What did villagers find iside a huge snake they killed?

Something interesting happened yesterday with Nigeria’s villagers. They found a huge snake and thought that it had eaten a cow. Therefore, they decided to kill the snake expecting to find out a somewhat digested cow but what they actually saw surprised them very much...

snake and a cow

The villagers cut the giant body of the snake and saw that it was tightly packed with eggs! Turned out that the snake was pregnant with huge amount of eggs…

The most interesting thing is that these eggs are a famous local delicacy. That’s why they have been removed.

giant snake

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No one knows exactly what snake it was. It is very long and wide. Many believe that it was anaconda or python. Well, looking at the picture you can tell that it’s not a corn snake! And actually… many snakes can have 100 eggs at a time. It’s not that rare.

snake with eggs

After browsing online, you can see that not many people have sympathy for the dead snake and her unborn babies. They thing that it’s a relief that the snake didn’t give birth to such amount of babies. What’s you opinion? Comment below.

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