What is blood moon in Nigeria?

Wonder why moon turns red at times and what is blood moon? Find out that right now.

There exist lots of legends and beliefs among the people. One of the most common questions is “What is blood moon?” It is very popular phenomenon among both young people and religious ones.

What is blood moon in Nigeria

However, think, what you really know about it? It's a phenomenon, when the moon passes behind the Earth, and goes into its shadow. It's also known as blood moon eclipse.

Reasons of fame

The described phenomenon's become popular only in recent years. People may be interested in it because of the following reasons:

  •  blood moon in Nigeriathey like mysterious things,
  • they are followers of a particular Christian faith,
  • they are keen on astronomy,
  • they are influenced by the media.

Biblical prophecy

It was developed by M. Blitz and J. Hagee. In 2013, the latest published a book Four Blood Moons: Something's About to Change. For them, this phenomenon is a full representation of the prophecy. According to Common English Bible: The sun'll be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.

What is blood moon However, you should understand that this prophecy implies that solar and lunar eclipses will happen simultaneously. This is impossible, because these phenomena are absolutely different, although they appear very often separately.

Speaking about the blood moon, we need to mention lunar tetrad. It means four total eclipses, which occur within specific period of time without any intervals. According to the existing data, in the last 500 years blood moon tetrads've taken place only three times (if we're talking about those, which coincide with significant historical events for Jewish people).

Cultural issue

In certain countries, lunar eclipse has particular cultural significance. There exist plenty of legends, which are connected with it.

  1.  blood moon Mesopotamians. They believed it was an assault on their king by demons. That's why they “replaced” him with the other person in order to protect the real one. The king was important as he represented the land. After end of eclipse, the selected person must have been disappeared (they usually poisoned him).
  2. Incans. They thought during that phenomenon the jaguar ate the moon. To their mind, it was also the reason for it being red. Besides, there was a belief that after finishing the moon, the jaguar would come down and kill all the animals. That’s why Incans often took spears and shouted at the moon.
  3. What is blood moon in Nigeria 1Chinese. The legend's similar to the previous one. People thought that a wild animal (for example, a dragon) would bite the moon. To prevent it, they usually rang the bells. There was a striking case in the 19th century, when such belief made the navy to fire its artillery. Then, during the Dynasty of Zhou it was a sign of diseases and famine.
  4. Egyptians. They thought of a sow, which was swallowing the moon during that phenomenon.
  5. Mayans. Those people thought about the jaguar as well as Incans.

Top myths about the blood moon

Even today, great amount of people is still afraid of such phenomenon. There exist plenty of myths concerning it. Among the most famous ones, you should know:

It signifies the apocalypse. Last time it happened in September, 2015. It raised panic among lots of people. However, nothing has happened yet. As Noble said: it's the result of orbital dynamics and geometry — there's no need to invoke the supernatural or the end of the world.

What is blood moon 1During the moonrise, the moon gets larger. There are actually some changes in its size with every shift in the position. Nevertheless, they are almost unnoticeable. What most people really see is Ponzo illusion (one of the optical effects).

There's a “dark side” of the moon. It isn’t true, because, for instance, during the eclipse, so-called “dark” hemisphere's turned to the Sun. The scientists prefer to name it a distant side, which is considered a more acceptable term.

Absence of gravity. People who think so are wrong. Everything that has mass has gravity as well. Of course, the moon is much less massive than the Earth, but still has it.

 blood moon 1Man on the moon. There're people claiming they've seen a human. Dark regions known as "mare" are usually seen. And we psychologically interpret them as something familiar.

Now you finally know the answer “What is blood moon?”. It's just an astronomical phenomenon, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

However, even living in the modern world with the developed technologies, there are still those, who believe in mystery. Besides, the religious followers of John Hagee support these beliefs. That is why fears and various guesses will never disappear. The existing myths are supported not just by faith, but also by mass media. Every time before the blood moon phenomenon, great number of scary and strange articles are being published. Remember, they have nothing to deal with truth.

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