What are the coolest British slang words we are to start using?

Are you familiar with British slang? Do you want to learn the words that people say to each other in the UK on a daily basis? Then this article is just for you!

British slang words

The English language in the United Kingdom is very different from what most of the other English-speaking countries are used to. Moreover, British slang isn’t familiar to people who live far from England.

Most of the world knows some typical American slang words because we adopted most of its culture – movies, TV shows, and music.

However, people should also learn some British slang words because some of them make even more sense than American.

Some of the words might sound weird to you but English people use them in their daily lives. However, there is a chance that you will find their slang expressions very useful and evens start using them too!

But even if it’s not your goal, it will still be interesting to learn more about British culture and expand your vocabulary. It will help you become more educated and open-minded person!

#1 Mate

British people use the word “mate” when they refer to their close friend. It means they care about the person, love and respect them.

It’s similar to how Americans would call their friends “buddy”, “dude” or “pal”. For instance, “Looking nice today, mate”.

#2 Bugger All

“Bugger all” is an expression that British use to say “nothing at all” in a more informal way. You can say something like “I had bugger all to eat yesterday”.

#3 Knackered

This world is used quite often in the United Kingdom. People would say it to emphasize how tired and exhausted they are. It doesn’t matter what situation they describe, it can be anything.

British slang words

Here is a good example: “She was so knackered after 4 hours of driving”.

#4 Gutted

“Gutted” is a word that you might want to use only in drastic situations. It’s a strong expression so you have to think if you really mean it before using it.

Being gutted means being devastated, disappointed and very sad. For instance, “I’m so gutted! I failed all my exams!”

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#5 Gobsmacked

“Gobsmacked” is a really interesting British slang term. It means to be very shocked or confused about something. There is a story behind it. It comes from the word “gob” which is a slang term for mouth.

The “smacked” part means being surprised and shocked. For instance, “He was gobsmacked after I told him I wasn’t going to go to college”.

#6 Cock Up

You might have a wrong impression of this word. It seems like a funny or even insulting expression but it’s not exactly that. “Cock up” means a mistake – doesn’t matter how bad it is.

For instance, “It was a real cock up when I confused the time of the important meeting and was 2 hour late!”

British slang words

#7 Blinding

“Blinding” isn’t a negative expression as you might think. It doesn’t mean that you can make the person “blind” or something like that. The meaning of this term is pretty positive.

“Blinding” is great, amazing, and impressive. For instance, “The painting that I saw in the National Museum was blinding”.

#8 Lost The Plot

There are several meanings of the expression “lost the plot”. Just look at the words and you will certainly understand. First of all, it means to become irritated or very angry.

For instance, “I lost the plot when I saw him making out with another girl”. Moreover, this British expression can also mean to become acting very weird, unusual and ridiculous.

“My mom lost the plot when she threw all my favourite CDs away”.

#9 Cheers

You might say that we all know what “cheers” means and when we have to say this word. However, British people also use this term for something else.

If you go to Britain you would certainly hear them saying it as “thanks”. For instance, “Cheers for inviting me to your party, Allee”.

#10 Ace

British people use the expression “ace” when they want to refer to the person, event or anything else that is really great. Another meaning of this word is to achieve a great success at something.

For instance, “I am ace at cooking turkey” or “She told me she had aced this difficult test”.

British slang words

#11 Damp Squib

This British slang expression isn’t as common as the others but a lot of people still use it in the UK. A “damp squib” is usually something that went bad on all accounts.

The squib is actually an explosive that doesn’t work when it’s wet. For instance, “Our trip was a damp squib because it was raining and we lost our money”.

#12 All To Pot

British don’t use this term that often anymore. However, few years ago it was really popular there. Therefore, some people still say it.

“All to pot” is a situation that went wrong and there was nothing you could do about it. For instance, “My graduation ceremony went all to pot when it started to rain and one girl slipped and fell to the ground”.

#13 The Bee’s Knees

This British slang word is perfect to say if you want to show the positive attitude to a particular person. For example, if you say “I think my sister’s best friend is bee’s knees” it will mean that you really like him.

#14 Chunder

This word isn’t the nicest one of the list. However, it is important to know it if you are in Britain and you are very drunk!

It means to throw up or wanting to vomit, generally being sick because you have drunk or eaten too much. For instance, “I chundered yesterday because I had too much vodka at the party”.

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