What are Top 10 demerits of a handsome man?

Is it really that easy for the hot guys to become successful? Find out more about the disadvantages of being a handsome man here!

handsome man

Attractive guys have a lot of advantages and it seems that their lives are very nice and easy. The handsome man image is different for every person but we all know that this is the sort of men we are attracted to.

The society sometimes labels them in a wrong way though. They think that if you are a handsome man then you only need your appearance to become successful. But it’s not always true.

There are a lot more stereotypes about them which can negatively influence their lives.

But more often if you are a handsome young man it means that you are too self-confident and unreliable. Moreover, you can become arrogant as you feel yourself more attractive than the others.

Demerits of a good-looking man

Other girls would only notice your appearance. They would love your abs or your gorgeous charming smile but they won’t look further than that.

They would admire you but they won’t think about your personality and character. Most of the people would judge you without even getting acquainted. They would think it’s your only advantage – being attractive.

Sometimes handsome guys have to work a lot to make a good impression not only by their look but also by their words and actions. Of course there are exceptions but mostly that’s how it works for them.

People would rumour. All the girls and guys would always talk about you and maybe even blame you for something you have never done.

They do it mostly because of envy so even if you are a truly positive guy there is still no way you can escape it unless you really try to show yourself as a good guy by helping everyone around and talking about yourself less.

handsome man

 Everybody will most likely be jealous of the handsome man body. There will be a lot of fake friends who would try their best to present you as a selfish and arrogant guy.

Your other friends might even admit their envy and they would always complain about themselves being not as attractive as you.

They would keep secrets and not let you meet their girlfriends, friends and maybe even parents.

 If you are not too communicative, you will have a lot of problems with true friends.

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Of course a lot of people just choose to have hundreds of others around them but if we’re speaking about a good quality friendship, it won’t be that easy.

It will also be not that easy to find the girlfriend who will love you for your personality and not for your look.

The girl who was meant for you might just not pay any attention because she will think that you already have hundreds of other girlfriends.

If you take a closer look on handsome men you might notice that a lot of them feel lonely. It is actually a myth that every good-looking guy has a girlfriend. They might use them for sex but they won’t feel real love.

 People who have a handsome man face are expected a lot more than the others. The society wants them to lead a company or become a very successful businessman.

handsome man

Being attractive often means being a leader and a very decisive person. All of those are labels that they get just for having beautiful eyes and smile. But people forget that not everyone is the same.

There certainly are attractive guys who don’t have such qualities and they are good at something else. Every person should follow their own path without just performing what they are expected.

It will be impossible for an extravert to become an IT manager and it will be very hard for a quiet guy to be a manager.

It’s not the same as being a beautiful woman. By the way, it’s not that easy to get one if you are handsome. They will think that you are just willing to have sex. They will behave like they don’t even notice you.

One of the reasons for that is that they expect you to become more arrogant and powerful if they show their interest in you.

It might sound pretty fair for the guys who tend to do it but it’s not that nice for those handsome men who have truly good intentions.

So even though we often picture a handsome boy with a really attractive woman, it’s not always like that.

handsome man

The relationships with girls are sometimes really hard for them to build. If you are a handsome guy talking to an ordinary, not pretty girl she might think you are making fun of her.

Moreover, often girls prefer to have boyfriends who are as attractive as them. They do it because that way they feel sexier and then they really can enjoy their relationships.

Often if a handsome guy dates a not-so-pretty girl he might have to listen her complaining about her appearance very often. 

Therefore, it is always very hard for the good-looking guys to find their true love and maintain the relationship.

If you see a confident and good-looking man you might probably think that he just thinks that he is better than others. But sometimes you might just take him wrong.

There is nothing wrong with confidence but as most of attractive guys are believed to be arrogant you can just judge him for who he is actually not.

To sum up, being a hot guy isn’t as easy as it seems.

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