What are the creepiest things people say?

What is the creepiest thing you have ever said to people? Do you remember? Try to find out the creepy things people say to each other.

Creepy things to say

What are the creepy things? Usually, it`s something you may say to somebody to make him her feel awkward unintentionally or for reasons. Due to the obstacles, you may have some creepy things to say to a girl. You might have had a desire to seem like a seduces guy, but it turned out that the words you were saying or the tone of voice made you a bit of pervert or a serial killer like looking. Girls also make mistakes by trying creepy things to say to a guy. She might also have desired to sound slutty or horny, but made a mistake and supposedly the guy would feel awkward to sit next to her. In this article, you might witness some things that sound creepy for people. You might also use it unintentionally or for reasons.

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Top creepy things kids say

Creepy kids

  • When you were taking your child to bed, he/says: “Goodbye!”. You say surprisingly: “No, son, we say: Good night!”. She/he replies assertively: “For this time, it`s goodbye!”.
  •  Sometimes movies can have an impressive influence on kids, and that`s why you would be recommended to have your child to stay out of thrillers and horrors to not get into the following the situation. She was standing on the bed and gazed at me with a huge grin on her face. “What are doing, Darling?” – asked I frightenedly. “Nothing, Mom” – she replied swiftly. I noticed a glitch of steel in a moonlight behind her back: “Are you holding something, Dear?” “No” – she gave me the answer hesitantly. I turned her back forcedly to discover a large knife she tried to hide from me.
  • Do not allow kids to play with creepy things if you do not desire to listen devils pray in Latin in her/his sleep.
  • It`s obvious not to allow children to witness some adult things, but sometimes even the lightest TV educational channel may go wrong with children` curiosity and naïve. The next situation was in the yard: We sat in the yard and was watching how kids were playing. In one moment my daughter lied on the stomach, and the boy sat on her and started to move on her intensively and make noises. I asked, what was that? He replied that they intended to make a baby like lizards on the animal channel.

Creepy girls

  • Funny things in movies can also play not a nice joke against you. The next story supposedly happened after watching Home Alone. Mom asked a son: “Why do you keep putting toys on the stairs?” He replied surprisingly: “” I believe, if daddy could fall from the stairs, it would be funny!”
  • Sometimes kids may not understand that they could say creepy things, next story supposedly happened to a girl who saw her newborn brother for the first time: “Mom, I believe, it`s a monster! Why don`t we bury it?”
  •  Another story happened due to a great imagination from a kid and possibly allowance of parents to watch criminal dramas. A father and son were preparing for the bedtime. The father was brushing his teeth when noticed that the kids toothbrush falls on the floor. When he was lifting up the toothbrush, his son was looking at the mirror and suddenly asked: “Why is this man behind us holding a knife?”. It was the quickest 180 his father has ever done.

Creepy eye

  • Mysterious things can come out of the child`s mouth. Sometimes, it can be things from previous lives. Father was driving a car and almost drove off a road when heard his child saying: “Last time, I died in a fire!”
  • The fears may have origins from alternative past of the children. One time the boy confessed to his mother that he remembers him drowning on a big ship. The creepiest thing is that the child was born after 80 years from the Titanic sunk.
  • Do not give children guns as it`s not toys. The next scary story happened in Texas. Father was tried to unplug PSP from the TV when his son suddenly pointed a gun at him and announced: “If you touch my things one more time – I`ll shoot you” Fortunately, there were no bullets in the weapon.

Top creepy things to say to a girl

Creepy guy

  • Don`t try to scream. There`s no one to help.
  • You have lovely skin. (If you say it with a wide grin on your face, you will frighten her)
  • Please, start struggle, I like it! (Supposedly, you may say something opposite, and it will work even better)
  • I`m sorry… for what is about to happen. (Do not forget about a grin over your face)
  • Do you remember a creepy feeling that when you supposed to be alone, there is still someone watching you? Yeah, that was me! (You will lose her forever)
  • I like your face, can you borrow it?

Creepy man

  • You may choose between death and happy smile on your face.
  • Your eyes will be a crown of my collection!
  • Do you desire to try if you were a good girl in your life?
  • They say that a fist victim of a serial killer is somebody he knows...
  • I don`t wear underwear (For guys saying that it`s creepy!)
  • You smell just like my grandma… when I dug her up!
  • Relax. It will be fast.
  • I like watching you when you sleep.
  • I know where you live!

Top creepy things to say to a guy

Creepy girl

  • Love story might be disturbing: “I kept a cloak of your her” – she said at a 20-year high school reunion.
  • Teenagers curiosity might be strange for some time. One guy confessed that the weirdest thing a girl said to him when he was working in the cafeteria.  Two thirteen girls came to him after the work and asked him: “When can we give you a blowjob?”
  • Some girls desire to have a rude attention to him. One guy confessed, when he was making out with a girl, she suddenly grabbed his hand and asked him to choke her. Then she started to call her brother.
  • Girls might be over possessive and extremely jealous. One guy reported that on the try to break up with a girl; she gave him a creepy phrase: ” If you find another one – I will kill you. If you dare to leave me – I will cut your balls. You are mine and only mine. You do not even belong yourself.”

Creepy doll

  • Oddly phrase from a girl: “Put on a condom – you do not know what happened to you.”
  • Girls may have a strange desire to practice blood magic. One time, a boy was a force to interrupt the dinner which his girl had cooked for him after her saying: “I put my blood in it…”. Then she showed a cut on her arm.
  • One of the creepiest thing to witness for the guy is a girl with a tattooed name of this girl, which he has never dated.
  • Actual phrase that may make any girl creepy during sex: “ I think about you when my daddy f***s me” Strange, indeed.


  • After sex, when he sleeps, it may be seducing to kiss his lips but do not ever try to say in the morning a phrase like: “Your lips were a little bit dry, so I liked them for you in the night” – it may work for the girl.
  • One famous poet once wrote: “We love those who don`t love us and We hurt those who is in love with us.” Sometimes it`s not that obvious when a girl from a high school who was just a friend for all of your life suddenly witness you happy with a wife and a son. You ask her for a dinner and after dinner on saying goodbye she puts these words into your ears: “I love you. Your son should have been ours. Goodbye.” It feels creepy and sad at the same time.

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