What are the characteristics of a true leader?

How do you think, are you a great leader or not? Check it here and learn how to become the great leader if you are not the one now!

great leader

Great leaders are not limited to the particular industry or the best companies. A great leader can be anyone from a politician to the owner of a small cafe. However, despite the vast differences in professions and backgrounds, there are certain things that all great leaders have in common. Check, whether you possess these qualities or not. If you can say that most points are about you without any doubt, then you are a leader.

the true leader

1.    Leader should take responsibility

Great leaders always take the responsibility for failure, whether it comes to their workplace, company or whatever situation they are in. They never make excuses. The best leaders take the blame and work out hard to fix the problem.

You can’t expect employees to be responsible if you are not responsible yourself. So if you want to be a leader, hold yourself accountable. As a result, it will prove your integrity and trustworthy.

 Leader should take responsibility

2.    Leader has a positive attitude

True leaders remain optimistic even when everything is not so good and create a happy atmosphere in the workplace. They do it because they understand that if they have a positive attitude, their team will be happy and motivated too. Such little things as sharing a cake with your team members can make a great difference and create very warm atmosphere, so colleagues will do overtime and work harder.

 Leader has a positive attitude

3.    Leader knows how to manage failure

You need to understand that failures will occur even though you try to avoid them. Failures are not dangerous if you know how to deal with them. Great leaders logically think through the situation and remain calm.  They never show to their team that they are worried. This leads to fear and negative morale. Great leaders lead, even when they face challenges.

Leader knows how to manage failure

4.    Leader develops those around

Great leaders are aware of the importance of development those around them. They share their knowledge with their team and give them the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Leader develops those around

The best leaders can recognize the skills of others very early. When their team members develop, the company is also developing. In addition, leaders can develop those skills in their colleagues, which they don’t posses themselves. That is actually beneficial to the workplace.

the team

5.    Leader always uses intuition

All great leaders, and not only they, have unrespectable situations in their career. Thus they need to trust their intuition and use their experience to overcome difficulties. They also trust their intuition to help others to make serious decisions.

 Leader always uses intuition

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6.    Leader has sense of humor

Most people face challenges, but there is a significant difference between the reaction of leader and non-leader. The leader will use his sense of humor to overcome obstacles.

Your team members are always looking at your reaction. And if you, as a leader, react with humor, they will follow. You need to be able to laugh things off, because if staff morale goes down, so will productivity. Establish such environment in the work place, where the humor and personal discussions are encouraged.

 Leader has sense of humor

7.    Leader is able to delegate

You can’t do everything yourself, even if you try really hard. Even if you can, it is a terrible idea anyway, because it will increase your level of stress. Delegating shows that you have confidence in the abilities of others. As a result, your stuff will be more loyal to you and produclivity in the workplace will be higher. Your team members want to feel appreciated and trusted. But don’t delegate everything, know the limits.

 Leader is able to delegate

8.    Leader is confident

If you want to succeed as a leader, you must be confident, but don’t confuse this with arrogance or self-satisfaction. Confidence is important because people will be looking to you on how to behave, particularly if things aren’t going right. If you remain calm, your team members will feel the same way. As a result, morale and productivity will remain high, and the problem will be solved more quickly. If you panic and give up, they will know immediately, and things will only go even worth.

Leader is confident

9.    Leader knows how to communicate

Effective communication skills are must-have for the great leader. The best leaders need to be able to communicate openly with the people around them. They also need to be able to interpret other people correctly and not take what they say personally. If this is an area you have difficulty with, a good jumping off point is encouraging communication between team members and establishing an open door policy.

Leader knows how to communicate

10.    Leader shows commitment

Having a commitment actually, has two meanings. The first one is being stuck to your commitments and promises. If you don’t, you will come across as an untrustworthy leader and people won’t have any confidence in you. The second meaning is leading by example. By proving your own commitment, you will inspire others to do the same, as well as earn their respect and instill a good work ethic.

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