What are the most outstanding Guinness World records?

The most outstanding Guinness World Records. Who has set them? Find the most exciting stories of the Guinness records! Check out the facts and the photos right here!

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The Guinness Book of World Records has announced the most outstanding achievements of the past edition in 2014. The book includes the traditional records of the smallest and largest of its kind, such as the largest motorcycle and the smallest dog. In addition, it had a variety of unusual and fun records, including the fastest woman, running 100 meters on extremely high heels, a funny goat on a skateboard and also the biggest collection of the vacuum cleaners.

Guinness World Records are always extremely fun and exciting. Check out Guinness World Records list right now.

The biggest walking robot

biggest dragon

This is a dragon 15.6 meters long and 12.3 meters wide, its height 8.1 meters. It was created the German electronics company Zollner Elektronik. In addition, it breathes fire and working on 11 kilograms of liquid gas. Robot name is Tradinno, made for the popular German traditional folk games Further Drachenstich (‘pierce the dragon’).

The smallest of living dogs

the smallest dog

A dog named Milly has a growth of 9.65 cm, which is a female Chihuahua, owned the title of the smallest living dog in relation to growth. It lives in city of Puerto Rico with its mistress Vanesa Semler, who said that a tiny puppy was so small at its birth that she had to feed it from the pipette.

The largest drum set

the biggest drum set

A set of the drums reaches almost 6.4 meters high and 8 meters wide. Its creators are the percussionists of Drumartic band. They have presented their installation in the town of Lienz in Austria.

The fastest walking in the position of ‘rear axle’

the fastest walking

Leilani Franco, who got into the semi-finals of the British talent show, could go 20 meters in the position of ‘rear axle’ for 10.05 seconds at a concert of the London Royal Orchestra. According to the Guinness Book of Records the position of ‘rear axle‘ assumes that the arms and legs stay together on the floor, arms extended over the head and shoulders and the back must be completely caved.

The largest number of body modifications of a couple

number of body modifications

Victor from Uruguay and Gabriela Peralta from Argentina can boast their 77 modifications, including 50 piercings, 4 transdermal implant, 11 implant on the body, 5 dental implants, 4 ears expander, 2 bolts in their ears and a forked tongue.

The lowest donkey

lowest donkey

The lowest height of a donkey named KneeHi, 6-year-old male animal, is 64 cm to the top of the withers, - the highest part of the back.

Highest motorcycle

highest motorcycle

Motorcycle with a weight up to 5 tons, made by Italian designer named Fabio Reggiani, 6 times bigger than a simple motorcycle, and it reaches a height of 5.10 meters from the ground to the top of the steering wheel. It was made by 7 people in 7 months.

The largest collection of ‘Star Wars’ stuff

start war collestion

A guy from California, USA, Steve Sansweet, is the owner of 300 000 extremely unique items related to the famous science fiction saga named ‘Star Wars’. Although up to 15 May 2013 there were 90,546 objects related to this saga, this quantity was enough to set a record.

The largest living cat

largest cat

Liger Hercules is a stunning hybrid of a tigress and a lion, lives in safari Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina State Reserve in the USA. The animal weigh is 418 kg, its height is 3.3 meters.

The fastest woman running 100 meters on high heels

running on high heels

 German Julia Plecher ran 100 meters on high heels in 14.531 seconds.

The most rapid dog’s passage tightrope

passage tightrope

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Dog Ozzy, which is a crossbreed of Border Collie and Australian Shepherd, ran on the tightrope in 18.22 seconds in the animal rescue center F.A.I.T.H. in the city of Norfolk, England.

Highest used pogo stick

pogo stick

American Fred Grzybowski poger and a founder of Xpogo submitted his 3-meter pogo stick - a device for jumping in Toronto at the International Festival. He has the record for the ‘shortest Pogo Stick’ too, it has a height of 63 cm.

The largest collection of vacuum cleaners

vacuum cleaners collection

Englishman James Brown boasts a collection of 322 models. He even created a vacuum cleaners' museum . He collected his items during 8 years, although he does not like to clean his home.

Most long-distant travel of a goat on a skateboard

goat on a skateboard

Goat Happie drove 36 meters in 25 seconds in his hometown of Fort Myers, Florida, USA.

The longest beard of a woman

longest beard of a woman

Beard of Vivian Wheeler reaches 25.5 cm from the follicle to the tip of the hair. The record was set on the Italian show Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, April 8, 2011.

The smallest car suitable for driving

smallest car

Vehicle height is 63 cm, also it has 65 cm wide. It was built by Austin Coulson in Texas, USA.

The largest bike suitable for riding

biggest bike

The diameter of bicycle wheels goes up to 3.2 meters. This item was created by a German cyclist Didi Senft, who is well-known as the ‘Devil’, who appeared on the popular cycling race Tour de France wearing a costume of red devil.

Guinness World Records oldest person

oldest person

She was 122 years 164 days lady. A lady was from France. Her name was Jeanne Calment.  A lady was born on the 21th of February in 1875. A lady died in southern France, Arles at the nursing home. It happened on 4th of  August, 1997.

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