public type and captured a couple of insects with you.

How do you know that they are here?

How to get rid of bed bugs

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• Tooth bites in the form of tracks on your skin, reddening of the skin caused by unknown what.

• Blood dots on bed linens.

• Small black shit, ie excrement on a bed, sofa, usually on the skirting boards, wooden frames or on the wallpaper.

• Dry skin, the larvae and, of course, the bugs themselves, although they are difficult to notice.

Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Bedbugs like home aggravator have been known for many tens or even hundreds of years. In order to get rid of them, people have developed a lot of methods, such as:

- Treatment bedbugs with boiling water, kerosene, vinegar,

- Change of residence, freedom from all upholstered furniture, clothing, bedding and other household things (joke)

- The use of malathion or pungent odor, harmful to health

- The use of sage, rosemary and other plants,

remedies to bed bugs

- Inhabit an apartment or house with cockroaches or bedbugs garden (this was too)

- Steam treatment of furniture, carpets and other objects,

- Freezing rooms (bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures below -15 degrees)

Bed Bug Control

- Laundry, dry cleaning, mechanical removal of bugs by hand or with a vacuum cleaner,

- The use of ultrasonic devices, plates from mosquitoes,

- Treatment using sea water.

In fact, we must notice, that a lot of the above methods are effective. But if you miss even a few individuals, then very soon they will grow and become a big happy family again. If you have already used all of these methods, but they did not work, then it's time to move on to more drastic measures.

Chemical attack

room bugs

Today, the market can present a lot of drugs designed to combat bugs and other unwanted guests of our apartments. All of them are toxic, but if you follow all the technological rules, you can get rid of bed bugs effectively. You can use:

- Aerosols

- Liquid funds

- Powders, etc..

home bugs

If you wish, you can find a wide variety of ‘refreshments’ for bedbugs, but before applying it is better to consult with those who are well versed in this matter. If you have pets at home, or children, it is necessary to disinfect the house the most carefully, so as not to harm any of the inhabitants. Many of the tools to combat bedbugs can cause severe diseases and even death. Do not forget that they are very-very toxic.

As a rule, the effect of modern drugs strong enough and immediately noticeable, but for best results, you should repeat the entire procedure, better in a couple of weeks to make your ‘guests’ leave for ever. Fading the bugs out, there is one important rule - do not be lazy. It is better to try once than to suffer for a long time. And we wish you good luck and hard work, and remember that an uninvited guest is worse than the Tatar. Do not hesitate and feel free to expel them out!

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