What can we learn from Albert Einstein?

What is the secret of creativity, according to Albert Einstein? What did he think about educational system? Read the article to learn the brightest thoughts of the famous physicist.

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Albert Einstein was one of the most talented physicists on the Earth. He has made many discoveries and always moved forward in his achievements. But he was ingenious not only in sphere of physics and mechanics. Albert Einstein was an excellent philosopher and knew laws of success and personal efficiency well. We will consider ten quotes from his huge list of smart sayings. You can apply them in your life to achieve success.

  • The person who was never mistaken did not try to make something new.

Many of us do not want to do something new as we are afraid to be mistaken. It is not necessary to follow your fears. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, treat them as the teachers. Analyze, take the experience, forget about them and go further. The person who is not afraid to make mistakes, as a rule, makes a bigger progress in future than the person who has never done mistakes.

  • Education is all that remains after when you forgets everything that you've learned at school.

The person forgets almost everything that he/she studied at school or university as that is not required in life. You can remember only things that you have learned yourself practicing anything with sufficient regularity.

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  • I can draw as the artist in my imagination. The imagination is more important than knowledge. The knowledge is limited. The imagination covers the whole world.

When you realizes how our predecessors have moved ahead, you understands how big power of imagination and creativity is. All that we have, has arisen under the influence of power of imagination of many great people. Further achievements will appear as a result of our fantasy and it pushes the progress.

  • The secret of creativity consists in ability to hide sources of the inspiration.

Identity of your creation is determined by ability not to show the sources. The person is usually inspired by other people, but if you are in the situation when the whole world watches you, ideas shall be only yours.

  • The value of the person shall be determined by what he/she gives, but not what she/he is capable to achieve. Try to become not successful, but valuable person.

If to pay attention to great people, it is possible to notice that each of them has presented something to this world. Ability to give and share is a great knowledge. Enhancement of new values shall be your main objective. You can achieve success only in this case.

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  • There are two ways to live: you can live as if miracles do not happen and you can live as if everything in this world is a miracle.

It is possible not to trust in miracles and to be a pragmatist. Sooner or later it makes you cold, cynic, and dissatisfied with the whole world. If to rely on the fact that everything around us is a miracle, it gives us a capability to notice and rejoice even with the smallest and insignificant events in our life. Such positive relation to life is a great source of creative inspiration, which allows achieving any objectives. Applying this method of life, it is possible to make it fine and harmonious. So don't wait for a miracle, create them yourself.

  • When I study myself and my ways of thinking, I come to conclusion that imagination for me is more important than any capabilities to abstract thinking.

Dream more often of what you would like to achieve in life. Your imagination is a guarantee of your further success. It is one of the basic rules of life.

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  • To become a faultless member of the herd, first of all, it is necessary to be a sheep.

Think like everyone is the easiest way to live sample life of the majority. It seems not bad, but if you feel spirit of a free person, you are ambitious and wait for positive change, you should become someone bigger. For example, to become a good entrepreneur, it is necessary to begin to work and open your business. Only having overcome your fears and having refused many sample installations, you will reach conceived. Life is a game: to win something, it is necessary to play.

  • It is necessary to learn the rules of the game. And then you should begin to play best of all.

Remember all rules of the game. Everything ingenious is simple.

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  • It is very important not to cease to ask questions. Any person has a curiosity not accidentally.

All smart people often ask questions. It is necessary to look for the answers in yourself and in other people. Thanks to it, you can rationally compare, see something new and move ahead. One of such remarkable questions is 'How'. This word forces your brain to work, find the solution and achieve results.

            All ten lessons of Albert Einstein are rules of life of any person wishing to reach some heights. Without smart approach to various situations, it is impossible to become a great person. It is necessary to understand your mistakes and to aim at victory.

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