What are the signs that you have found your soulmate?

How to understand that you have met a person you were meant to be with? What are the signs that you have found your soulmate?  Find out in this article!

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You may not believe in the concept of soulmates, but you would definitely agree that there are certain people who affect you so intensely, that your breath is taken away. It's a very special feeling.  Meeting the person you were meant to be with can disrupt your world in such a way that it can completely engulf you.

Remember, that soulmate not necessary should be your lover. It can be any person you feel a connection with spiritually, emotionally and mentally. However, in this article, we focus on soulmates who are lovers.


Here're signs which will help you to understand whether you’ve met the right one.

1.    You can be together without words

The non-verbal communication of soulmates is incredibly powerful, so sometimes a certain glance or look may tell you all you need to know. There are times when you don’t need to speak at all; you just enjoy your love and trust

2.    You have strong attraction

You should have both physical and emotional attraction.  It’s as if when you’re together, you melt into each other. It’s a meeting of the mind, body, and soul.

strong attraction

3.    You can’t imagine yourself with somebody else

When you are with the person you were meant to be with; you can’t see yourself with anyone else. If you try, this thought can be physically painful.

4.    Your paths have crossed before

It happens very often that soulmates can be at the same place for a long time, but they don’t notice each other before it is the right time for their meeting. For example, they can live across the street or study at the same place.

 Your paths have crossed before

5.    You can easily share your secrets

Opening up to someone new can be terrifying. Therefore, if it is easy for you to share secrets with this person, it’s a good sign. When you can easily share all of your shame, fears, desires, and fantasies, you’ve met your match.

6.    Right time for meeting

The meeting will only happen when each of you is ready for that. Therefore timing is very important when it comes to soulmates.

  Right time for meeting

7.    You have a visceral reaction

If you don’t know whether you have met your soulmate or not, heed to your body signs, your every muscle should react. It’s more than just a passing feeling; it’s a physical reaction that you can’t seem to control.

8.    You feel comfort and peace when you are together

It doesn't matter what you are doing – dining, watching a movie or walking,  there should be a quiet place between you.

feel comfort and peace

9.    You have similar life goals and values

Soulmates have similar life values and goals, even though the ways of reaching those goals may differ.

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10.    You are not jealous

You know that you know that you are the only one for your partner. Therefore, you don’t worry when he comes from work late or goes to the bar with friends.

not jealous

11.    You laugh together

You laugh together easily and often. Unfortunately, nowadays more couple are more likely to laugh at TV shows, than from each other. These are unhealthy relationships because in this case there is no emotional binding. Laughter synchronizes the brains of speaker and listener so that they are emotionally attuned.

12.    You would marry each other again

If you are married now, you would agree to marry him or her again. You know that your partner is only one for you. Even if you had difficulties, you have pride in your partner and would choose him again.

would marry each other again

13.    When you hug each other, you forget about stress, anxiety, and worries

If you had a terrible day, all you want is to come home and hug you soulmate. When you do it, you forget about everything in the world.

14.    You feel each other

If you are soulmates, you know each other so well that you can predict what your partner is feeling. You share happiness and joy as well as worry, stress, and sadness.

feel each other

15.    You respect each other’s opinions

You know that in spite you are soulmates, you have different personalities. More likely that you have opposite opinions. However, you don’t agree or disagree; there are should be a deeper level of understanding. You listen to each other and honor the differences.

16.    You don’t threaten each other with divorce

Everybody can feel the anxiety or anger, but you never hurt each other with such threats as divorce.

 don’t threaten each other with divorce

17.    You feel liberated

When you are together, you feel total freedom. You can talk about everything without any shame or fear that you will not be understood.

18. You can easily tell "sorry."

It is not easy to apologize. However, if you are soulmates, you don't want to hurt each other. Therefore you know how to justify and say "sorry."

Overall, when all the aforementioned factors are in harmony,  you can be sure that you have met your soulmate. When you’ve found the one, don’t let anything get in your way. Do as much as you can to try to be together. Life is too short to wonder “what if.” Life lets your paths cross for a reason, so take your chance while you still have it.

If you found your soulmate, it is a big luck, because some people never meet their soulmates.  Always be open to the people you meet, because you never know when you meet your special one.

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