What are the countries of East Africa?

What countries make up the region known as the East Africa? What is the homeland to the Safari country of the world and where is world’s second largest lake located? Find out here.

East Africa

East Africa is a region full of diverse climate conditions, amazing wildlife as well as astonishing mountain ranges. Even though the specialists still argue what countries should be included in the list of the East African region, most of them agree that the country will mention below are the ones that actually belong to this area.

In order to answer the question of what countries make up, East Africa let us have a look at the map of East Africa with countries on it. As you see, Egypt is on the eastern side of the continent; however, it is still considered to belong to the North of the mainland. Apart from that, there are other countries that are disputed on whether they belong to this region or not. The process of deciding whether one country belongs to one region or not is not merely a question of geographic location but several other factors as well. That is why specialists claim that South Africa is not a part of the Southern region.

Nevertheless, here is the list of what people familiar with the matter state as the countries of East Africa:

South Sudan, Burundi, Mayotte, Madagascar, Tanzania, Reunion, Mozambique, Kenya, Seychelles, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Mauritius, Djibouti, Comoros, Eritrea, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Somalia.

If you wonder to learn a bit more about the most outstanding countries from this list, here is what you need to know about them. The fact you should be aware of the whole region is that European countries used to be colonized by different European countries. They have been their colonies for a long time. This has influenced their culture, lifestyle, and view of life.

East Africa countries

For instance, the fact that mostly Christian countries came to colonize them and brought Christianity to the continent made Christianity one of the most common religions on the continent that used to be mostly pagan and Muslim before. All the peoples, tribes and nations on it had their own understanding of spirituality, imagined God in their own specific way. However, as the first missionaries came to Africa and brought Good News about Christ, many people believed it and converted to Christianity.

As a result, their lifestyle was changed. The previous way of life and surviving among the people was replaced with a more gracious and sacrificing rather than aggressive one. Moreover, European countries brought civilized methods of agriculture and construction building processes to the people of East Africa. That is how the previous huts were replaced with houses, etc.

map of East Africa with countries

If you want to know more about the countries of Eastern Africa and their capitals, let us start with Burundi. The full name of this country is the Republic of Burundi. Its capital is Bujumbura, which is also one of its biggest cities. The country used to be an independent kingdom for a long time thanks to its location. However, the history shows that this state has undergone the massive amount of wars, conflicts, and even famines.

What used to be an independent state, absolutely self-sufficient and wealthy enough to live on its own, is now known as one of the poorest countries of the continent, and even of the world. The state used to b e a colony of Germany, and that is when the time of its prosperity came to the end. After Germany had been overcome in the WWI, Burundi was colonized by Belgium. It is at this time when Europeans tried to unite Rwanda and Burundi under the same rule; the country became the stage of constant conflicts and unrest. Unfortunately, they were never able to recover from the damage Europeans brought to the land and are still at the bottom of the world’s economies. Most of its people have no means of existence, and the national economy is unimaginable.

countries of East Africa

Next on our list will Seychelles. This country is located on an archipelago. It consists of approximately seventy islands. This state is also a Republic, and it is located in the Indian Ocean. The capital of Seychelles is Victoria, and the general population is 93 thousand people, which makes Seychelles the smallest country that gained its independence. The people of the state speak three main languages. They are English, French, and Seychellois Creole.

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The country was first officially discovered by Vasco De Gama; however, as the population of the state mention, there was Arabs and Maldivians way before Europeans first discovered the archipelago. This is a popular tourist destination, as the islands of Seychelles are rocky and unusual. The last saddest news for Seychelles took place three years ago when the country suffered from a heavy rain, which led to the flood and destruction of hundreds of houses of the locals.

countries in East Africa and their capitals

Next, we will speak about Somalia as one of the most known countries of East Africa. However, its fame is not a good one. Somalia used to be under the dictator’s regime of Siad Barre; however, after it ended, the country was taken over by different political parties under their control. The population of the state is over ten million people including refugees from Ethiopia. Interesting enough is that polygamy is quite common in Somalia.

The country is now torn apart, as the current government only controls a half of the capital city, while the rest of the country is under the control of different illegal political “governments” that oppose current politicians. In 1991 the Northern part of Somalia announced about its independence even though no other politicians supported them. They called themselves Somaliland. And what this state is most famous for is Somali pirates that control the waters near the coast of the country. They attack the marine vessels and blackmail the governments of the countries the Marines belong to.

countries in East Africa and their capitals Ethiopia

The next country from the Eastern part of Africa we will talk about is the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Its population is about 100 million people. It is considered to be the second most populated country on the continent after Nigeria and is also believed to be the first country in the world located on the land only with the highest number of people living there.

Scientists claim that the whole population of the world started in Ethiopia, as the remains of what could have been the first early humans were found in this land. It is interesting to learn that Ethiopia became the 1st independent state of the African continent that entered the United Nations and League of Nations in the 20th century. It is a home to a significant number of UNESCO Heritage sites of the continent as well.

Some people also mention that this country is the homeland of coffee. It was first found in Ethiopia and then spread to the rest of the world. And another fact you will find interesting about this state is that its calendar is different from the one we are used to. Ethiopians believe that our calendar is at least seven years faster than it has to be.

what countries make up East Africa

Finally, another country of East Africa we will talk about today is Kenya or the Republic of Kenya. The capital of this country is Nairobi, and the total population is about 45 million people. The country consists of several major ethnic groups including Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii, Meru, and others.

The languages of the country are English and Kiswahili. This country is considered one of the biggest safari country of Africa. Kenya has a significant number of National Parks which attract massive amounts of tourists willing to see the incredible wildlife of the state. Another fact you should also know about Kenya is that it is considered one of the most wealthy countries of the region, as its GDP is way higher than that of the rest of the countries in Eastern Africa.

Kenya has been a British colony for almost a century, and this influenced its lifestyle and way of living a lot. In 1963 after Mau Mau Uprising Kenya got its independence from British rule. Most Kenyans call themselves Christians, mostly Evangelical, but with a significant percentage of Catholics among them.

As you see, Eastern Africa is an exciting and diverse part of the continent. Its countries include both the poorest state on the globe as well as the second most prosperous on the mainland. The population of African nations in this region keeps growing. In Kenya alone, the fertility rate was evaluated to be at least four children for one woman. That is why we will definitely hear more about these countries in the future. And these facts are the most common knowledge about East Africa’s countries you should be aware of.

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