What are the signs of a genius?

Forgot to buy milk or don’t want to get married? These may be the first signs of your genius individuality! Read the article to find out the other signs of the most intelligent persons. 

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A word “genius” is often used in quite an ironic meaning. It seems that we begin to forget what factually this word means. Let’s try to find out who the geniuses are. And maybe we can even find the signs of a real genius in ourselves. 

Who are the geniuses? 

The geniuses are the people with extraordinary intellectual or creativity powers. But frequently we can meet a genius with no thirst for creativity. The talent of these people lies in their capability for quick analyzing of the facts. Their conclusions are even more concrete and exact with this fast thinking. 

Their abilities remind superheroes’ from blockbusters: they can speak fifteen languages since very young age, win the chess match with five moves, and calculate the millions less than for a second. But there is some kind of price for these extra abilities, which proves that being “ordinary” is not that bad. But we’ll talk about it later. Let’s get back to the genius definition.

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In fact, the geniuses aren’t a master of only one subject. The gifted people demonstrate their gifts in different spheres as universality is also a “symptom” of genius. Sometimes their superpowers sleep until one day, but generally, the geniuses are notable in the crowd since their first years of life. So how can we notice them?

What are signs of the geniuses? 

Some experiments have been conducted to find that out, and some peculiar behaviors have been observed among people with high IQ. How anyone turns out to be the genius is due to their genetics. It doesn’t mean that a genius has a child genius. But all gifted people have the common gene in their DNA which differs them from the other people. 

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But here are more efficient ways to recognize a genius. 

  • Newborn geniuses are heavier than others. Having a large baby can be good at least from this point of view, British scientists think. There are high chances that your child has an unyielding intelligence since the first days of his life if his weight is greater than usual newborns weight. 

  • Foreign languages since the birth can make a genius of a child. If a toddler hears different languages since the birth, it gives more chances that it’s a genius-to-be. The children raised in multiple language spaces are better in the early intelligence tests. So learn languages with your kid since your first days together. 

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  • The geniuses are taller than the others. The British National Bureau of Economy Research found out that a height of superpeople is often bigger. Since childhood, taller children perform significantly better on cognitive tests.

  • Most of high-IQ people have the blue eyes. It doesn’t mean that they have only blue eyes, but quite often that’s a “genial” color. It may be related to the thing we mentioned above. If all the geniuses have some commons genes, one of these genes may be linked to the eye color. You don’t have to be a genius to make a conclusion like this, right? 

  • Higher IQ means less sexual partners. The researches in many countries confirm the same idea: the geniuses don’t spend their precious time on searching of a lot sexual partners. They are very monogamy guys who prefer to waste their time in labs or own imagination labyrinths. The notes also say that they are more responsible for choosing a partner with whom they lose their virginity. 

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  • They’ve got crazy sex drive, but no time for marriage. Neither Da Vinci nor Tesla nor Newton hadn’t ever been married. Why? The marriage leads to having children. And having children is too busy, too noisy, too senseless occupation for the gifted people.  
    Besides, there is an old joke about Sarah Bernard and Einstein. Bernard proposes to a scientist make the toddlers together because they would be a fantastic mix of her beauty and her intelligence. Einstein refused, saying, that it would be terrible as they could get an opposite result. 
    But still, the geniuses have very high sex drive that makes them… to make love, eh… with themselves. According to researches, the most gifted students of Oxford and Cambridge spend more money on sex toys than ordinary students. Yes, maybe, it’s expensive, but what an economy of time! 

  • Higher intelligence is the straight way to drugs and alcohol. Let’s start with a fact, that genius persons are more interested in discovering this world. They see something particular in each happening and object. Drug and alcohol addiction is a part of this world exploring. For the first time they use it no to get high but to see the mechanism of its effect. 
    But later even intelligent people can’t escape the old mean trick. As the drugs and alcohol temporarily stimulate the brain work, the addiction becomes stronger and stronger. While the others are relaxing with it, for the geniuses it’s the way to become more productive. Belief in own power (with drugs) is much worse for them than willpower. 

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  • The geniuses worry a lot. Neurotic people have higher IQ. It relates to multitasking of their brain department, what creates a permanent stress condition in their work and in personal life. So maybe you’re so stressed because of your superintelligence! 

  • Big breast are the sign of big brains. There is a strong correlation between women with big breasts and higher IQs. The research made among 1200 women showed that the ladies with larger cup size have about 10 points IQ advantage to their less lucky opponents. What could you know about fairness? 

  • If you talk to yourself and forget to buy milk, you might be new Einstein or Da Vinci.  The smart guys waste a lot of time on the weird ideas inside their heads. The power of words let them to remember better the thinks they have right now, so a lot of these thinks have to be said out loud. Remembering world important stuff they forget daily details like buying a new shower gel or feeding a cat. Never give the animals to the geniuses. Maybe just the lab rats. 

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  • Less love for fashion may mean you’re a genius. The geniuses don’t have much time to dress up. Their wardrobe is dedicated to their ideas. It’s saying that each article of clothing has a special mission for them. Lucky shirts, pants of success, productive dresses are real. Being a creator means following the own rituals, and the clothing is a very significant part of that. 

  • Mental disorders are inherent to the most intelligent people. Well, please, don’t think about “Beautiful mind” at once. But in fact it’s a story based on a reality so why not? The truth is that in real life the geniuses are tending to get nuts more often than ordinary personalities. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are the standard accompaniment of the geniuses. The doctors link it to the extra work of genius minds. 

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