What are the types of water on Earth?

Do you want to learn all types of water on earth? How are they formed? What is the difference between them? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about water forms and types here!

types of water

Water is one of the most common materials in nature. It is a basic element of all vital things on our planet. The types of water on earth are mostly specialized due to its chemical and physical properties. The types of water forms on earth are determined, classified and based on many different factors and signs.

What grounds is water classified on?

water on earth

Various types of water have different composition and properties. There are several classifications of liquids:

  1. Dividing the fluid for different types depending on the hydrogen isotopes in a molecule of the aqueous medium.
  2. Classification of water in the concentration of dissolved salt particles.
  3. The division of the aquatic environment, which can be obtained in the process of interaction with other components.
  4. Water Classification by its location in nature.
  5. Natural water environment.
  6. The liquid formed as a result of various human activities.
  7. Other water aquatic environment.

water structure

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Each variety has its own separate water classification. Let's look at the division for certain types of water, their characteristics and properties.

Dividing the fluid for different types depending on the hydrogen isotopes in a molecule of the aquatic environment

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Different types of water in nature can be classified by the hydrogen isotopes into such categories:

  • Light water environment - it is such a kind of aquatic environment, which has had the process of purification of the heavy components. Typically, water is mostly light liquid.
  • Heavy water environment is a liquid with the same chemical formula as the ordinary water, but in its composition the hydrogen molecule are replaced with two heavy hydrogen isotopes.
  • Light heavyweight aquatic environment is water, which is not found anywhere in its pure form. Usually it is in any variety of water in a small amount.
  • Superheavy water environment is characterized by the replacement of hydrogen molecules of the two isotopes tritium.
  • Heavy- oxygen types of aquatic environment with isotopes.

Classification of water at a concentration of dissolved salt particles

types of water forms

Different types of drinking water or drinking fluids can be classified on the basis of salinity:

  • Hard or soft water environment caused by water hardness indicator. It depends on the concentration of dissolved salts in water. Most often it revealed the presence of calcium and magnesium salts. Thus all chemical and physical properties of the liquid are directly related to the concentration of alkaline metal salts.
  • Fresh aqueous environment is a liquid in which the salt concentration is not higher than 0.1 percent.
  • Sea water environment is a liquid with a high content of salts. Their concentration may be between 34.72 percent.

Classification of water

  • Natural mineral water - the liquid is from groundwater sources, in which the concentration of trace elements and minerals is very high active. These substances explain the healing properties of this water. In turn, it is divided into different types of water: water with a low degree of mineralization and water with an average concentration of minerals, liquid with a high level of salinity, brine water, strong brine water.
  • Brackish water species of earth - this intermediate state of water in which the concentration of minerals is greater than freshwater, but less than that of sea water environment.
  • Distilled water environment - it is a liquid, which has gone through a process of evaporation and condensation, so it has already got rid of any impurities and salts contained therein.

The division of the aquatic environment, which can be obtained in the process of interaction with other components

The division of the aquatic environment

Different types of water are obtained by its interaction with other components. Thus such types of aquatic environment are formed:

  1. Schungite environment is obtained by reaction with shungite.
  2. Silicon environment is obtained by reacting water with silicon.
  3. Coral liquid is formed at the vicinity of the coral.
  4. Oxygen environment is enriched with oxygen.
  5. Filtered water passes purification process in the filters.
  6. Silver.
  7. Gold.
  8. Copper

Classification of water on its location in nature

aquatic environment

Do you want to know what kind of water exists in the hydrosphere? They are divided according to the location of fluid to such subspecies:

  • Underground water is a liquid that occurs in aquifers crust.
  • Underwater water (submarine) is located beneath the oceans and large bodies of water and seas.
  • Artesian water lies between impermeable strata.
  • Ground water is the closest aquifers located to the ground.
  • Water land - the lakes, rivers, swamps, seas, oceans and other natural surface water bodies.
  • Atmospheric water is a liquid that gathers in the atmospheric layers.

Natural aquatic environment

Natural aquatic environment

The natural kinds of water have different properties:

  1. Water from springs is usually the cleanest.
  2. Rain liquid is fresh water that falls to the ground as precipitation.
  3. Drinking water environment is typically used for drinking needs of population. Its composition and properties should not cause any harm to human health.

The liquid formed as a result of various human activities

The liquid

Do you want to know how many species of water are formed as a result of a human activity? Then consider these varieties:

  1. Tap fluid is supplied to our homes due to the centralized water supply system.
  2. Sewage - it is a liquid, the outlet of our houses of the sewerage system.
  3. Wastewater is a waste of various manufacturing companies.
  4. Boiled water.

Other water aquatic environment

 water aquatic environment

There are also types of water, which differ in other properties and characteristics:

  • Alkaline water is a liquid with an index of acid-base balance, exceeding the value of 7.1. Magnetic aqueous environment is treated by a magnetic field.
  • De-ionized water (without additives).
  • Non-pyrogenic aqueous environment (water for injection).
  • Structured water.
  • Polywater.
  • Meltwater.

Alkaline water

Different types of water on earth are very important and necessary to our nature and, of course, the human. Be sure not to pollute it and save our planet!

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