What are zodiac signs and symbols?

The complete information about zodiac signs and symbols. What character do people have depending on their birth date? What element effects their personality? Find out in this article!

zodiac signs

Characteristic of signs of the zodiac is an important aspect in understanding our destiny. Every person born under a certain sign, not only has individual features, but also common ones - common to all people born during this period, zodiac signs dates. By studying the general characteristics of zodiac signs and symbols, we can help you and your family to build the right relationships, to react to health problems and to avoid a lot of mistakes, both in personal life and in business.

zodiac signs and symbols

For couples, knowledge of the characteristics of the Zodiac will help them to avoid a lot of problems, especially in the early stages of family life. For businessmen, the characteristic of partner’s sign of the zodiac or the client’s one can provide information that will help in your negotiations or transactions. For those who care about their health, knowledge of the characteristics of their signs will provide an opportunity to draw attention to potential problems in the future. Psychological characteristics of the signs of the zodiac (with the correct interpretation) help in understanding the features of the character of the people around.

Zodiac symbols

Zodiac symbols

Zodiac signs are traditionally represented by certain symbols that are used in astrology in order to identify the one or the other sign. But few of us know about the origins of these symbols, and even more - their secret meaning.

Here we try to give a brief description of each of the zodiac symbols. I hope that after reading this text, a lot of people will be able to understand its value and will easily determine their astrological sign in any horoscope.


Aries symbol

Recognizing of the symbol of Aries is the easiest, because it is really very similar to the horn of a ram. In the esoteric interpretation of the sign of Aries, which is located at the beginning of the zodiacal circle, it is presented as a ‘big bang’ that creates matter. And indeed, the symbol of Aries reminds icon representing an explosion. In addition, such an interpretation is consistent with the natural temper of the representatives of this sign.


taurus symbol

Traditionally Taurus symbol resembles a bull's head with horns on top. Esoterically, this picture gives a combination of a circle (the symbol of the Earth) and a semi-circle (sign of the Moon), which symbolizes the creation of matter and space. It is no coincidence that Taurus protects the creation and accumulation of wealth.


gemini symbol

Two arc lines joined together, representing a symbol of Gemini sign. This combination of images of the two moons, looking in different directions, involves the division of matter into two parts. Such an internal division of the human soul in half often manifested in the life of the representatives of the sign called Gemini, both in internal mental anguish and external manifestations.


cancer symbol

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On the Cancer symbol we see two closed half circles, which create a single ring. Some believe the Cancer symbol represents the female breast (half circles), which, of course, corresponds to the feminine nature of the sign. In terms of esotericism such twisted spiral meets the egg that does not contradict the nature of the sign of Cancer.


leo symbol

Leo symbol has a number of popular interpretations. Some may represent it in the form of two valves of the heart, as a Leo sign governs the heart. You can also find a description of the character in the form of a lion's mane. From the point of view of esoteric development of the human, Leo symbol is an image of the sperm. This reflects not only the masculine nature of the sign, but also the ability of a man to procreate.


virgo symbol

This symbol looks like a scorpion (a stylized letter ‘M’), but instead to put the tail out, it folds it into itself, as if absorbing the energy of life. The main task of Virgo, according the esoteric, is the structuring of the surrounding space. We cannot say that this is a purely feminine sign. Although, of course, women are inherently better able to cope with this task. This stage of life corresponds to the Biblical sixth day of creation, when a man appears and begins to explore space, giving the names all the creations of God.


libra symbol

Sometimes a symbol of Libra is compared with the actual weights for weighing. However, the traditional representation of the symbol of the sign Libra is in the form of the setting sun, as opposed to the sign of Aries, which symbolizes the sunrise. And it is no coincidence. These signs are located on the zodiacal circle exactly oppositely. The signs of Aries and Libra represent a symbolic border between the first (physical) and the second (spiritual) part of the zodiac. That is why the main karmic task of Libra - to bear a sense of harmony and beauty into the world, to find the fine line of beauty and bear its standards in life.


scorpio symbol

This symbol is similar to the sign of the Virgo, but the ‘tail’ is directed outward. Esoterically Scorpions are generators of energy and, unlike Virgo, do not take, but give greater power to the outside world. Although, in reality, it is not quite the right image of the sign. More precisely Scorpio is characterized with the same image, where the ‘tail’ is looking at itself. In this self-torture you can see the whole natural force of representatives of the sign called Scorpio.


Sagittarius symbol

It is simple, memorable symbol that resembles an arrow. In the esoteric sense, it is an arrow, burning all karmic ‘tails’ of the person. It is no coincidence Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur, striving forward, but to shoot a bow behind. Thus, it saves man from the burden of the past, eliminates the liability. But instead of it, he gives the letter of the law, which, like an arrow, cuts past the chaos and gives a person a vector for further development.


Capricorn symbol

Perhaps the most unusual of group of signs, this symbol can be regarded as twisted horns of a goat. However, the roots of the designation of Capricorn sign can be found in the ancient symbolic image in the form of a goat with a fish tail. This image originally appeared in ancient Sumeria and it belonged to the creator god named Enki, whose symbol was also the fish. The perfection of matter takes place in Capricorn sign. Here a man can show and test his character.


Aquarius symbol

This symbol resembles the waves in the ocean that perfectly characterizes the spontaneous nature of the representatives of the sign of Aquarius. In the esoteric sense, the two waves in the sign of Aquarius symbolize the living and dead water. Although, this is still a controversial topic. The fact is that the most ancient symbols of Aquarius depict human (or god), pouring water from two jugs on the fish. Symbolically, it could mean the emergence of mind, and if to say even more precisely, the introduction of mind into the irrational creature. This mind flow control of the human is given to the higher mind. It is no coincidence that a lot of Aquarius people are brilliant human beings. But you cannot explain their talents with the help of simple logic, it is simply impossible.


Pisces symbol

This symbol shows two fish (two semicircles) joined together. But, nevertheless, they are two completely different fish swimming in very different directions. This is the nature of the representatives of this sign. They can either go with the flow, agreeing and taking everything that the life gives them and break forward, moving against the tide, no matter what the obstacles are. Esoterically, the two-fish semicircles, connected by a thin ribbon, symbolize the end of the life cycle. It is no coincidence that the sign is considered a sign of death and the transition to the other world.

Let's look at the symbolism and a brief description of all the zodiac signs. What characters do people have? Find yourself and check up whether it is true.

Fire element

Fire element

Such as the signs as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius belong to it.

Aries - these people are strong, courageous, brave, open, strong-willed. This is an ‘opened’ knight. They are easy be lighted up themselves and ignite others with no effort. This is the team leader, who must always be at the forefront. Pathfinder, who seeks to assert himself and always to win. If you want to win the Aries attention, you will need to give up. This sign of contradiction manifests its intrinsic properties - it is the sun, which does not seek to expand - Fixed Fire.

Leo - the sun - these people are attractive, such people always have a special entourage surrounding Leo. It is important to be in the spotlight, in the midst of all the events. The entourage makes him the king seated on his throne. He will not rush forward, he will sit and rule and he must be heard. Leo bestows other people with his sunny smile. If you want to conquer the Leo, make him the center of attention.

Fire element in zodiac

Sagittarius – means going beyond the borders, he wants to expand his spheres of life, goes to the journey, gets into the adventure (symbol of contradictions decisions), it's hard to stay within the rules. They disregard social conventions. Sagittarius is a democratic leader, who wants to demonstrate his capabilities. Better than all the other signs can give himself some good advertising. If you want to conquer him - go with him hiking, find common interests and expand his horizons.

Air element

Air element

Air element refers to Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Gemini - allow contradictions - it is the air with no boundaries. Their mind is in constant motion. It is the most informed zodiac sign. His mind is in constant motion and it must be always up to date. Gemini is easy to come into contact; they are very curious, inquisitive, and fidgety, they like gossips. They always do a several things at once. In order to win a Gemini attention, you have to nourish his mind, to be a source of information for him. It is easy to offend him: if you know interesting and curious information, but do not tell him.

zodiac map

Libra – people tending towards equilibrium and harmony. Trying to make them furious does not succeed, as they always find the right words for reconciliation, to seek partnership, cooperation. You should not put problems, even small minor difficulties on their shoulders; they are going through them hard. Aesthetic sign Libra looks at the world through the prism of beauty. It is important for them to have taste, ethics in the behavior, education. Libra people are very amorous. To win them, you should not put your problems on his shoulders, inviting him to light, easy communication, using humor.

Aquarius – it is a kind of contradiction to the element of air. Aquarius is Fixed air - cloud. He can go with the flow, but sometimes clouds are gathering, there are thunder and lightning - the transition from one extreme to another. From the serenity to the rapid action – the transition is very quick, the golden mean is difficult thing for him, it is always black or white. The nature of his character means unpredictable actions. They are informal, unusual, independent, freedom-loving. He may not answer if he does not see the answer, and does not want to lie. He has sudden illuminations; everything in his life is a flash. They believe that they are always right. You cannot say to Aquarius that he was wrong, but without hypocrisy, because they see it well. They do not like hypocrisy, as they believe that in this way you are attacking their freedom.

Water element

zodiac on sky

Water element refers to Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Cancer - identical to the water, clean water. It is extremely sensitive and dependent on their mood, which is formed by the environment. An important role in their lives is played by near surroundings - family. They have a very well developed parental instinct. It is important to change the impressions. Flowing water works as good soothing on them. Cancers are great owners. If you want to conquer the Cancer, create his mood - good food, music, feelings.

Scorpio - resists water element - seething, boiling water. They are overwhelmed by the passionate feelings. They torment themselves inside (inside all bubbles are boiling), people of strong character, courageous. They are fighters for life – can give a good fight back. They can be quite sarcastic in their remarks. They always have a passionate desire to possess something; they are great owners and jealous people. To win their attention you should make them a gift. In order to resume the senses, make him a little jealous, but just a little, so as not to overdo it, because the Scorpio perceives partner as his own thing.

zodiac year

Pisces - water with rich content (inner world). The world of dreams, illusions, fantasies, dreams are more important than the real world. On the other hand, they suffer from a lack of understanding - it gives them the character of mercy and compassion (most compassionate sign of the zodiac). To conquer Pisces you have to listen to him carefully and say how well you understand him, to listen to all the dreams, to speculate on this topic.

Earth element

earth element

The element of earth protects Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus - a contradiction to Earth - fine sand, which begins to accumulate moisture. The nature of Taurus pronounces such qualities as accumulation, fertility, collecting all. They are well able to give anything an assessment. They gain experience, skills. It is a talented sign. They are not lazy, they surely do what they have to. To win the Taurus attention, you should make him a valuable gift, as they are great sweet tooth, make a sweet gift for him or donate a book about art.

flower and ground

Virgo - the particles begin to stick together and turn into the clay, supple and soft. If you come to her with feelings, she is malleable, if without them - she is stale, critical to others. She dislikes criticism of her side, well-adjusted to the situation. There may work and service to something or someone else, it is their motto. If they do something, they do it carefully, meticulously. Everything is done meticulously. To gain their attention you should completely eliminate the criticism, one cannot say that she made mistake, because Virgo always does her best.

Capricorn – identical to earth elements - rock, mountains, crystal (the atoms are arranged). It is important that all is planned; everything is on its places, ready to plan all the life. The plan is very important for the Capricorn. As the crystal grows slowly, so slowly Capricorn thoroughly and firmly goes to his goal. They are stubborn and hard-working. They know how to make good use of every opportunity to achieve their goals. Want to win Capricorn attention - discuss with him his plans. Talking to him sometimes is more important than the implementation of these plans. Help him to reach the goals. They are collectivists and wish people to do what they want.


astrology symbolism

Symbolism is a stylistic image of each sign of the zodiac.

1. The cardinal signs - openly show their feelings of their element. Qualities, which they have in common, are activity, straightness. They are courageous, but inwardly vulnerable, selfish.

The cardinal signs

Aries - self-centeredness, self-confidence.

Libra - peaceful selfishness.

Cancer - the selfishness of mood.

Capricorn - selfish purposes.

2. Fixed signs - there is no activity for them and it is important for them to stay in the same state. They can withstand the attack, showing endurance, courage, steadfastness, confidence (self-confidence).

Fixed signs

Leo - sure that he is irresistible.

Aquarius - sure that he is right.

Scorpio - sure that everything belongs to him.

Taurus - sure and that's it.

3. Mutable signs - solve contradictions. They are active, but not directly, they tack. Diplomacy, flexibility and sociability are their superior quality. Love themselves for their strength to overcome difficulties.

Mutable signs

Sagittarius - loves to advertise himself.

Gemini - knows everything.

Pieces - knows the inner world.

Virgo - nobody understands the details better than him.

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