What is Black Moon? When will we see it in Nigeria?

The second new moon in a calendar month, or so-called "Black Moon", will happen on September 30. This astronomical phenomenon for the previous time was observed in March 2014 by the inhabitants of the Earth.

Black Moon

Full Moon - one of the phases of the moon, when the Earth is close to the position between the sun and the moon and you can see the whole disk is illuminated.

Each month, there is one new moon and the full moon is one as well. The second full moon of the month is sometimes called the "Blue Moon." Presumably, the "Black Moon" - turn the "Blue Moon" - the new moon of the full moon.

Black moon

The second new moon this month will occur on September 30 at 20:11 ET. In Europe, such an astronomical event that happens once in 32 months will begin on October 1, after midnight.

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Can you see "Black Moon"?

Black moon

Astronomers say that it is always black, so, on the one hand, there is nothing to see in the new moon phase. However, sometimes the trajectory of the Moon passes near the sun, causing a solar eclipse. The first new moon of the month - 1 September – has been already marked by an annular eclipse when the Earth's secondary planet can’t obscure the sun completely and you can watch the glow in the form of a ring. The term "new moon" signifies the beginning of a new lunar cycle - when the moon meets the sun, it is 29.53 days.

Another type of "Black Moon" is when there is no new moon during the month. This astronomical phenomenon occurs once every five years.

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