What are zodiac fire and water signs? (Part I)

Fantastic news! Elements of zodiac signs influence the formation of temperament and features of its manifestations. Follow the article to understand the wisdom. Find out who are you.

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air

In astrology, all signs of the zodiac are divided into four elements of the elements depending on the power of influence. In the understanding of the ancient astrologers, the four elements correspond to the four basic concepts that characterize the manifestation of life: spirit, space, time and matter.

Elements of zodiac signs influence the formation of temperament and features of its manifestations. According to the teachings of sages about the 4 elements that define the state of matter, the signs of the zodiac were divided into Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. The element of fire determines the spirit, the element of air is space, the element of water is time, and the element of earth is matter. The twelve zodiac signs are divided into four groups according to natural elements.

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

In this article, I'll tell you all about the Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The element of Fire is the triangle of will. As I have said, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius belong to the fiery triangle. Features of this element are warm and dry, which is accompanied by a spiritual energy, life, and its power. There are three fire signs that possess these qualities, the so-called the fiery triangle: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius in this Zodiac. The fiery triangle is considered the creative trio. Their principle is action, activity, energy. Fire is the main driving force of instinct, spirit, idea, and the mind. It is forcing to move forward, believe, hope and defend their beliefs.

These people will never go unnoticed

The main driving force of fire is the ambition. Fire gives eagerness, impatience, carelessness, arrogance, hastiness, impulsiveness, liberty, bravery, courage, militancy. In the human body, the fire sustains life, is responsible for the temperature mode and stimulates the metabolism. A person who has a triangle of fire elements has a choleric temperament. These people will never go unnoticed. They will achieve the recognition of others, especially in the field that it is close in spirit and is associated with them ideologically.

These people have an artistic temperament and unwavering will, inexhaustible energy, and extraordinary penetrative power. The element of Fire provides organizational skills, thirst for activity and initiative. The peculiarity of the people of this trio is the ability to inspire and to be faithful to the idea and business of up to self-sacrifice. They are brave, courageous and heroic. The business activity helps them reach the top the spiritual and the material realms. They get pleasure from their activities. Astrological fire signs are proud of the results of their work and are waiting for recognition.

These people have an artistic temperament and unwavering will

People with fire sign are natural leaders who love and know how to lead and command. They charged space of electric voltage absolute polarity, which is transmitted to people in the form of attraction or repulsion. This electrical energy keeps the people around them in constant tension and excitement. They try to win personal freedom, independence, and autonomy, which are most precious to them, at an early age. People with fire sign have a paradox - they do not like to obey and do not want to do it at all. But they perfectly develop the ability to adapt to different circumstances.

People with astrological fire signs have pronounced character traits such as persistence, perseverance, self-assertion, waywardness, obstinacy. Anyone who is involved partnerships with a fiery person is well aware that these people always are extremely persistent in defending or maintaining one's position. They recognize only wise and fair autocracy, and they hate despotism and tyranny in all its forms.

People with fire sign are natural leaders

They light up a new idea and are inspired by new ideas and people. They immediately included in the deal, and they invite to join in it everyone to achieve the goal set by them without hesitation. But just quickly they grow cold to the already initiated deal or the old case if they inspired by a new and more meaningful the idea for them. They give up the begun business if it takes a protracted nature and requires constant effort. These are people "from leaping to rush." Waiting for them is like death.  Fire is the creative force that can lift them up "to the seventh heaven" or "to throw into the abyss."

People who belong to the element of Fire should restrain their negative personality traits, especially - vehemence and impulsiveness, aggressiveness and bellicosity. They should avoid conflict and confrontation with the outside world, so as not to bring harm to someone else's idea, for which they are fighting.

They recognize only wise and fair autocracy

Children of the fiery triangle are difficult to upbringing and education. Kids often do not lend themselves to the upbringing. You need to apply specific methods of education to have the slightest result in working with them.  You should not try to force them because it provokes their stubbornness, obstinacy, and resistance. They only need love and affection, warmth and softness of heart. It is critical sincerely communicate with them. You should be fair and honest, not to minimize their self-esteem.

The perfect representative of this element is Aries, so sometimes the element is referred to as "element of Aries." Aries are reliable and devoted friends. Aries see the goal and see no obstacles. Aries is a lover of all new, and he is a very "risky guy." Aries always want to be in the lead roles, so in the family often takes the leading position. They constantly organize numerous household hiking, trips, dinners, and suppers, etc. to avoid boredom and monotony. His strengths are initiative, courage, enthusiasm, and independence.

Children of this fiery triangle are difficult to upbringing and education

Ancient astrologers believe that is greatly influenced by the pituitary gland at Leo's energy, so the output power of its manifest impulsive and violently. You really should not tease and annoy the person who has the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo loves to be the center of attention. However, the Lions can be a powerful enemy or a loyal friend who always helps you.

Sagittarius is related to mixed type, which determines his strong tendency toward authoritarianism (dictatorship). But Sagittarius is the most open-minded, optimistic and cheerful sign of the zodiac. They act impulsively, but thanks to the pressure and a good sense of humor, they can persuade the enemy to their cause. They prefer to solve all the issues in peace, but if they don’t know another way, they fight in the open tactic.

Many nations in Europe, Asia, and America, worshiped to the cult of fire in ancient times.

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The ancient sages gave the following description of each of the elements of Fire signs:

  • Aries - pioneer architect;
  • Leo - the organizer, the life of the generator;
  • Sagittarius - the builder, artist.

People respected the fire because it was of great importance to understand the world.

Many nations in Europe, Asia, and America, worshiped to the cult of fire in ancient times. People respected the fire because it was of great importance to understand the world. 

And now watch a great video about fire and water zodiac signs compatibility!

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