What are the most stupid stereotypes about black people?

What is the origin of the most stupid stereotypes about black people? Do they exist nowadays? You’ll find out all true and false stereotypes about black people!

dangerous black man

Black people have very deep knowledge of the fact that black people are not a monolith. Of course, many of them have some collective struggle, as for example racism, and a lot of the things that unite them as a marginal group coming out of our fighting this reality, in the form of music, art, protests, etc. Black people stereotypes may sometimes hurt them.

But it does not mean that they are all the same. Unfortunately, people, who only see some black people in the different media, like movies or TV shows, have only a few ideas about them. And due to our ‘good friend’ - racism, the majority of these ideas are static images of blackness, inaccurate and insulting. However, you shouldn’t think black people can't be racist, they can.

black gansta

The stereotypes are more than just annoying, because when people believe in these myths, they come into the real world and thinking that it’s a reality. So, if someone watches a bunch of movies portraying black people as very cruel thieves, they are going to treat there people as if they were violent thieves in real life. If black people are depicted as dumb as rocks, ignorant people out there are going to be shocked when they meet a black man who is actually very intelligent. You can often meet a non-black man, who can mention that you speak well, or rather clever with a tone of surprise.

Offensive images of black people are often found in the media, as well as films that are among the worst offenders. Here are some extremely offensive black people stereotypes that always appear in films, including some really weird.

1. All Black Ladies Are Angry, Sassy, And Loud

sassy woman

Do not get it wrong, there is nothing wrong about a black woman who speaks her own mind, but this feature is always depicted in the film as a negative feature, so that it is accompanied by other things like anger or loud tone. For example, why just be cheeky and over protective of your man when you can be cocky and over protective of your person while wearing long nails and be unforgettable?  Often there is an idea that black people are rude. But indeed, each person differs!

2. Black Men Are Extremely Violent By Nature

Violent man

This idea has been popular in movie industry from the beginning. Well, seriously. In the first film with a coloured man, Birth of a Nation, featured black man was trying to rape a white lady. Move forward a few decades and think how many movies there are with the violent or scary black man. These images are so prevalent, that it's sad that the ignorant people approach black people, especially black men, as if they were a threat.

3. Black People Are Best Friends To Someone Special

The black friend is such a common thing, especially in different teen movies, that can be seen too often to make fun of it. Black people aren't just accessories to nod and laugh with their white besties. Can they really have some films, in which black people are the main characters, the stars, of their own lives, but not a side kick to their friend’s one?

4. Black People Need A White Person To Save Them


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Well, the entire white savior group is popular in all kinds of films with different kinds of ethnic groups, but it is super common in the stories of the downtrodden black youth. It's something like: do not worry; the white man comes into your lives, to show you that you are worth it, and everything will be fine.

Just as ladies do not always need someone to come to help them, black people do not always need a white guy to change their lives for the better either.

5. Africans Are A Bit Backwards And Funny

 Backwards And Funny

A lot of black stereotypes in movies are focused on black Americans, but the image of black people from Africa rather weird, too. Black Africans are generally characterized as backward and naive. Seriously, when our people are only shown wearing loincloths and coming out of raged grass huts ... it becomes a big problem.

6. Black People Was Born Basically To Serve You

black servant

Black people appeared on this earth to serve others, of course. It was such a common stereotype in the early days of film industry, that time to time on the big screen you could see a black man, who was played the slave or something like that. It can be argued that this was because the times were different then, but in fact, it is too often happens even in 2015, it’s insulting. ‘12 years of slavery’ was a great movie, and ‘Butler’ was quite a popular movie, too. But there should be a breath of fresh air to have the participation of black person, who does not play a servant.

7. Black Lives Are Very Depressed And Painful

Depressed And Painful

Well, yes, there are some black people involved in issues of abuse, racism, sexism, poverty, depression, homophobia, and many other things, as a rule, not good ones. But black people also have really good days. If it is not a rough comedy, there would be difficult to find even a few films with black people who are not incredibly sad or depressing. There cannot be just a teen film about a black girl, there must be a movie about teenage black girl struggling in the hood and escaping on bus from drug addled mom. We cannot say that these narratives do not exist at all, and they should not be erased, but there is also a nice variety.

8. Black People Don't Tip At All

no tips

Black people leave no tips, let's face it that’s true. When the bill comes, some people just do not dare to leave more money than it is necessary. Sometimes this person happens to be black. Other times, a person may be white. While black people are known to be associated with under-tipping, the fact remains that everyone does it sometimes. The basic rule: you need to double the tax.

9. Black People Can't Swim

Black People Can't Swim

This is one of the craziest. The reasons of this stereotype: how many famous black swimmers do you know? How many black swimmers did you see in the movies? Black people can swim and they do that with a great pleasure. Sometimes, for example in some African countries, people have no place to learn swimming. The waters are dirty or have some dangerous animals, like crocodiles. But it does not mean that most black people can’t swim at all – it’s false.

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