What are the poorest countries in Africa?

Have you ever thought of how the poorest countries are defined? Read this article to find out which of the African countries are the poorest!

poorest countries in africa

Africa is on the list of the largest world’s continents and home for 54 independent countries. However, many of those countries are considered the poorest.

Here is the list of poorest countries in Africa by GDP per capita.

Democratic Republic of Congo

poorest countries in africa

Also known as Zaire until 1997. The country was totally ravaged after the Second Congo War, which began in 1998. Over seven countries participated in that conflict, 5.4 million people’s lives and future were lost.
In 2010, Congo became the poorest country in the world.
Congo’s GDP per capita: $ 394, 25


poorest countries in africa

In Zimbabwe 20.1% of population suffers from AIDS/HIV diseases. In addition, Zimbabwe has the lowest life expectancy in the world. The average life duration of men is thirty-seven years and women – only thirty-four.
Zimbabwe’s GDP per capita: $ 589, 46


poorest countries in africa

93% of Burundi’s revenues come from selling coffee, 80% of its population lives in poverty. However, those are not the only nightmarish indexes – 57% of Burundi’s children suffer from malnutrition.
Burundi is a country, permanently living in civil and tribal war. In addition, there’s no port there, weak legal system. The economy and education sectors are almost destroyed.
Burundi’s GDP per capita is 648, 48


poorest countries in africa

There is an interesting fact about Liberia: it has never been colonized by European countries. Instead, liberated slaves from America found it.
After the revolution in 1980, which had led to a civil war and losses of hundreds of thousands lives, Liberia only came to peace in 2003. Since democratic election in 2005 Liberia now lives in stability.
However, the country still lives with war’s consequences, 85% of population lives on less than $ 1 a day.    
GDP per capita in Liberia is $ 716, 04


poorest countries in africa

During the Second World War, Eritrea was conquered by Britain in 1941.
The economy of Eritrea has experienced considerable growth in recent years thanks to the commencement of full operations in the gold and silver and the production of cement from the cement factory in Massawa.
Still, the country suffers from poverty.
Eritrea’s GDP per capita is $ 792, 13

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Central African Republic

poorest countries in africa

It is a country with significant mineral reserves, such as gold, diamonds, uranium and crude oil. 55% of country’s revenue comes from selling diamonds.
However, they have serious issues in the sector of human development. In 2010 they were ranked in bottom four nations of its human development. Part of a population of this country has to live on less than $ 1 a day.
GDP per capita: $ 827, 93


poorest countries in africa

The big tragedy of this country’s territory is that 80% of the land is taken up by the Sahara desert.
Country also suffers from political instability. After the new government was elected in 2000, Niger had to accept enhanced debt relief from the International Monetary Fund. The niger’s treasury was literally empty back then.
GDP per capita: $ 853, 43

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