What is natural disaster,give examples of natural disaster and its effects.

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Natural disasters are natural hazards of geophysical, geological, atmospheric or biospheric origin, which are characterized by a sudden disruption of livelihoods, destruction, destruction of property, injuries and casualties. Such phenomena can be the cause of numerous accidents and disasters, the occurrence of secondary damaging factors. For example, Earthquake damage, victims and the corrosive effects of no equal. They are tectonic, volcanic, landslide, is likely to result from the fall of meteorites or occur beneath marine waters. each year , in Japan - 7500. An earthquake is a sudden tremors or vibrations of earth's surface caused what is happening in the earth's crust breaks and moves, in which energy is released enormous power. Seismic waves from the earthquake center extend to considerable distances, producing destruction and creating lesions combined lesions. The area of occurrence of the underground strike is called the earthquake focus. In the center of focus is the point (hypocenter), the projection of which onto the surface of the earth is called the epicenter.

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