What are the good points of being a minimalist? – Top 8 pros

How is it being a minimalist? Top 8 advantages. Learn all of them and try to change your life! Everything you need to know about minimalism is already in this article!

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People become a minimalist not because it is in a trend and sounds cool. Minimalism as a lifestyle and consumption has many benefits: less waste, distractions and obligations. In this article you will find eight serious reasons to clear your life of unnecessary things and join minimalist living.

Our society progresses mindless consumption. We buy the mountain of things and cannot explain why they are needed, why we need so much. And then we are drowning in a pile of trash, afraid to part with the results of irrepressible consumption.

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Taking the principles of minimalism, you will not only rid your house of unnecessary things, but also make your life more consciously. People, who are trying a minimalist approach, prepare room for something new and better. For example, Leo Babauta, a well-known blogger, minimalist, not just described all the advantages of living this way.

Also, Josh and Ryan, the founders TheMinimalists blog, write not only about how to get rid of unnecessary things in life, but also about how to release a place for love, personal growth, and an interesting experience, about how to make life filled and significant. 

If you are tired of mindless consumption, and life seems to be confusing, filled with unnecessary things and concepts, here are some arguments in favor of living a minimalist life:

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1. You will not even remember what you have got rid of

When you start to get rid of unnecessary things, you have a lot of questions, ‘Do I really use this thing?’, ‘What if I need it?’, ’One day I will want to use it, but it is not here!’

You may have these questions and fears, it is quite rational, but in fact, as soon as you get rid of the object, you immediately forget about it. Things that clutter up your life and make you think they are needed or not, most of them are so useless that their ‘day’ never comes.

2. The memories live in the mind, rather than on the shelves

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So it is difficult to release the cabinets and shelves of dusty statues, framed photographs and other things that are associated with pleasant memories.

Here it is necessary to understand that memories live in your memory, and do not depend on useless gizmos that only clutter your apartment. After all, if you suddenly lose these things, memories of pleasant times, favorite people and travel will not disappear.

So feel free to get rid of useless souvenirs. What you get as a result? Clean shelves, more free space, where you can breathe easily and think freely.

3. To restore order is not always the best solution

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When you have a lot of things, you spend a fair amount of time trying to maintain order. You decomposed things out, organizing space and repeat it again and again.

Yes, the order in the room is the order in your head. But it is possible to achieve order without casualties in the form of free time. Throw away most of the things that you have to constantly lay out on their places, and cleaning the house will become easy and fun experience.

The best way to organize your things is to get rid of most of them.

4. Your property overwhelms you

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If your workspace is filled with unnecessary things, they constantly distract and overwhelm you. The large empty room will let you to focus better and stay fresh and cheerful longer.

The more things you have, the more action they require from you. You need to remove them, move from place to place, manage and store. It takes away a lot of time, and, most interestingly, you can easily get rid of it.

5. You develop a broader view of consumption

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In today's world we have buy and consume a lot. Consumption is the engine of the economy, and it affects our behavior. Unthinking consumer always wants to buy some things and he imagines how his life will change after the next purchase.

During a shopping trip consciousness turns off, and instead a ‘buyer mode’ turns on and takes control of your body.

And when that happens, you start to spend money, obeying feelings rather than reasons. You want to feel comfortable and improve your mood due to the purchase.

But the truth is that the purchases do not bring a long satisfaction, as soon as you have purchased one thing, you immediately want another, and your house is filled with things that you do not use.

6. You are less likely to buy things at a discount

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When you buy something unnecessary at a discount, it seems that you save your money, because someday this thing can come in handy. In fact, it is unlikely and you do not save, just throw your money away.

It is trick of marketers - big discounts. It works fine, and mindless consumers buy a bunch of unnecessary things. But, if you are imbued with the spirit of minimalism, this trick will be powerless, you are no longer ‘weak’.

7. You spend your time online more efficiently

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Minimalism is manifested not only in things, but in all other areas of life, including work at the computer. Being minimalist means remove all unnecessary things, what you actually do not need.

You do not bother with beautiful wallpaper for your desktop, not looking for beautiful themes and icons without downloading extra software, but use simple free programs, no less functional than beautiful premium options.

On your desktop icons there are no extraneous programs that you do not even remember, when they were established, and the browser does not distract you with multiple tabs.

Working with one tab in the browser is an excellent way to increase efficiency. So you conquer multitasking and you will not be distracted by extraneous things.

8. The principle of ‘less is more’ really works

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Freeing up space in your life and clearing the mind, you begin to understand why this is necessary. Useless things leave you. The less things that attract your attention, the more control you have in your life.

You spend less time in your life, there is less clutter and complexities associated with the consumption. Less unnecessary things, costs, responsibilities.

As a result, it gives you much more: more time, freedom and money. And you know that ‘less’ actually means ‘more’ in this case.

Are you ready to become a minimalist? Then follow our minimalist living tips!

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