What is nigeria famous for

Nigeria gives us many reasons to love it. It is a blessed and rich land. Find out what Nigeria is famous for in the world.

Nigeria is very rich and prosperous country. Though it is still developing, it has managed to achieve many things since the time of getting independence. It is not only the land, but also notable Nigerians and various branches of industry, which have made it very well known in the world. If you are eager to find out what is Nigeria famous for, you must know about the history of Nigeria, its culture, traditions, and native people.

What is nigeria famous for

This country has a very strong sense of identity. Plenty of tribes live here and do their best to preserve their native customs, religion, and even language. Despite this fact, Nigeria is also a modern country, popular for its artists, musicians, actors, and so on.

Nature and resources of Nigeria

First thing, what is Nigeria famous for is its wonderful nature. Even if you look at the flag and Coat of Arms, you'll be able to see the symbolic colors of vast forests and agricultural sector, as well as colorful and bright flowers, which grow all over Nigeria, expressing its beauty and prosperity. Besides, there are several natural wonders here. Their list includes the following:

  • Ogbunike Cave. It's situated in Ogbunike. There are several sections there, each of which has its own interesting history and guides. There is a hemispheric vault of rock at the entrance, while the inside vault is serene and looks like a wonderland.
    Ogbunike Cave nigeria
  • Yankari Game Reserve. It is the richest wildlife oasis in the country, situated in Bauchi State. With more than 300 elephants living there, it is the biggest remnant population of them in whole Nigeria. Total area comprises about 2.2 sq. km. There are also plenty of buffalos, lions, hippos, hartebeests, and roans there.
  • Confluence of Niger and Benue Rivers. It is a striking view. Two rivers, which flow into Atlantic Ocean, meet at Lokoja. They have different colors – greenish and brownish ones. Tourists are allowed to watch this beautiful phenomenon from the board of cruise ships.
  • Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary. It is considered one of the largest Nigerian wildlife reserves. It’s a natural wonder, which has given home to such animals as buffalos, monkeys, chimpanzees, horn bills, and even the white throated monkey.
    Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ikogosi Springs. This natural wonder might be found in Ekiti State. Warm springs rise from a valley, while cold ones flow down from the other source side by side but separate from warm spring. They meet in a pool, but each of them preserves its thermal identity.

As we have mentioned, there're lots of various resources in this country, which cannot be forgotten. The most widespread are as follows:

  • Oil and gas. They are probably the main one in Nigeria. This country's very rich in them, especially the southern states. You may find oil and gas in River, Delta, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Edo, Imo, and Abia States.
    gas and oil in nigeria
  • Gold. This very valuable resource is also mined in Nigeria. You can find it in Sokoto or Ilesha.
  • Coal. It is an important resource, which is also transported abroad. Most part of it is located in Enugu.
  • Palm oil. It is very widely applied both in Nigeria and beyond its borders. Thus, it can also be exported. The following states have it: Delta, Imo, Cross River, Rivers, and Kogi.
    Palm oil in nigeria
  • Rice. It's part of Nigerian culture. There are plenty of dishes cooked from it. It is grown in Ogoja, Ekiti, and Abakiliki.

These are common resources, which must be mentioned. There are much more of them, such as marble, tin, ignite, etc. However, they are rarer.

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Population of Nigeria

Nigeria is famous for its population. First, total number of it is more than 170 million people. It makes it the biggest country in the whole West Africa. Moreover, it takes the seventh place in the world ranking. That’s why it is often called the giant of Africa. It is said that one of 40 people on the globe comes from Nigeria.

populatino of nigeria

Speaking about it, we cannot miss Lagos, the former capital of the state (after the division it has become the capital of Lagos State). It is the largest city not only in Nigeria, but also in Africa. It keeps growing more and more modern. It also thought to be the most populated urban agglomeration in the world.

Now let’s look at the population itself. There are so many talented people in this country, which have made it prominent. Consider the following:

Wole Soyinka. He is Yoruba born poet and playwright. He has had a great influence on Nigerian culture. In 1986, he even got a noble prize in Literature. Moreover, he was the first African, who has been honored by this. Nigerians are very proud of this man, who has done do much for the country.
Wole Soyinka nigeria

Bukola Elemide (Asa). She was born in Paris but then came to Nigeria. Her songs are full of Africa, its everyday life. She is a new singer of soul, pop and reggae music. People often compare her with Tracy Chapman.

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. This man has done a lot for politics in Nigeria. He is a former government anti-corruption official. Besides, he has made lots of efforts to stop corruption and fraud. He obtained Master of Laws degree at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. In 2010, he announced, he was going to run for President of the country.

Opeyemi Enoch. You have probably heard of him. He is a teacher from Federal University Oye-Ekiti, who has claimed to resolve Riemann problem. It is hard to believe that after more than 150 years of thinking, it is a Nigerian, who has managed to deal with it. However, the years may pass before his solution might be accepted.

Opeyemi Enoch teacher

Pete Edochie. He's thought to be the greatest Nollywood actor ever. He has starred in more than 200 films. In 1967, he joined Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria. In 1980, he already trained as a broadcaster in the BBC. He has done much for entertainment industry of the country. He has received lots of awards and national honors. Even nowadays Pete is very active. He is a prominent actor, known in Africa.

Kanu Nwankwo. He is the most famous Nigerian football player of all times. He started playing for Iwuayanwu National. However, in 1993, his true talents were discovered and he was invited to play at junior world cup. He was very valuable player, and in 1996, he represented Nigeria during Olympics in Atlanta. That time Nigeria got a gold medal, while Kanu received a title of the best player in tournament. Besides, he is two times winner of the award called African footballer of the year. Moreover, once he was rated one of the best footballers in the world (among other twenty).

Kanu Nwankwo nigeria

You see how many wonderful and prominent people live in Nigeria. Everyone must be proud of them and of the country.

Nigeria, being one of the most populous countries in the world, is known for many things. There are many interesting facts about Nigeria, which must be known by every citizen. You should remember how beautiful and unique the nature is and try to save it, how many resources there are on its fertile land. Besides, great number of people, born in Nigeria, has managed to gain success and to make this country a world known one. You should obligatory know their names and feel very proud of them.

It's essential to remember your heritage and traditions. Thus, you will be able to preserve the culture of your native country and to popularize it.


I am totally sure that the Nigeria is rather special and unique country, where there are a lot of interesting places, unique people and special traditions. It is wery important to give such information to the whole world to give the other people a possibility to get more facts about your country. It is a great and strong country with rich natural resources, pleasant and friendly people, beautiful plants and animals. And since my early childhood I have dreamed to visit this country, to meet and communicate with its people, to see their lifestyles and learn more about them.

Answered 1 year ago.

I really like Nigeria, especially its nature. Always wanted to visit this country. I love to travel to different countries. Not become the exception and Nigeria. It is a very rich and prosperous country. It is home to many tribes that make everything possible to preserve their customs, traditions and language. I have full experience of visiting Yankari Game Reserve. Sonfluence lasting impression is of Niger and Benue Rivers. The two rivers, which have different colors meet and flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria very beautiful country. There is something to see.

Answered 2 years ago.

So I agree that the Nigerian people are very friendly and hard working. Central in their lives is to preserve the traditions and customs. They are also very good and great reserve. Many facts and read the news online. There is a different animal. I want to go and see it for yourself. But unfortunately this is not possible have. I think that in a short time with their children attending the famous reserve. I really want to try exotic fruits. It has never had to taste. And I want to see the famous warm springs. Talk face to face with residents.

Answered 2 years ago.

Nigeria is the most populous country of Africa. The population speaks different languages and dialects - more than 400 languages .

North-West and North-East is still sparsely developed.

Thriving coastal piracy. Attack ships that are on the roads, at berths. They gather the team, sometimes stealing cargo. . The average life expectancy of 48 years.

Qualified medical assistance is not available for the majority of the population.

Nigeria is a country with a difficult criminogenic situation, tourists are advised not to enter into conflicts with the local population, to carry or leave in a hotel room a large sum of money to use a taxi in the dark, especially when in it except the driver there are any Nigerians. .

Answered 2 years ago.

Nigeria is one of my favorite countries. In it a lot of good people, just beautiful women. As Nigeria is very famous for its oil and gas, coal. Also in this country many talented inventors who are renowned for their achievements. People here are very kind and helpful. Especially I like the Nigerian man, she gallant and beautiful, they know how to care for and love. Also in Nigeria, a lot of famous people, good schools and universities, which are famous all over the world. I am very close to this country, be sure to go once.

Answered 2 years ago.
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