What are the most hilarious superstitions from around the world?

What are the strangest superstitions of nationalities of our planet? What is the origin of rabbit pad amulet? Read the article to learn the most interesting signs.

superstition facts

People around the world always believed in something supernatural. These are the most popular superstition facts from the whole planet.

Superstition from around the world

  • One of the most popular superstition examples is that having found a coin, pick it up, and throughout the day you will be pursued with good luck. This small superstition has perhaps got accustomed because finding of money is already good luck. But at the same time it is possible to draw the following analogy – have found a stick, lift it and the whole day good luck will be with you.
  • Black cat on your way. As cats already for one thousand years are near the person, they play a set of mythological roles. Ancient Egypt esteemed cats. Today only in USA there 81 million cats. So why it is impossible to allow black cat to steal a march on you? Most likely, this superstition belief has arisen because of faith in old hags who often reincarnate in pets, namely in cats.

Superstition from around the world

  • Superstitious Turks try not to chewing gum at night as with nightfall it turns into flesh of the dead person. Terribly, isn't so?
  • The rabbit pad will bring you good luck. Mascots and amulets are capable to drive away evil spirits. The rabbit pad as a mascot is a custom to which early Celtic tribes in Britain adhered. However, it is possible that roots of this superstition meaning leave to one of forms of Afro-American national magic, which combines the American, European and African traditions.
  • Superstition around the world: failure comes three times in a row. The belief that the misfortune comes three times is a classic example of confirmation of bias. If two affairs in a row haven't worked well for you, then the next time you will be comprehended with failure. Respectively, if the person is initially ready for similar outcome of events, then most likely, it will occur so.

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  • France considers that if the person has come in dog excrement with left leg, it would cause good luck. It reminds the belief about bird's excrement on clothes which is thought up by other nationalities. For some reason the same action made with the right leg brings misfortune.
  • In Spain it is considered a good sign to eat 12 grapes under peal of bells on New Year's Eve - then all 12 months of the next year will be successful. Also Spanish don't come into the room from the left leg - it is unfortunately. Besides, unlike all rest of the world in Spain not Friday the 13th, but Tuesday the 13th is considered an unsuccessful day.
  • Germans are also not avoided with superstitions. For example, it isn't accepted to clink with glasses with water - it means that you wish death to everyone with whom you drink.
  • In Portugal it is considered a bad sign to move back as it is considered that thus you show the way to a devil.

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  • Netherlands and Russia there are signs connected with salt. They try not to borrow it to the neighbors. It is considered that it will lead to failure. It is also not accepted to sing behind a dining table. For some reason people believe that these songs are turned to devil. 
  • In Serbia it is considered a good sign to spill water behind someone's back.
  • Residents of Great Britain consider new footwear put on a table as a bad sign.
  • Indians also have a set of signs. Among superstitions in India are: it is bad to meet on the way an empty bucket and to come back home for the forgotten thing. In this case it is necessary to be looked in a mirror. When the black cat steals a march, Indians change in face and go from where they went.

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