What are the easiest magic tricks to fascinate your friends at parties?

Cool magic tricks you can try at home. Do you want to impress your friends and relatives? Your parties will become really unforgettable! Check out the instructions right now!

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Are you a dreaming magician or just wish to impress your friends at your new party or friendly meeting? If so, then you've come to the right address. Whether you crave to know how to make some things disappear, how you can read the thoughts or even do some magic tricks, simply follow our instructions.

Method 1: Learn how to make things disappear. So how to do magic tricks?

how to do magic tricks

Disappearing coin. This is a fairly simple trick, in which it looks like the coin moves from right hand to your left one and then disappears in your right hand. Indeed, the coin is always in your left hand, while the viewers think you move it. That's how you should do it:

  • Hold any coin between your thumb and two fingers of the left hand.
  • Put the right hand to the left, making it look like you're going to take her with three fingers, in reality, let it ‘fall’ into the left hand.
  • Pretend like you are holding it between your thumb and forefinger of right hand.
  • Blow on ‘coin’ and immediately open right hand. Showing that it has just disappeared.
  • Bring your left arm to the elbow and remove the coin, pretending that it was here all the time after it had gone.

Disappearing card. This simple trick is called ‘discarding’ card. For this trick, you need to take the card in your hand, and make sure that it seemed that the card had disappeared. Here's how: 

Disappearing card

  • Hold your hand so that the pinky and index fingers were straight, and the other three touch each other, showing the old symbol of ‘Rock n 'Roll’.
  • Place the card so that the last inch (about 2.5 cm) was between the middle, ring finger and thumb.
  • Gently squeeze the fingers and stretch your arm. The card will be sandwiched between the first, second, third and fourth fingers and it would seem that it is gone. Just make sure you show the audience a hand with a palm forward, so they do not see the card on the other hand.
  • As you become more agile, you can return the card back and make it disappear again.

Disappearing pencil. All you need to do for this trick is to have a simple pencil and wear any loose long-sleeved shirt. For this simple trick, you will need to begin to hold the pencil edges using both hands, and then make everyone believe that it was vanished into thin air. In reality, you will press the pencil in your hand and it disappears in your sleeve. Here's how you can do this: 

Disappearing pencil

  • Hold the pencil edge with thumb, index and middle fingers, turning your hand so that the front side of the fingers is visible to spectators.
  • Push the pencil a little more with the fingers of your right hand, so that the pencil is a little more bent to the back of the right wrist.
  • Move your hands slightly up and down.
  • Squeeze the fingers of your left hand to make the pencil lye on his right wrist now.
  • Gently move the pencil into the right sleeve, showing that the pencil is gone.
  • The faster you make it, the more convincing it will look.

Method 2: Read the thoughts

Read the thoughts

Guess the magic number. It's a simple trick, in which you ask the person to do simple mathematical calculations that will lead him to almost the same answer every time. Here is what you should say to this man:

  • Think of any number.
  • You need to multiply it by 2.
  • Add 8 to the number.
  • Then divide it by 2.
  • Subtract your original number from total one.
  • Do not forget this new it - it's your secret number!
  • Now find a letter in alphabetical order, corresponding to that number. That is, if you have got one, then this is the letter A; 2 - the letter B, and so on.
  • Think of any European country, which name begins with this letter.
  • Go to the next letter according to the alphabet.
  • Now think of a huge animal, which name begins with this letter.

When the victim has just thought of it, just claim ‘I see what you're thinking of right now... It is the number 4! And there are no elephants in Denmark! It’s not Africa, dude!’ This should work every time. Everyone will be impressed.

good magician

Guess the magic vegetable. This simple trick works almost always. All you need is sheet of paper, pens and a few unsuspecting viewers. For starters, put a piece of paper with the word ‘cucumber’ into the left pocket, and with the word ‘tomato’ - into the right pocket. Remember where you have put each piece of paper. Get you ready to start the trick:

  • For the start, give paper and pens to all the interested viewers.
  • Ask them to do some simple mathematical calculations, for example, multiply 2 by 2, divide 10 by 5, add 3 to 3 and so on. You can say that it is the needed preparation of reading thoughts.
  • Then say, ‘Quickly write the vegetable!’ Make sure that people do it as quickly as possible; do not let anyone think for a long time.
  • Call the casual viewer and ask him to speak up the recorded name of the vegetable.
  • If he says ‘celery’, pull out a piece of paper with the word ‘celery’ from your left pocket. If he says ‘carrot’, take out a piece of paper with the word ‘carrot’ from the right pocket. Tell the audience that you have so developed ability to read the thoughts that you are to predict what they write before the trick begins.
  •  English speaking people choose one of these vegetables in most cases. But if a man does not say one of these two vegetables, in this case, you have to quickly move on to another trick! If you live in a country, where other vegetables are popular, you have to look for your own ‘magic vegetable’.

Guess the name of a famous person. This is a fairly simple trick, but it may take a little time. All you need - a hat, about 10 spectators, a pen, something, where you can write your prediction, and as many pieces of paper, as many people you have. Here's what you should do:

broken card

  • Ask one member of the audience to say the celebrity's name.
  • Write the first name on a piece of paper and throw it in a hat.
  • Ask others to call the names of celebrities.
  • Pretend that you write down every name, at the time, as in reality, you will write only the first name again and again. This is why you need some practice.
  • When the hat is full, ask someone from the audience to help you.
  • Say that you can predict what name he will pull out of the hat. Of course, you predict the first name. Write it on the board as everyone sees it.
  • Ask the audience member to get out of the hat one piece of paper. All viewers will see what is written there and wow, you have made the correct prediction!

Method 3: Make simple magic card tricks

simple magic card tricks

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Trick ‘appearing aces’. This is one of the quickest and easiest magic tricks with cards, which can help you to make an impression on the audience, you just need to make 4 aces magically appear in a deck of cards.

Make a card trick ‘4 Kings’. This simple trick will make the audience cheer you - all you have to show is that the 4 Kings in the deck always follow each other.

Find the card, which was selected by an audience member. This is a classic card trick where you have to carefully observe the card that the spectator has chosen, and to bring down the deck in such a way that people believe that you indeed magically find this card every time.

Making a card trick ‘whispering lady’. ‘Whispering lady’ is a queen of hearts. With little effort you can make it appear at the end of the trick.

 magic card tricks

Make a card trick ‘on the top’. Let the viewer choose the card, put it in the middle of the pack, and you make it magically move upstairs the deck!

Trick ‘two-card Monte’. This trick will make the viewer think that two cards, which he gives to you, are magically changed into two other cards.

Important tips:

  • Improve your skills all the time.
  • Practice in front of a mirror.

For more experienced magicians:

cool magic card tricks

A simple trick ‘Non-rising bucket’

  • You will need: bucket and assistant.
  • Ask anyone in the audience to raise a bucket filled with water, standing against the wall. Man in this case must be at a distance of about half a step from this bucket. He needs to pick up a bucket and straighten up, but no one can do it.
  • The secret of trick. To raise the bucket, it is necessary to rely on it, but this cannot be done on the trick condition.

A simple trick ‘Fill the glasses’

  • You will need: 2 cups, 2 assistants.
  • You ask two spectators to stand against each other on the knees. With one hand, each is holding his foot and in the other hand each has a glass, half filled with water. Tell one of them, without changing position, to pour water from his glass in a glass of a mate.
  • The secret of a simple trick. None of them will succeed, because their situation is precarious, as soon as someone tries to bend over to pour the water.

A trick ‘Rise from the chair’

card in sand

  • You will need: a chair, an assistant.
  • It's a fun trick. Ask any member of the audience to sit on a chair and stand up from a sitting position. Sitting straight, they should touch the back a little, the legs should also stand still, not under the seat, and they cannot be bent over too. Everybody will see that the trick will not work on the assistant.
  • The secret of a simple trick. To get up out of this situation is possible only bending forward or pushing the legs under the seat.

A simple trick ‘Try to break the bottle’

a lot of cards

  • You will need for a trick: stick, bottle, rope wall, assistant.
  • Ask anyone to break the bottle behind a rope wall using a stick. Rope wall is necessary to be done so: take a stick and tie the ends of the ropes to it, hanging to the floor and almost touching it. This stick should be firmly attached to the doorway. Those who will be called out to try, will get a long stick. Everyone will see that it does not work.
  • The secret of a trick. Rope wall is an insurmountable obstacle.

A simple trick ‘Jump stick’

card tricks

  • You will need: a stick.
  • Invite everyone to take part in fun competition. Put a stick on the floor and ask everyone to jump from a place, but only: you cannot bend the body and bend your knees. It looks like an easy task, but no one would be able to perform it.
  • The secret of a trick. Limiting conditions are really needed to make this jump.

Simple trick ‘Light a candle’

  •  You will need for this simple trick: a bottle, a candle, an assistant.
  • Ask anyone to try sitting on the bottle, light from one candle another one. To do this, the person should sit on the empty bottle and take in one hand a lighted candle, and in another - unlit. It is necessary to sit, stretching out both legs. It seems like a very easy task, but everyone would fail.

A simple trick ‘Put off the shirt without putting off the jacket’

cool magic trick

  • You will need: a shirt, a jacket, a tie, the assistant.
  • Invite the assistant from the viewers (with him you have arranged in advance). Tell the audience that you can take off his shirt without taking off his jacket. Showing that, first take off his tie, unbutton the buttons on the cuffs and collar shirts and slightly pulling the collar, pull shirt, without removing the jacket from the assistant’s shoulders.
  • The secret of a simple trick. For this trick you need to dress the assistant in advance. Shirt must lie on his shoulders and button the collar and cuffs. After that, put a tie and jacket on the assistant.

Once you have learned to do these simple tricks, try to do more difficult ones! These ones also may be magic tricks for kids, be use, your child will love them!

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