What happens to a man eaten by anaconda?

Can snake eat humans? How to look inside of snake`s indigestion system? Discovery Channel "Man eaten alive by anaconda" supposed to show it but something was wrong.


Did you think about how it is to be digested by a large snake? What happens to a man if he traps into death grasps of one of the biggest snakes in the world? Discovery Channel tried to show its viewers how a man might feel if anaconda would have eaten him alive. “Eaten Alive” show gathered many people around their TV and PC monitors. Also, Discovery spent the tremendous amount of money for the expedition to Amazon River. Nevertheless, as it turned later the show failed the expectations of viewers. Despite criticism, Discovery broadcasted the show for several times in its channel.

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The main protagonist of the show was Paul Rosolie, an American 27-year-old naturalist. He created the idea of the show and also gathered a team for traveling to South America to find a snake large enough to eat a human and show it inside. However, the beginning of the show was not what people expected to see. First, 90 minutes of broadcasting translation, Mr. Rosolie and his team tried to find an exact specimen to perform the trick “man eaten alive by anaconda” in live. When they found the snake, Paul dressed up into the protective suit, placed a camera on the suit and covered himself with swine`s blood.


The real action started when the team started to film Paul moving on his all fours to attract the attention of the snake. Nevertheless, just teasing was not enough to get a man eaten by snake alive. The team needed all their wit to catch an interest of a lazy anaconda. The snake just seemed to not like a bait. Nevertheless, Paul managed to anger the snake and made her perform “man eaten alive by anaconda” trick. Mr. Rosolie allowed the snake to cover him with the snake`s massive body. Unfortunately for TV viewers, Mr. Rosolie shouted stop when the snake had barely eaten a top of his head 10 strong men from his team performed another trick “man was eaten by a snake then pulled back out to life”. Critics and viewers were disappointed, and the whole film idea was ruined in one moment.

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