What crazy facts should we know about hair?

You hair is your visiting card. What fact didn’t you know about it? How should you take care of it? Read this article and find out!


Did you know that blondes have most of all hair? Are you surprised that every third woman regularly dyes her hair? Have you ever been interested in a number of Rapunzel hair – the longest hair in the world? After all, to grow that fabulous hair, it would take several hundred years! Join us in the study of the fascinating, unexpected, surprising and crazy facts about human hair.

A girl can have meters of the hair on the head only in fairy tales. Ordinary people hair grow for about 0,20,4 mm per day, or about 1 cm per month. Currently, the record belongs to an American from Massachusetts Diana Whitt. Hair length of this American Rapunzel is almost 4 meters (4.4 yards). Only one person was able to beat her record. By the end of 1940-ies, Swami Andersonthe from India had hair with the length of 7.93 m (8.67 yards).

We found some crazy facts about hair color, its growth, and even history! Be sure, it will be interesting and unexpectedly for you!


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Redheads have less hair

While blondes have about 150 thousand hairs, redhead women have 90 thousand. Brown-haired women and brunettes have 110 and 100 thousand, respectively. It is necessary, however, to say that blonde hair is the most delicate. And natural brunette’s hair's breadth, as a rule, is quite large. An example of especially heavy or thick hair may be the hair of Indian women. Red can also boast of strong hair.


Shampoo is the leading hair care product

94% of women consider shampooing the most valuable tool for hair care. They also can't imagine their life without hair lacquer. 60% of women use the spray from time to time and 24% daily.

Good hairstyle is expensive

German pay for a haircut 22 euro. Hairdressers in New York are at the top of the price ladder. In some salons, the price of haircut can be compared with the price of a short tour to Paris, including airfare. Orlando Pita, Naomi Campbell’s hairstylist, known as the most expensive stylist. Haircut in the master’s salon will cost around $ 800 (€570).

Hair dyes young

Hair can live from two to five years. Then it stops growing but remains on the head for a few months. Finally, it falls, to make space for the new one. So it is okay to lose per day from 50 to 100 hairs.


Here are some other interesting facts, which can pay your attention.

  1. The first hair dryer in the world was a vacuum cleaner.
  2. In Venice during the time of Renaissance women used horse urine to lighten hair.
  3. Again, during the Renaissance period, European women plucked the first rows of hair on the head to make forehead seem higher.
  4. In Victorian England, and then in Russia, it was fashionable to use lockets made of the hair of beloved.
  5. In Ancient Egypt women and men shaved off their hair because of the heat. And at the ceremonies, painted on the walls of tombs, wore long black wigs.

And what do you know about taking care of your hair?

  1. Frequent washing does not cause hair loss or loss of hair volume.
  2. Lice do not appear from dirt. They infest because of the sharing of combs or hats.
  3. Cutting hair does not affect their growth.
  4. Hair care depends entirely on hair type. For oily hair will be a useful infusion of herbs (chamomile, sage). For dry – natural oils (olive, flax, avocado).
  5. Beer masks are helpful for all hair types – this drink contains lots of vegetable proteins.
  6.  The mistaken belief that the essential and vegetable oil solve the problem only with dry hair. Some of them perfectly cope with increased greasiness.
  7.  Effective mask for oily hair is a mixture of a base oil by adding a few drops of essential. As the base, you can use jojoba and grape, almond, burdock, sesame. As the essential is better to choose the oil of the eucalyptus tree, mint, cedar, pine, lemon balm, cypress – whatever you like.


Now you learned a lot about your hair and what is important – how to take care of them correctly. Be healthy and have strong and healthy hair!

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