What are the craziest selfie deaths?

Did you hear about crazy deaths of people while they were taking a “selfie”? Those stories are thrilling. Keep reading to see the craziest ones.

selfie deaths

Once upon a time there was a girl who had fear of heights. Sometimes I am not sure whether this fear really is a good thing, as had she been afraid of it, she would not have died. Thus, Ksenia Ignatyeva from Russia climbed up a bridge to take a cool selfie from the height of 28 feet. She took a selfie; however, later lost her balance and fell off it and got tangled in the cable. She was electrocuted and died right away.

Another lady who wanted to take a crazy selfie to show her friends on Facebook was Anna Ursu from Romania. As her friend explains Anna climbed up the train wagon to take a selfie; however, while posing for the picture, her leg touched the electrical field which led to 27000 volts zapping through her body. Eyewitnesses of the incident tried to save the girl; however, her death came immediately.

crazy deaths

The other victim of an incident that occurred while she was taking a selfie happened to a 23-year-old girl from Poland who went on her dream vacation to Spain. She always wanted to go to Spain and take a picture with Puente de Triana bridge (who didn’t!) Unfortunately, when at the bridge, she lost her balance when standing on its ledge and fell down. Had she fallen into the water, the doctor could have saved her. Unfortunately, the girl landed on the concrete footing of the bridge. The ambulance tried to save her, but she died when arrived to the Hospital of Traumatology.

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The next sad occasion only proves that our parents are right when they say that playing with weapons is not safe. The man from Mexico wanted to look very cool when posing for a selfie with his gun. However, one of his fingers slipped and he shot himself into the head. Doctors could not save him, as the shot damaged vital organs.

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The other death was even sadder taking into account that this lady was on her way to her own bachelorette’s party. Colette Moreno posted a selfie on Facebook seconds before her car crashed into the oncoming vehicle. She was survived with her baby boy and a fiancé. Both were devastated.

The other girl from South Africa dies right on her first date with a man of her dreams. Her boyfriend came all the way from the United Kingdom to see her for the first time after “dating” the girl online. For their first date they decided to go to a romantic spot of Northcliff Hill. While her boyfriend was tuning the camera for a selfie, the girl did not see that a rock she was standing on gave way and she fell down. The guy rushed 15 meters down to cardiopulmonary resuscitation for more than twenty minutes. However, the paramedics have already found her dead when arrived.

crazy selfie deaths

The other sad example of deadly selfies was a Polish couple that travelled to Portugal with their children. While children were waiting, the couple decided to take a selfie on a cliff. As the eyewitnesses say they fell down together and could not be saved. Meanwhile, children were sent back to Poland where they are now taken care of by psychologists.

Another teen was taking part in the #SelfieOlympics contest. So once he posted a photo in a Sponge Bob jersey and got 200 likes, he decided to take it to another level. He went to a bathroom and climbed the door. After he took the selfie, he lost his balance and dell down. He died of the excessive bleeding, as while landing he severely hit his head.

crazy photo deaths

These are sad and crazy deaths. So please be careful when trying to take the best selfie ever to impress your friends. ,make sure it is not too dangerous. Sometimes it is not worth trying: if a selfie on the edge can claim your life, would you rather be “liked” on Facebook or alive? Keep safe!

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