What are the scarriest bridges in the world?

What bridges scare most drivers? Where they located and how do they look like? Find out these impressive and breathtaking pictures here!

scarriest bridges

Here are top six the most scaring bridges in the world. If you like extreme, you should go there for sure!

1.    Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge  (Louisiana, USA)

Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridg

The most scaring thing about this bridge is that it is impossible to see the land when people cross the middle eight miles of the bridge because its length is 24 miles. It causes a lot of fear among drivers. This bridge is located in Louisiana, and it links New Orleans with Mandeville. The bridge crosses the Lake Ponchartrain

2.    Gandy Bridge (Florida, USA)

Gandy Bridge

The Gandy Bridge, also known as Friendship Trail Bridge, is located in Florida. The second most scaring bridge is extremely law, so it always seems to drivers that they are going to sink.  The structure connects Tampa with Clearwater, and it is 15 thousand feet long.

3.    Confederation Bridge (New Brunswick, Canada)

Confederation Bridge

The Confederation Bridge is relatively old. It was built in 1997; It is thought to be one of the biggest engineering achievements of the previous century.   The most scaring thing about this bridge is that there is frizzing water above it. This is the longest construction in the world which is stretching over the ice cold water. The length of the bridge is 13 kilometers.

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4.    Vitim River Bridge (Siberia, Russia)

Vitim River Bridge

Vitim River Bridge is a very old structure meant for trains. It is located in Siberia, where winds are extremely high. Crossing the bridge in the winter is very dangerous because the wood covers with ice and cannot provide traction.

5.    Eshima Ohashi Bridge (Matsue, Japan)

 Eshima Ohashi Bridge

This construction will definitely cause adrenaline rush in all drivers because it is extremely steep and doesn't look like a normal bridge. The Eshima Ohashi Bridge connects Matsue with Sakaiminato. It is unbelievable that this bridge exists!

6.    Volgograd Bridge (Volgograd, Russia)

Vitim River Bridge

This construction crosses the Volga, and it is over 7 kilometers long. This Bridge is relatively new, because it was opened in 2009. During the next year after the bridge opening, the strong storm occurred. The bridge was shaking and oscillating. The wind was so strong, so the cars were thrown into the air. The bridge moves by over 3 feet when the winds are strong enough. However, the construction still works, so be careful if you go there.  

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