What are the most crucial problems in Africa?

Africa, a home for millions of people, still faces numerous problems. What are its biggest problems? What stumbles the continent from further growth and development? Keep reading to find out what the experts have to say.

problems in africa

Africa is known for the Sahara desert and vibrant cultural diversity.  It is a perfect place to live; however, numerous problems made the continent known as a place with huge problems. Some of the problems are just typical stereotypes while others are caused by the Africans. So let’s see what questions are considered to be the biggest ones for the continent.

First of all, Africa is known for the poverty. Africa despite the fact that this continent is incredibly rich regarding natural resources and raw materials truly is poor. People live in poverty even though they have everything they need to live and prosper.

The quick statistics shows that three-fourth of all the poorest people of the world reside on this continent. The poorest countries are Liberia and Zimbabwe. Even the biggest countries on the continent like the-the Republic of Congo remain the poorest ones.

589 people that currently call Africa their home have no access to electricity, which means that to survive they have to use everything nature has to offer them. Almost 40% of people that cannot afford to have clean water live in Africa, namely in Sub-Sharan part of the continent. The other problem in Africa with the poverty is hunger. This means that around 40% of total continent’s population does not get enough food to survive. The other problem with hunger in Africa shows that around 30 per cent of people residing in the sub-Saharan region of the continent suffered from hunger in the last years.

problems in african history

REefugee problems in Africa are also connected with the poverty issue. Trying to flee war and violence in the places they lived before, many refugees move to Africa, as there are fewer restrictions on immigration than in, let’s say, Europe. As a result of more than 10 million people migrating to Africa in the search of a better place to live, locals suffer job losses and even more hunger problems than before.

Refugee crisis also leads to different social problems in Africa. Therefore, people find it hard at times to live together in the same territory. For instance, people that flee violence in their Asian states come to Africa. Both Africans and Asians believe in different things and try to stick to their faith even under the circumstances of forced diversity. In case such misunderstandings are not settled in a civilized manner, conflicts, sometimes even armored battles, take place.

The other problem that Africa faces is that with the medical equipment and supplies. Such things as childbirth or asthma that would not be an issue for a person coming from the Americas or Europe can frequently be a reason for deaths and sufferings.

Thus, the official statistics shows that women that originate from the African continent can die while being in the labor with the possibility of it being almost twice as higher than for women from elsewhere. Moreover, diseases like malaria that can be prevented in other places on earth are dreadful for Africans in the view of a lack of sufficient medical support.

political problems in africa

The problem with the adequate medical care in Africa could be treatable if it were not for the economy problems. Having no money to pay for the improvement of medical conditions on the continent, Africa is really dependent on the investments of the people from other parts of the world. However, even when they get help from the leaders of the elite countries, they do not use the funds to promote their development. They use the money in such a way that they remain dependent on it most of the time.

As a result, this leads the reader to a conclusion that there are huge political problems in Africa. Having no strong leaders or having those but not enough, the Africans keep struggling with the difficulties by themselves. In the course of all this struggle and with all the support and funding coming from the “white continents”, generation after generation  Africans believe that their main goal is to work for the white people being not able to do something themselves.

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Another political problem of Africa is that in the view of many countries residing closely on the continent and the absence of the strong leadership, Africans live in the state of constant war and conflicts. You can always hear that something was blown up in one part of the continent; people were murdered by terrorists in the other part. The sad reality of this situation can be a result of the political “diversity” and great need of a strong leader.

Some sources say that these conflicts are sponsored by the Western politicians, as having African countries split in the conflict is better for them in an attempt to achieve their own purposes.

problems of education in africa

Another sad fact is that Africans lack education which does not let them achieve more in all areas including medicine, politics, science and foreign affairs. The lack of proper education also leads Africans to the common belief that they cannot be any better. Their mindset sticks to the idea that only work for the whites and do not strive to develop their countries themselves.

It is interesting that another African problem is connected to its history. As you know, different African countries used to be colonized by many European states. This can be explained by the fact that something interested them in the continent, they saw potential in it and even fought for it. However, for some reason, Africans do not see or even if they see they do not use all the potential God gave to the place.

They do not develop their agricultural sphere, which leads to so-called “agricultural problem’ in Africa. The issue of hunger could have been solved if enough money and effort were invested into the question of agriculture funding and maintenance. Unfortunately, as people that reside in Africa do not know and do not follow the world news, they cannot acquire the useful knowledge and experience from all around the world to advance their own technologies and living conditions.

The truth is that the problem of hunger and insufficient food provision could have been solved, had the Africans used knowledge of other people in their own agriculture field. Countries that have less fertile soil are known for harvesting more crops, fruit, etc. than anywhere in Africa. This can only mean that Africans need more knowledge and education to make their soil work for them.

refugee problems in africa

Finally, Africa truly is a continent with many problems. However, these problems can be solved with the effort of the Africans themselves. The states of the continent need strong leadership. There has already been made an effort of establishing united system over diverse African countries. This effort is known as the establishment of the African Union. However, this is only a beginning.

African states should realize that they are in a great need of people with a new insight on the problem and desire to use the best examples in the history of their states or other states from all over the world for the prosperity and better future of their country. Once they find such leaders, the questions of lack of education, medical care, and poverty will be solved automatically.

Therefore, if you read this article and feel like making a difference, do it. Be the one that can lead Africa or at least your state out of these problems. Or if you do not have enough strength to climb the political ladder up to the top, start changing your immediate circle and people you live among. Share the truth and knowledge you have to promote the better lifestyle for the people of Africa. Otherwise, all the tremendous potential of a vast continent will be in vain.

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