What can we learn from eagles?

Many business trainers recommend people learning from eagles and other birds and animals on what it means being a good leader. Read an article to learn more of what these noble birds have to teach you.


If you have an opportunity just to sit there and observe how an eagle behaves in the wild, take your time and do it. This is quite a spectacular view. The bird would sit there on a cliff almost invisible without moving and observing everything happening down the hill.

It has instincts we take after it in order to grow in certain areas of our character. Sometimes a key to effective leadership is hidden in following examples of creatures that unlike humans are able to live together in harmony, each performing its own role. As some modern business trainers state, sometimes it is easier to believe that humans are the only “wild” animals on the earth as they are the only ones who cannot live peacefully and frequently start wars and conflicts between each other.

Nevertheless, taking a closer look at eagles can give a number of valuable lessons. They are not only great leaders but also supportive and caring parents that are ready to go lengths to provide for and teach their children. Even God in His own word, the Holy Bible, mentions that eagles truly are a great example humans should follow.

eagle nest

Here is a verse from the Bible where eagles are set as a great example to emulate: “Like an eagle, that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions” (Deuteronomy 32:11). Therefore, we shall start from this verse and see what we can learn from the eagles.

The first thing that strikes your eye in this verse is that eagles build nests for their children. You definitely know that eagles have no mercy to their prey. If they spotted prey, they will not let it go. However, as the scientific evidence shows, they are quite different with their own children.

Eagles that are about to become parents take time to strengthen their nest. When the eaglets are born, the mother’s life is all about the eaglets. She would nurture them with the food father eagle brings in; she would use her own feathers to keep them warm. Eaglets live in the atmosphere of absolute love and acceptance.

eagle vision

Business coaches emphasize such a quality of eagles in order to illustrate that being a leader means that first, you nurture the ones you want to follow you. They must know that you are there for them, they can absolutely trust you and no matter what they can find their hiding place next to you. As the eaglets gain more trust and confidence in their life, they tend to be less scared of the life around them and challenges they would face.

However, the next stage in the development of eaglets is quite unusual: mother eagle supported by the father eagle decides that it is high time to take the inner feather lining off the nest. This makes the nest uncomfortable, the sharp branches and other “building” material are not too cozy to live in.

Nevertheless, eagles do that on purpose and because they do not love their children but because they know that if their eaglets get too comfortable at the nest, they might never leave it.

As you see, being a good leader and a parent, you need to find the perfect timing to make your “nest” uncomfortable for your kids or trainees in order for them to step out of their comfort zone and move on. If they feel too comfortable at the nurturing stage, they might never grow and soon become a burden to a leader instead of growing to be his helper in the next generation of leaders.

learn from eagles

The next stage in the development of eagles concerns their flying. The mother eagle at one point starts flapping her wings in the nest in order to motivate her children to start flying. There is no space in the new just to stay in their when the mother eagle is flapping its wings. Therefore, eaglets are made to learn how to fly.

This technique also belongs to the previous one: you need to make your trainees challenged to make them move forward otherwise they will learn and will just get stuck. When mother eagle is flapping its wings, the eaglets realize that they are meant to start flying and do other things they were created to do.

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Lesson number four attracts a lot of attention. At this point eaglets already know they cannot stay in the nest forever, so they want to either start flying by themselves or wait for their mother to help them learn. As soon as they get out of the nest, it turns out they are not capable f flying yet. Baby eagles do not know how to use their wings yet, and that is when mother eagle starts teaching them.

She will catch them as soon as they start falling, take them higher in the sky and smoothly fly from under them to let them fall again. This procedure will keep happening until the baby eagles realize that there is a power in them that can help them fly. They were born to fly and so they only need to learn how to do that.

eagle vision

The mother eagle does not get tired of repeating the procedure for as many times as the babies need. Especially when she sees that some eaglets are quite insecure in their flying abilities, the mother can give them some harsh lessons, which proved to be effective even though they might seem cruel.

The lesson business coaches take from this stage is that flying is a lesson that takes time to learn. In business, people need time to practice their skills and learn how to lead people, how to encourage others to follow you and how to be independent and proactive. Do not get discouraged if your trainees do not learn right away; keep in mind it is a process and it needs time.

The other thing people can learn from eagles is that after their children know how to fly, their parents leave all the encouraging and painful experience behind and let their children live by themselves, start families and choose their own path. They are not afraid to let them go, as they taught them the foundations of what it means to be an eagle and it is time for their children “to disciple” new generations.

The same principle applies to people after you passed everything you knew on, let these new generations make their own decisions, make mistakes, correct them and keep moving repeatedly. Otherwise, they will not grow and won’t be able to pass this knowledge to generations to come.

eagle family

Moreover, eagles are famous for their sharp vision. Vision is what helps them spot their prey and other eagles at great distances. They can sit still without moving looking for a prey to spot; they can suddenly jump off the cliff and start flying after prey that has no idea it was chosen by an eagle. Usually, eagles are very precise in their calculation, and it is all thanks to the great vision abilities.

This is a characteristic feature of all the great people of this world. They achieve success and precisely get to their goal, as they have a very clear vision that helps them move. They spot a goal and they go for it without being distracted or going to the side of the road. This is the only way to achieve better results.

Finally, another thing business coaches remind people of on the example of the eagles is that they have no fear when it comes to following their prey. They do not watch at how big their prey is or how fast it is; they just follow it fearlessly. You can watch a video on how they jump off a cliff when chasing after a goat or any other animal that might even seem bigger than they are.

This principle applies to people too. People might not feel secure about following their dream as it seems to be too big or too high and unachievable. Though if taking the eagles’ strategy, you should be afraid. You should just try doing it.

eagle wings

Even if seemed to you that there is nothing you can learn from a wild animal world, you are probably now persuaded that it is not absolutely true. Eagles can teach you how to train other people and how to make them trust you and follow you. However, eagles are not the only ones worthy of taking a closer look at. You can find much more examples in the wild to take into your business, personal life or even parenting. So keep your eyes opened and learn more!

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